Macrame Yarn Garland DIY

I love a good garland as much as the next blogger, so when I found myself needing to add some color to my studio, I immediately thought of something involving macrame. I didn’t have tons of white rope sitting around, so I grabbed some yarn from my weaving stash, and one hour later had a much more cheerful studio! 

The best thing about this project is how it adds a lot of color and interest without needing tons of time or materials, which makes it a perfect project for table backdrops at parties or a wedding.

chunky yarn in similar thicknesses in a variety of colors
-washi tape or push pins

Step One: Cut one length of yarn for your base as long as you’d like. I cut mine to be about 8′ long. Then cut up lengths of yarn that are between 2′- 3′ long depending on how much fringe you want to hang down. You can always trim these up to be even later, but as you knot them together, they’ll get shorter. I spaced my yarn out every 2″ and then spread them out even more after I tied my knots. You may only need about 30-35 individual cuts of yarn to fit this size garland.

Step Two: I hung my base strand to the wall with push pins and then added my individual pieces by tying a single knot over the base.

Tie your first row of knotsStep Three: Then I started my second row of knots by skipping the first strand of yarn and tying a double knot with the second and third strands. I centered it about 2″ down from the base.

Keep tyingStep Four: Then I continued along tying the next two strands of yarn together about 2″ down, making sure they were mostly centered between the knots on the base piece of yarn.

First Row of KnotsThis is how it looked after the first row was tied together in knots.

Three Rows of KnotsStep Five: Then I started my second row of knots back where I started, but tied a knot with the first strand and the second strand. Then I continued to tie knots all the way across about 2″ below the last knot. Once I was done with my second row, I went back to the left side again. I left my first strand alone and knotted the second and third strands again and repeated the process all the way across.

Macrame can be fancy, tooYou can stop here or keep going with more rows of knots, but I wanted a little fringe left. Your last step is just trimming your ends to make them even and you’re done!

All the pretty colorsI made a second garland with some sequin trim for a little extra glam. It was relatively easy to work with. Imagine a whole garland of gold sequin trim! –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Actions.

  • I just found this website/ blog and I already love it
    Thanks for such great ideas !!!!

  • This is amazing and I would like to make it for a shower I’m having. I cannot find directs anywhere for a single knot or a double knot online. Could the knots be called something else as well?

  • Very beautiful! I love it! The colors are very nice!

  • I’m in love with this!!! Amazing craft! So colorful, festive, and beautiful <3

  • this is so cute!!! i love that it’s a garland, not just a wall hanging, and the sequins are a great touch!!

  • Oh wow this is absolutely amazing! I’ve got a huge blank white wall in my bedroom that’s bugging me – I’m not very good with minimalism – therefore this would be the perfect way to solve that problem!

  • Wow!!!! This is gorgeous! We LOVE macramé so this is right up our alley! Obsessed with the color choices too!

    Thanks for sharing Rachel! This is amazing!

  • This is gorgeous – I love the technique and it’s so effective! I think I see a way to use up some of my yarn stash! 🙂

  • This is a perfect project for the kids who come up to the library over lunch to do. I have a variety of activities for them, and this’ll be one that we can do with materials on hand. Plus, it’ll brighten up our school library! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • I completely adore this and need to make one! I love the blues and greens you chose.

    Warm Regards,

  • I will be making this ASAP! Love it!

    Also, can I ask where you got your velvet pillows?

  • I love these. I’ve always wanted to make something in macrame, but keep using the excuse that I need some type of rope. I don’t know why I never thought of using yarn! I like how you can customize it for each occasion/holiday.

  • Wow, Rachel!!!! You are amazing. Yours are the only DIYs that I have actually tried. Your creations are incredibly beautiful and so easy to re-create with what I have at home. I will be making this today! I am also a prolific weaver since first seeing your weaving posts last year.

  • Love this tutorial! Might have to use this for my wedding day!


  • This project is damn cool. Thank you so much for sharing dear.


  • Wow, this looks really pretty and quite simple, I must try this sometime x

  • This is adorable, and I had no idea making this pattern would be so easy! I’d love it a a faux window valance!

  • Wow I love this! So simple and pretty inexpensive! We are moving into a new apt in 6 weeks and have zero decor …. keep these lovely ideas coming, please!

  • I love the way the colors fade into one another, beautiful!

  • this is really cool! I have tons of excess yarn that would work great. Thank you!

  • You guys are amazing! I feel like every time I’m in need of something it just pop up on your blog. I rented out a little community hall for my daughters 5th birthday and it’s ugly beige everywhere you look so I’ve been trying to think ways to add a ton of colour for not much money. A beautiful mess to the rescue! Also, I love making macrame projects so win-win! 🙂

  • This is really darling, Rachel. I have to admit, I love your DIY posts. So sweet!



  • This is the first ABM DIY I’ve seen in a while where my reaction was immediately OMG I AM SO DOING THIS. Thanks!

    • Im always looking for items to dress up my bedroom and my arts shop. Im all things when it comes to yarn (I do most anything but NOTHING EITH YARN!) I THINK even I can do this! I am a complete purple freak and can never find this type of decor in purples! Im so excited!! Thank you do much????????????

  • This is really awesome Rachel! I’m always like “why the heck didn’t I think of that” when I visit ABM… thanks for the inspiration!!

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