Sarah’s Nursery Tour

Loyal's Nursery Tour (click through for more photos!)Hey, guys. I’m Sarah from Arrow + Apple (and I used to take photos for ABM in another lifetime!). I’m so excited to share with you guys our little nursery we put together for our son, Loyal! Currently you can find us flipping and designing homes in Phoenix, Arizona, but I definitely get to have the most fun with our own home. I mean who doesn’t like your own style more than you do, right?!

Loyal's Nursery Tour (click through for more photos!) Putting together a nursery is pretty daunting. Admittedly, poor Loyal didn’t have his own room until he was like six months old. I knew I wanted to do something with big personality, lots of color, but not to overwhelming for him. It’s kind of a tough line to walk! Another caveat: Loyal’s room is TINY. We are talking maybe 6 feet by 9 feet! With such a small blueprint to work with, we had to get pretty creative! We also didn’t want to lose any personality in the space, so we decided to go BIG with a pretty crazy statement wall, but limiting the painting to just one wall helps the rest of the tiny space feel airy and fresh.

Loyal's Nursery Tour (click through for more photos!) I started out planning his nursery inspired by Salvation Mountain (you can see my pinboard for his nursery here). I love the freehand, creative feel of Salvation Mountain, and as we live in the desert of Phoenix, AZ, it seemed like a good fit for us, too. We are also both really passionate about encouraging creativity with our kids and want their rooms to feel like magical places full of life!

Loyal's Nursery Tour (click through for more photos!) Loyal's Nursery Tour (click through for more photos!) Loyal's Nursery Tour (click through for more photos!) To start off with, I bought a couple different shades of blue sample jars of paint, mixed them with a little bit of water (to create the drippy effect), took a paintbrush and just went for it on his back wall! It turned out even better than I had hoped it would. It’s pretty bold, so I get it’s not everybody’s style, but I think even on a smaller scale (smaller blobs, less water and fewer drips, a lighter shade), it could be really pretty. My husband, Josh, made the mountain backdrop to hang over the bed, as well as the wall shelf and the honeycomb nightstand. I’m so glad to have him on my team! I also hung a few photos from my digital print shop that went with the desert theme, and some photos of our little guy as well. Over the chair hangs the sweetest and most magical moon and stars mobile from Baby Jives (find it here). We had a Baby Jives mobile in Imogen’s room (see her old room tour on ABM), and it’s still hanging in her room now. It’s a perfect bit of magic that every kid needs.

Loyal's Nursery Tour (click through for more photos!) Loyal's Nursery Tour (click through for more photos!) Loyal's Nursery Tour (click through for more photos!) Speaking of this amazing chair, we were so glad to work with Article to find the perfect, smaller-profile chair to fit this crazy tiny little room! I love all of their furniture, and it’s such high quality (similar chair here and pouf here). I know gliders are so big for nurseries, but we lived without a glider in Imogen’s room, and so I didn’t place a glider as a high priority. I figured an accent chair is a better investment for us because you only use a glider for so long, but accent chairs are so versatile and usable in pretty much any room (if you’re insane and love switching your furniture around from room to room like I do!).

Our indigo dyed pouf is also from Article, and it’s a favorite with the kids! Perfect height, and it’s nice and plush for when things get rowdy. Plush things are kind of a must with littles, right? We also love our comfy rug from Rugs USA. It’s nice and neutral, and will be able to work with pretty much any design we have as he grows into a bigger room in our next home! Plus, it was insanely affordable. When you dream on a budget, affordable helps!

Loyal's Nursery Tour (click through for more photos!) So that’s Loyal’s little space in our home! Thanks for reading along—I’d love to know, do you think you would go bold on a nursery or stay soft and neutral? –Sarah

Credits // Author and Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Clean + Modern Photoshop Actions.

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