Make Your Own Braided Rug

DIY Braided RugI've wanted to make rugs for as long as I can remember. Even in high school I want to make my own home decor. Rugs are a little intimidating because they need to be super durable. This is one of those projects that took several tries to get right. We were trying to find a method that didn't involve sewing skills or a gigantic weaving loom. I'm so glad we kept going after the first try, because this is one of my favorite home projects we've made in a long time. I am keeping it for my new home. You can make one too in any colors you choose! Here's how…

Braided Rug SuppliesSupplies Needed: A piece of sturdy canvas. This will be the base of your rug. Ours was approximately 2ft x 2.5ft. You can choose any size you like. Plenty of scrap fabric to rip and braid. Choose colors that coordinate and fit your space. Black yarn, a tapestry needle, scissors, fabric glue, tape and Aerosal Polycrylic Protective Finish (choose the water based option) we used this brand

DIY Rug How-To1. Choose your rug size and cut the canvas base piece to size. Set aside. 2. Rip long strips of fabric. Each braid needs to be about 2.5 feet longer than the length of your base piece. I know that seems like a lot, but they will get shorter as you braid and you need extra for fringe. Braid enough ropes to completely cover the mat. This is the most time consuming part. It's a perfect job to multitask during evening TV shows for a few nights. 🙂 4. Tape the ends of each rope for easy access later. 5. When you are done braiding (whew!) glue your braids to the mat. Leave an even amount of braid hanging over the edge of each side. Use as much glue as you need to get a very study rug. 6. Use the black yard and a tapestry needle to stitch along the edges of the rug base, tacking down each braid. 7. Remove the ends of each braid after the yarn line. Trim the edges so that your fringe is even. 8. Go outdoors and use Polycrylic Finish to seal the rug. This will make your rug waterproof and much more durable for your next rainy day. 

DIY Braided Rug on A Beautiful MessDIY Braided Rug on A Beautiful Mess DIY RugI'm so happy with the finished product! It's super durable, more than most store bought rugs I own. I love that it can be customized in any color scheme too. I think a black and white and grey version would be adorable! Be prepared, this one of the more time consuming projects we've done. Kinsey did most of the braids while working at Red Velvet one day (a 7 hour shift) so it will take more than one sitting to accomplish, but the end result is totally worth the effort. 

Make Your Own RugHave a fun + craft weekend! XO. elsie

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