Scrapbook Sunday: January Messy Box

January Messy Box scrapbook Sunday postThis month’s Messy Box has such great pastels! I loved the giant patterned chipboard alpha and the icon stickers. They’re perfect for documenting my lack of enthusiasm over the coldest season of the year. I mean, we did just spend three years at 6,000 ft. elevation at the base of a 14k mountain so I shouldn’t be complaining just yet, but this California girl will always be eager for spring to hurry! Also, this kit feels really versatile to use well into the spring season with its soft colors and mixable patterns. I am a fan!

January Messy Box PagesJanuary Messy Box scrapbook pages. Get the full post on www.aBeautifulMess.comJanuary Messy Box 1I used a few items from the A Beautiful Mess shop such as the blush felt wool and the dark coral plastic alpha as well as a random card from a previous Messy Box.

Summer Come Quick!Scrapbook Sunday with the January Messy BoxI used the transparency page in this kit like you would a regular scrapbook page and just stapled and adhered paper without worrying about seeing through on the other side. For my album I may put it into a transparency page and add another page behind it, but I might just punch holes directly into the page and call it a day. I like to live on the wild side.

Monday!MessyBox Page 2These two pages were brought to you by a cold winter’s day and are my version of getting my complaining off my chest. Sometimes you just have to document how you really feel about winter and Mondays! We’ve got snow in the forecast for tomorrow, so I’m off to get my big girl pants on and see it as an excuse to bake cookies or have an extra two cups of coffee! Happy scrapbooking! –Rachel

Credits// Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

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