Make Your Own Macrame Bracelet 

I’ve been meaning to try my hand at macrame but haven’t been sure where to start. Then I realized, I’ve actually done this before! This DIY macrame bracelet is just like the ones I exchanged with friends at summer camp back in the day. Well, almost—I’ve replaced the itchy hemp and neon plastic beads of those camp bracelets with a sleek brass bar and delicate cord that are all grown up, though the bracelet is as easy to make as ever.

Even if you have no previous jewelry-making experience, you can start and finish the bracelet while you watch a movie. Seriously, 10-year-olds can do it and so can you!

.5mm knotting cord (You can use thicker cord for a wider bracelet, but don’t go any thinner or the cord will be prone to breaking!)
-pre-drilled stamping blanks or beads (I used these.)
-matches or a lighter

Start by cutting 2 arm lengths of cord and string evenly through the holes in the stamping blank. These are your middle strands. Cut another arm length and center it underneath the middle strands. The two halves of this length of cord are your right strand and left strand.

Tie your first square knot by taking the right strand over the middle strands, and then under the left strand. Pick up the left strand and lead it under the middle strands and right side—through the loop you created. Pull tight and slide the knot up to the stamping blank.

Reverse and repeat to complete the knot. Take the left side over the middle strands and under the right strand, and then lead the right strand through the loop and tighten. Keep knotting, right, left, right, left, until the macrame is a few knots short of your desired length. You’ll add a little more length when you knot the slide closure.

Repeat your knots on the other end of the stamping blank. Tie off the right and left strands with a simple loop and use a match to carefully melt the cord so it doesn’t come undone. Trim the excess so you’re left with just middle strands on both ends.

Flip the bracelet over and place the middle strands side by side, adjusting the length of the strands so you can fit the bracelet over your hand. Once you have the right length, tie the four stands together with scrap pieces. Cut another long piece and start tying 6-10 square knots, alternating right and left. Tie off and melt all the remaining ends and make sure you can slide the middle strands to adjust the length. Enjoy wearing your new bracelet!

The hardest part of this project by far was settling on this particular brass bar—a rose gold one was calling out to me! Next time I think I’m going to lengthen the macrame and make it into a choker. xo, Kayleigh

Credits // Author and Photography: Kayleigh Kosmas. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess presets for Lightroom.
  • I love the bracelet! I think I ‘m going to make some a little larger with the bar large enough for status and/or medical alert bracelets.

  • This is lovely! Minimal and elegant and just beautiful! 🙂

  • I made it all the way to the last step but don’t understand the final instructions to tie all four pieces together and then tie 6-10 square knots. Can you show a picture or clarify further? I’d love to be able to finish and wear the bracelet.

    • I to don´t understand the last step. Could you please try to explain it in more detail? I would love to finish this bracelet!

  • Yeah, i’ve been meaning to try macrame as i was totally addicted to making friendship bracelet last year, i’m definitely gonna give it a go! Thanks Kayleigh! xo

  • My grandfather used to make these giant macrame plant holders. My mother had one hanging in the corner of the living room and I’ve dreamed of one day making something like it myself – but I’ve been too hesitant to try. This is a beautiful idea and would make a great start into macrame craft!

  • I always love tiny and precious jewellery, this is beautiful!

  • This would be super cute to combine with the stamped jewelry tutorial you guys made. ?

  • This is such a gorgeous DIY! Love it, especially with the metal bar! Love your blog! ?❤️

  • I love this tutorial, and can’t wait to have a go at making my own. Thanks guys! ?

  • I love how dainty this is, it’s such an elegant DIY! I used to love macrame when I was younger, I just used to braid everything in sight, and this has really reminded me of that

    – Natalie

  • I love this! It’s so simple and pretty!


  • Ah this is awesome!! What a gorgeous, delicate wee item! I can’t wait to give this a try : )


  • I love the finished product, it’s so feminine and classic.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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