Nova’s Retro Floral Bedroom

I’m so incredibly excited to share this room with you today!!!

This post is sponsored by Spoonflower. They have an INCREDIBLE selection of wallpaper (both traditional and peel and stick), home goods like pillows and cloth napkins, and even bedding and curtains!

One super unique part of the Spoonflower shopping experience is that sellers will often customize patterns or scale for you, and every purchase supports an independent artist.

For example, I fell in love with this pattern for Nova’s bedroom, but I wanted to tweak it with more orange and pink to match some items I already had picked out (like her hot pink sconces).

The seller was able to do that super quickly and the resulting wallpaper felt totally custom (although you can also now shop for it here).

Hello, beautiful! I am SO obsessed with how all the colors, textures and patterns mix together in this space.

OK … so let’s start at the beginning. This room has a lot of layers.

We used Prepasted Removable Smooth Wallpaper. Collin installed it and he says that it’s easier to work with than peel and stick because it does not stick to itself and has more flexibility to adjust it as it’s going on the wall (sometimes with peel and sticks you only have one chance to get the pattern just right). So, if you are already comfortable with installing a peel and stick, we recommend Prepasted Removable as an even better option.

We’ve used it another time in the past and did remove it and it removes SUPER easily—it’s a dream. It comes off in big pieces super quickly just by wetting it down.

One of the big DIY elements we did are the built-in shelves. We are going to go more into how to build those in a separate post, but we are really proud of the adjusted molding that makes them look like they have always been there as a part of the home.

We also mounted some pink sconces from Etsy on the insides of the shelves and that is the super magical stuff for our 5-year-old girl.

We also made this vintage-inspired kiddo vanity with a light up mirror. It will be its own DIY post as well, but it was the first thing we created for this home and we’re super proud of how it turned out.

I’m so, so thrilled with how the wallpaper ties everything in this room together!

Magical, right?

We used matching linens from Spoonflower and they are just so magical (all of their home decor is sewn in the USA)l!!! I love going with a strong theme and a lot of color in a kiddo room.

Our daughter is smitten with how the space turned out and it’s been a popular play spot recently as well.

Source list: Prepasted Removable Smooth Wallpaper/Spoonflower, Floral Illustrated Sunny ’70s Queen Sheet Set/ Spoonflower, Euro Pillow Shams/Spoonflower, Retro Bolster Pillow/Spoonflower, Popcorn Coverlet/Schoolhouse Electric, Blackout Blinds/, Bed Frame/Urban Outfitters, Campaign Dresser/Crate & Kids, Chandelier/Lucent Lightshop, Pink Sconces/Etsy

Thank you so much for reading! I know there are a lot of toys and small objects in these photos, so if you have other questions, just ask me in the comments!! 🙂

Thank you so much to Spoonflower for sponsoring this post—their wallpaper selection is out of this world. Just for fun, before we go, I will link to some of their other patterns that would make amazing bedrooms.

If you like retro, really anything from More Candy Shop or Kate Gabrielle. I also love Peacoquette Designs. This bunny pattern is too cute and this colorful moth pattern is super fun. Have fun browsing! xx- Elsie

Looking for cute kid’s room decor? Try this Wooden Height Chart DIY or this Palm Springs House Bed Makeover!

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photography: Amber Kelly. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • I absolutely adore this room! I just love love love the daisy vanity as well. It’s just adorable. What color green did you use on the vanity? It’s the perfect shade of green that I’ve been looking to use in my home.

  • Love the wallpaper and matching linens!!! Was this the room where you swapped out mirror doors for new ones? Where did you get your new doors? I am currently swapping out mirror doors for wooden bifold doors since replacing my floors with white oak!

  • Thank for the shout out, dearie! I hope to see my designs in your lovely world again!

  • This room is just stunning. The shelves around the bed are such a great idea. You have the best eye. I was wondering in the future if you would ever be interested in making suggestions on how to make reader’s rooms more fun (readers would email you photos). I think that would be so fun (maybe after you finish a bunch of your next house projects). Just an idea. I always love your posts and get very inspired by them.

  • It turned out so cute! Thank you for sharing that Spoonflower’s home decor is sewn in the US. That’s really cool!
    Also, how is Nova 5 already?!

  • Can’t wait for the post on the shelves! My master bedroom has a similar layout and I would love to try and recreate them.

  • Hello Elsie, OMG! Amazing ? I love the wallpaper, hope you can use again and that little table you and Colin made is delightful. I look forward to the DIY… it will probably be above my skill set but I would like to make a bigger version for myself (I’m 43). Would you mind letting us know what Etsy shop you got those scones from, they are divine. Also, you definitely could design kids room as your main job if you ever want/need to! Cannot wait for more reveals in the new house. Everybody catch up please (listen to the podcast episode) about the new house and newer house!

  • Such a dream! I’d put this wallpaper in my master bedroom right now! I’m sure you’ve posted this somewhere but I can’t seem to find- where are the curtains from? I’ve noticed you use them in a lot of rooms and they always look great.

  • Your custom wallpaper colors are prettier than the original! This room IS amazing ?

    • Thank you! I love that the Spoonflower sellers can so easily tweak colors for you!

    • Hi! They are both from Rugs USA I believe. It’s a white jute and a faux sheep skin. XX!

  • gorgeous room! love the marshmallow light fixture also.

  • Oh Elsie, this turned out SO BEAUTIFUL!! It really is magical! That pattern is stunning–I remember such similar patterns from my childhood. I will definitely be checking out Spoonflower for fabric and wallpaper.

  • Love love love! Where did you get that cute accent rug at the foot of the bed?

  • Quick question, when you’re hanging things on a wallpapered wall like frames or those cute wall mounted guitar hooks do you generally use something removable like command hooks or do you go permanent and drill/nail through the paper? I guess I move things around enough that I’d be nervous to ruin the paper.

    • We use nails and screws. When it’s on a pattern it’s usually not noticeable when you move them anyway. 🙂 Command hooks might be good too- but I personally would rather have one tiny hole than the risk of a larger tear.

  • OMG! This is the cutest room I’ve ever seen. Will you do the sconces at new house, too? Where is the bow chair from? I don’t THINK I saw it tagged. Can not WAIT for that vanity DIY. My future home will just be a mix of yours and Laura’s girl DIYS. ?

  • How many rolls of wallpaper did you use and how big is her room? Thank you!!

    • Hi! I don’t have the exact measurements for the room. I believe we used 16 or 17 rolls of paper for the three walls. XX

      • 17 rolls of that paper is over $1200 ? for a house you only had for a few months. I know it’s sponsored but damn. I used to love this blog and the DIYs, but it gets less and less relatable with every forever-ish house post. I guess it’s fun to live vicariously through rich people while folks like me that lost our jobs due to covid are now facing eviction because we’re losing our unemployment benefits?

        • Hi Mila,
          It’s always on my mind that I want to balance budget friendly (and free!) DIY ideas here with things that cost more. This is something I will continue to keep as a priority. It’s something I think long and hard about, and will continue to do (even rich people love to save money!). Money is very relative. With that said, I will also continue to share things like renovations (that are more expensive). They are both something our readers love to see and also that I love to create. I didn’t have a budget for wallpaper when I first started this blog, which is why we have dozens of faux wallpaper DIYs in our archives. If you’re willing to put in the time, you can always do a wallpaper look in a room for a very low budget. That said- this is a great company I am so proud to partner with. Their wallpaper is some of the very best I have ever used.

          Your constructive feedback is welcome here. xx

          ps. I am so sorry for the tough year you are having and I truly hope it gets better for you!

          • Elise, I love this response – and just to weigh in, I’m a decidedly non-rich reader who thinks you and Emma do a great job balancing “spendier” projects with more affordable options. Obviously money is always going to be a touchy subject, but I appreciate that I feel an effort is made to appeal to a wide audience. (And selfishly, I’m glad you got a new house because it means more before-and-afters for me to read!)

  • So beautiful!!! I love it! Can you please share where you got that little school bus on the shelf?

  • I wish I could see the room without the warm filter so I could really “see” it. Same with your last post about the breakfast nook and painted fire place. I love the warm beautiful look of the images and want to live in them, but am having a hard time visualizing how it actually looks in real life.

    • I just came to the comments to say the same thing! Edited photos are obviously necessary but I feel like lately it’s been so filtered that I can’t tell what things actually look like!

  • Oh my! I want to live in this room. That wallpaper and bedding are the best retro flowers, but modernly done. Also the way you can transform ordinary bedrooms into this magic is unreal Elsie. I’m sure Nova’s next bedroom will be just as magical.

  • Spoonflower also has amazing fabrics, so the sheets could be an amazing DIY too. Sad to see this room go, but excited to see what Nova’s room in the new house will look like. It must be nice to be able to shop for & design a whole other room. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

    • Hi! I mean- yes I could design 100 kids rooms and it would still be fun. But I wish we could take this one with us!!!! 🙂

    • Hi! Yes- it’s a few years back from The Land Of Nod (which is now called Crate + Kids) they should bring it back. It’s really cute! I would check eBay to try to find one.

  • Hi there! If you don’t mind me asking… who is “ Colin”? I have read and heard there name a lot and am just wondering, haha! Also, the room is STUNNING; amazing job!

    • Hi! Collin is my project assistant. He works with me quite a bit. He helps me execute project ideas, which is why he gets a credit on almost every single one of my DIY or room posts- because he helps with almost all of those posts. We’ve been doing ABM post together for four or five years so he’s learned a ton of skills and we are always adding more! He’s basically my partner for DIY! xx

          • Yes, please interview him and other members of your team for the podcast!

      • So cute! I would hate to leave this room!!! Yes, I second this. I want to see “some guy named Colin”. LOL
        Also, where did you get the cute stuffed animals in the first image?

    • This is my favorite kid’s room ever. It feels just so safe and cozy – it glows!

      • This is such a beautiful space! Can you share where you got the pink guitar that’s on the wall? Thank you!

  • How big is Nova’s room? My husband and I are renovating an old daycare into our home and are figuring out how big to make the rooms – I LOVE the book case around the bed and might steal that idea for our daughter’s room!

  • Aww this is so cute!! I’m 21 and I would happily live in this room lol! The shelves and wallpaper are my favorite parts!

  • Hi! Love the look. Just curious if this is in your newest house, or the “old” new house? It’s a great space for a small girl to grow into a big one. Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Hi this is at the “old” new house. We are heartbroken to leave this room specifically- and planning to use more spoonflower wallpaper in our next kiddo rooms (it’s SO GOOD!) xx

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