Six Ways to Style Flower Crowns

Six ways to style a flower crown Flower crown season is upon us, and I for one cannot be more excited! Although truth be told, I tend to wear flower crowns in every season – I just switch up the colors to suit, wearing more rust-colored crowns in autumn and brighter ones in the spring and summer. In addition to exploring all of the color options of flower crowns, there are also different hairstyles to play with when wearing crowns instead of defaulting to the same look over and over again. Here are a few of my favorites.

Six ways to style a flower crown Instead of wearing your hairdo with a flower crown, why not try an up do? For this look, I styled my hair in milkmaid braids with a twist – I made rope braids instead of the typical braid style and added my floral headband on top.

Six ways to style a flower crown Another style to try is a retro rolled up do. I used the circular frame of my flower crown as a base, pinning it towards the front of my head and then tucking my hair in small sections into the back of the crown. It’s another take on the style I showed before for wet-set curls, so if you want step-by-step instructions for this look, click here (just style your hair dry instead of wet!).

Six ways to style a flower crown Instead of tucking all of your hair up, why not try a half rolled up do just using two small sections of your hair? This style works beautifully with asymmetrical flower crowns like mine by Emily Rose; the band is a full circle you can use to help style your hair and the flowers make a pretty statement at the front or side of your head.

Six ways to style a flower crownPrefer braids? Mix things up with easy boho braids; I made mine rather thin but you could also do this half up style with chunkier braids and more texture to your hair.

Six ways to style a flower crown If you’re intimidated by flower crowns or not sure what style would suit you best, why not start with a flower crown that matches your hair? My blue floral crown is by Gardens of Whimsy, and I like how it visually adds texture to my hair instead of being a loud statement piece. There are loads of flowers crowns out there. If you are blonde, you could start with a baby’s breath crown, or something rustic for redheads with roses or poppies – there’s a style and color out there to suit everyone.

Six ways to style a flower crown Some people treat flower crowns as the centerpiece of their hairstyle, but I actually prefer styling my hair in my favorite ways (like this messy faux fishtail) and just adding a flower crown on top. So up do or down, matching your hair or contrasting with it, I hope this post gave you some inspiration for wearing flower crowns this spring. They add a really pretty finishing touch to so many outfits and hairstyles, and I hope to make everyone as addicted to them as I am! Cheers, Rebecca.

Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom. 

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