Scrapbook Sunday: The January Messy Box

Scrapbook Sunday with A Beautiful Mess January Messy BoxJanuary feels like the most appropriate time for lots of black, white, and blush pink. Soft colors, bright backgrounds, welcoming in a fresh, new year. I couldn’t help but bypass most of the blues in this kit and fully embrace the pink and warm yellow on these two pages! This kit felt extremely easy to create two pages (so far) with all of the components included. I loved the thought bubble chipboard stickers and banners and the subtle 1940s art deco vibe.

Scrapbook Sunday January Messy Box from A Beautiful MessStop looking at me swan!I made sure to add the mint sequins in to one of my 3″ x 3″ squares for a 3-dimensional element and then added journaling under another chipboard sticker. It seemed to add to the pattern and color story of the page while also allowing me to add in some thoughts.

PuppyLove3For my second page, I decided to use another one of my 3″ x 3″ photos on top of this fun polka-dot pattern and then layer on embellishments and strips of patterned paper above and below to help keep the eye moving and not have the photo feel like it was just floating in the middle of the page. It was another easy way to incorporate more of the patterns and embellishments from this month’s kit as well. Wishing I had more of that polka-dot pattern!!!

Hello Messy BoxI also loved the brush stroke overlay in blush tones. I cut a bit off of the bottom to use in my ‘Puppy Love’ page and just stapled it over the patterned paper. I think it’d also look really fun in one of the 3″ x 3″ slots or as a page divider with a photo stapled or taped on to both sides.

1I have plenty of leftover 4″ x 6″ cards that I think I may turn into Valentines this year. The typography on them is so good!

What were your favorite elements from this month’s Messy Box? –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Edited with the New A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • I found them in your shop after a little searching:) They didn’t show up on my phone but did on my desktop.

  • I love these pages. Where do you get your photo pocket pages? I looked back through the last few scrapbooking posts, but didn’t see a source. (And, I don’t think they come in the Messy Box.) I love the square ones so much!

  • I love this blush color palette! I just bought a blush coat and it seems like I’m addicted to that color.

  • Wow. Your scrapbook makes it look like January was a great month. Put this in a time capsule and no one would have any idea that world order was collapsing.

  • Robyn,
    You’re welcome and thank you! Yes, those cards couldn’t be more perfect to send to someone special!

  • Kate, you’re so sweet to say. I’m so thankful I get to share this space with such a talented group of contributors! -Rachel

  • Thanks, Cait! It felt like a really quick one to put together this month because those colors are my jam! -Rachel

  • Three-dimensional scrapbooking adds so much to your memories, doesn’t it?

  • This is exactly the right colour palette for January, beautiful!

  • Thank you for doing more scrap booking posts!!! This is so lovely, Rachel! And agreed on using some of the cards as valentines 🙂

  • Love the second page with the individual squares. Pinned it so I will remember! Thanks!

  • Rachel, you layouts are my favourite – so creative and inspiring! I love this feature on the blog, look forward to it each month!

  • I love these pages, Rachel! I love the patterns and use of white space. Such a sweet subject too 🙂 And gorgeous color scheme and papers, ABM.

  • I love scrapbooks…this one is amazing.
    I need to make one of my own:)

  • I love the colour palette of this messy box! So subtle and girly!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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