Song Lyric Wall Art / D.I.Y. Project



A couple weeks ago, I found a paint-by-number at an unbeatable price. I can’t pass these things up even though I already owned this particular design. I thought that I could maybe use it to make a fun D.I.Y., but my new rule is that all thrifts that I purchase with the intent of restyling need to get done right away. I have way too many half finished projects in my life. With that little bit of motivation I came up with a fun D.I.Y. to display some of my favorite song lyrcis in our newlywed home. Enjoy….




Here’s how I did it… Step 1. Find a paint by number or vintage painting that you like, but not one you adore (since you’ll be painting over most of the design). A damaged piece works great, or a print you aren’t too crazy about or ever a duplicate piece, like mine. Steps 2-3. Supplies needed: Artwork, Letter stickers (see 3 for the exact stickers I used. I purchased them at the art section of Michaels. You can also get them at hardware stores everywhere) White paint (in hindsight I would use spray paint, just a hint!), a paint brush and scissors. Step 4. Cut out and plot out your design. I know it’s an extra step to cut out each letter, but it’s much easier to create nice spacing this way! Step 5. Stick stickers. Place them as perfectly or imperfectly as you fancy! Steps 6-8. Cover the entire art piece with a coat (or two) of white paint. I wish I would have used spray paint because my letters bled a tiny bit. Spray paint is preferable. Step 9. Allow your paint to dry. I layed my piece on the front porch for an hour. Next, peel the letters off carefully. Step 10. Yay! You did it. Enjoy your new piece of art! 




I displayed our piece in our bedroom, on Jeremy’s side of the bed. These song lyrics are by Camera Obscura, one of my favorite bands. You can hear the song in our wedding video here. The little bearded man art is by Ashely G and the coffee container is where we collect spare change. Happy Monday! XO. Elsie


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  • It even looks cool as the reverse, with just the black letters over the design. Cool either way!

  • It’s soooooo beauty and easy to make, thanks for your tips and sharingg

  • I love love love this idea! To be honest, I’ve never been a creative, crafty person but when wonderful people like you make it so easy, it makes me eager to try. One question….what is your backing? I’ve never done a paint by numbers so I don’t know what kind of backing it has. But if I just printed a picture on my printer, what kind of backing could I use to make it stand up without a frame like yours? Thank you so much! You guys are so beautiful and creative! You have a gift.

  • This is for sure on my to do list! the hard part for me will be finding a song to take lyrics from. This blog is amazing and full of such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • I love this, but have a question. The letters you used claim to be “permanent”, but you did not seem to have a trouble getting the off. Is there a trick to that step or are they just not that “permanent”?

  • I’ve been trying to do this like crazy but I have not been able to find the “permanent adhesive letters” The ones I have found wont stick properly! Any ideas how to “solve” this issue? I live in Spain! Thanks!!

  • Spray paint just makes the letters come off… it’s a no go for sure.

  • Just purchases a used print to start this awesome project! Can someone send me printable instructions please?

  • It even looks cool as the reverse, with just the black letters over the design. Cool either way!

  • If you peel the stickers while the paint is still wet you’ll get smoother edges and avoid any paint peeling.

  • i did this and it looks great! featured you on my blog!

  • I absolutely love this piece and am so happy you posted the tutorial! I got to work on my own version tonight using a painting I bought at Goodwill (looks like acrylic on canvas) and those exact letters. However, my letters are rather un-sticky, which was great for laying them out, but not so great now that I’m ready to paint. Did you (or has anyone else) run into this issue?

  • I actually did this last night and it turned out amazing!! My quote was “Secure your own mask before assisting others.” Thanks for the great inspiration! Absolutely love your blog. 🙂

  • just gonna say incase noone else did, if you peeled the letters off while the paint was wet it wouldnt bleed so much under the letters

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  • OMG..!! Fabulous idea..!!!!

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  • i love this idea me and my best friend are doing the samw thing but we sptater painted a canvas then we are going to put the stick on letter over top them peel them off so excited thanks for thee idea!!

  • I found a bunch of old wrapped canvas prints in out basement, and even though the designs weren’t as intricate as yours I tried it and they came out GREAT. I used purple and light blue spray paint, both of which worked very well (the dark purple better than the light blue tbh). I’m a little addicted to such an easy decor trick, so thanks so much for the great tutorial; super easy to follow!!!

  • Too bad the paint bled underneath the letters…here’s a trick for next time: before you put the white paint on, coat it with a coat of clear varnish, then let dry, then do the white coat on top, perfect letters every time!

  • Absolutely genius!

    FYI – got here from a friend’s blog who followed a post on Pinterest to somebody who gave you credit for the original design idea. I love it when it works the way it should!

  • I LOVE your Blog!!!
    Its awesome!

  • Very creative idea. I find it really easy and enjoyable as well. Maybe I’ll try this some other time.

  • I loved this project! It is simple enough for anyone to do and so it was right up my alley! I made my dad the perfect fathers day gift :]

  • That is just absolutely awesome, thats for the great idea. I am going to the thrift store….:)

  • I finally did it! 🙂 You’re such an inspiration…thank you!

  • Great fun project. I’ve done this digitally in Photoshop. Printed it as a 16×20 and framed it in a white Ikea frame. Then gave it to a friend as a house warming gift.

  • Such a great idea! I was just looking for a way to write something inspiring on my wall!!

  • I spray painted it but later on found out that it has started cracking after it dries 🙁 i sealed it with an aclyric sealer to keep it in place. Just a heads up for ppl out there who might wanna spray paint it.

  • In step 5 did you then remove each letter and cut it out correctly? Ther eis a big difference between step 4 and step 5.

  • Thanks so much, i think i’ll do this with a cute love song quote for my parents’ anniversary 🙂

  • That’s so genius! I absolutely adore the end result. It’s like… cheating your way to a great piece of typography. Kind of. But still very cute. 😀

  • Beautiful!
    Is there any way to do this without the stickers? I mean, with just nurmal paper?

  • im making a bunch of these as gifts and even some for my dorm room!!

  • I love this project!

    Does anyone have an idea where to purchase the letters in Europe/Germany?

  • Alex Mortimer @ West Yorkshire Wedding Photographer

    This is an amazingly simple idea but one which creates something which is so contemporary! What a great way to use an old tiered looking image which you might not be all that keen on. Love the idea, will be sure to try this out. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is awesome, I’m going to have to try making my own. Thanks!

  • Love it!
    Just tried it with spray paint, also bleeds. So… Either way it’s going to bleed. I think it’s the stickers.

  • You are always artistic. I always love your works. Nice ideas on simple things. Love it!

  • All I can say is, this activity is very amazing and perfect. Very creative and adorable stuffs.

  • Hi there! Thanks for the great post! I just finished doing one of these and it turned out beautifully…I did however, do a couple of things different and thought I’d share the results:
    -After all the letters were in place I spray painted it with primer, once dry, I put the acrylic paint over top.
    -Instead of waiting for the acrylic paint to dry, I took an x-acto knife and carefully peeled back the corner of each letter and removed it.
    -Once the letters were removed I took a q-tip and wiped any bleeding (though quite minimal-I think b/c of the spay paint primer) that occurred. The result of which, left me with crisp lines…this may just be helpful for those of you with a slight case of OCD like me!
    Anyhow, thought I’d just stop in to say thanks and share what worked for me!

  • I love this D.I.Y. and I certainly will try it! Thanks!

    Question: I love your blog, but how do I follow you???

    -Midnight Writer

  • I really want to try this project but does anyone know where I can get the helvetica vinyl lettering in the UK? Most of the US stockists cost a fortune for shipping and even doesn’t seem to have it. Can anyone help? Thanks – love the blog by the way!

  • I seen this on pinterest and loved the idea! I had my kids make me a painting and I am wanting to put a saying on it. Do you think the stickers will take off the paint any?

  • so cute. my husband and i got married on st. patricks day and i remember seeing something similar to this on etsy! love it! i think im gonna have to make one of these!


  • Will the letter stickers take off any of the paint on the actual painting when you peel them off??

  • wow! I will make one as a gift to my friend! Easy to make, economical and sweet (cause personally done).

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  • Did you actually do the Paint By Number before you did everything with the letters?

  • If you want to avoid bleed-under and keep the edges of the letters sharp, you can go over the whole surface (or just the letters) with any clear acrylic medium or varnish before applying the paint layer.

  • Thanks for posting some crafting inspiration! I used acryllic paint the first time and spray paint the second. Spray paint is much better because the coat is more even and there are no awkward brush strokes. I loved this and have shared with my public speaking class as well as my own blog with a link to yours. XD Thanks again!

  • This is really AWESOME!!!!!.
    I am running short of words to explain it.

  • omg im such a craft snob but THIS is sweeeeeeeeet!!!!! thanks! big

  • I just stumbled on to your blog… I seriously am so inspired to add so much color and fun to my life. Thank you! <3

  • love this idea – and actually really like the imperfect letter bleed from the brushed paint!

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  • I really like this idea, but I’m wondering how you get the stickers to come off without peeling the paint or ripping the paper….


  • I was actually looking for paintings with song lyrics and came across your page. I love it! Will definitely be doing this. Hope it turns out as cool as yours. Thank u!

  • Love this- it is definitely on my “to do” list.
    Great job.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • So great! I tried doing this last night. I painted stripes on a canvas, placed the letters down, and used a pale yellow. The yellow was too light and I had to use a few coats. Some of the yellow paint got under the letters. I think it’s tough to cover acrylic with acrylic. But I want to keep trying!

  • What a great idea! I tried it and used spray paint and the letters curled up and some paint leaked around them 🙁 But since I was using the Bob Ross Quote “We don’t make mistakes, just happy accidents” – I think it turned out ok. I did buy a canvas art print at Ross and use that instead of the old paint by number because I could not locate one here.

  • Oh I love this! I’m definitely going to try it with some old paintings that I have lying around.

  • Love it! Thanks for the inspiration. You inspired me to make something very similar. I didn’t have a lovely paint-by-number available, so I used wood scraps instead. If you would like to it, please take a peek.

    Thanks for sharing all your beauty!

  • It’s like the opposite of Country Cityscapes by Ed Ruscha. Very cool.

  • I just completed this project and I really like the outcome – however I would advise against spray paint. I tried to use spray paint and as soon as I put it on, the letters started peeling back. It still came out okay – there was just a lot of white that bled into the letter. i have not decided yet but I may outline the letters in black so they pop a little more.

  • Did this and it turned out amazing 🙂 Used a quote from Mr. Albert Einstein and painted my own canvas so the colors would tie into my living room. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • You are so freaking clever. At first I doubted you when I saw the hidious art print but you proved me wrong by painting over it. Awesome work 🙂

  • I looked in Michael’s for those letters, but didn’t see them anywhere. I was mainly looking over in the scrapbooking section by all of those stickers. Where did you find them in Michael’s? Thanks so much for this awesome idea!!!! Love it!

  • These designs are simply stunning. I really like what you’ve done here. It’s quite amazing. I’m a big fan of Jeniffer Lopez and her hit TV show too- the one about towing – South Beach Towing – you seen it? It’s hot! This sure is a Lucky Clover website and blogpost so kudos to you on this great selection.

  • Wow. This is a complete surprise. How you did that is ingenious. To take one work of art and turn it into something that still has the flavor of the original but also something totally new. Wow. That is a great talent. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  • Love this – but the letters you used say permenent how did you get them to come off? My luck they would pull the paint off the painting. Thanks 🙂

  • How did you get the letters to peel off, they say they are permanent, my luck they would stick or peel the painting off too. But love your picture & website!!

  • I love this process. when I paint over vinyl I take a heat gun to it first. that way the letters come out crisp, but the way you have done it looks very nice as well 🙂

  • FYI – when you paint things and you use some sort of stencil or painters tape, you need to peel it off while the paint is still wet. If you wait until it’s dry, its going to make uneven edges.

  • I’ve done this before – actually in the middle of one now…the 2nd coat of paint is drying!

    I use canvas and fabric and it turns out super well (the brighter the fabric, the more coats you need!)

  • Couldn’t have done it any better myself. Thumbs up for this post. Bookmarking this on StumbleUpon now.

  • could you please email back? Where can i get a cheap piece of artwork that would work for this? whee did you get yours?? Thank You 🙂

  • maybe you like my pictures too 🙂 check out on: > blog


  • I love this and such an easy 1 day project. Like another poster, I would’ve sseen this in the picture in the store and kept on walking. Such a great photo for repurposing.


  • Thanks for the awesome tutorial. I followed it and made my version here:

  • Hi! I just did this last night. Not as cute as yours, but I’m going to try again! 🙂 Come see:

  • I was finally able to make this! Yay! Thanks for the how-to 🙂

  • Hi Elsie (: I would like to get in touch, I have some comments and questions and suggestions ^-^
    XO Alayha

  • I just finished making my own and I love it! Thanks so much for thinking of such a great idea! Here’s a link to mine!

  • i actually made this! thanks for the fabulous tutorial. i’m going to blog about this on monday and link up to your site!

  • Love it…love it…love it so much I just pinned it :)

  • Oh! Gorgeous! Love your work! Had to make a tribute! Thx for a fantastic blog!


  • Thanks for sharing this! I took one look at it and got quite inspired myself! Posted pics and credited your wonderful blog at

  • Waw! Great idea!
    Does the painting or the print needs a shiny gloss on it? Or can you also peel of the stickers from a normal paper print?

  • I was looking for the paint, but instead i found Acrylic Paint but GLOSS you think it will work the same if I use that one?

  • This is amazinnng! It looks really beautiful. I recently did one, but I printed the words and cut them out individually to be stuck on my wall (see here: 🙂

    And thanks for sharing. Will be sure to try it out soon. x

  • i love this site and i love you elsie. hope you be well always and brighten me with your posts always xx

  • First I tried this with spray paint as you recommended, didn’t work so well. After the second coat was drying the vinyl letters shriveled a bit and the paint bled. I just finished the second one that I did with acrylic paint and it’s awesome. I used an old vinyl record case that had some beautiful artwork on it and some pink floyd lyrics. Great gift for my boyfriend. Thank you!

  • This is such a great project but you didn’t mention how hard it is to get the stickers off! D:
    Nevertheless amazing(: thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • Tried this and it did not work out so well Used spray paint as suggested but it all peeled. I would suggest that the paint by number be sanded slightly first. As I peeled up the letters, all the paint came with it. I think the acrylic paint actually would have been better. Love the idea though, I’ll have to try it again next time I find a painting.

  • loved this idea so much…i just tried it at home! its going to make a pressie for one of my friends. I used my favourite quote ‘dance to the beat of your own drum’.

    i too had problems with paint bleeding through, but managed to fix it with a little bit of white spirit and cotton buds!

    thanks so much for all your lovely crafty projects! xxx

  • I came across this post over the summer and it inspired me to do the same. So, I set out to the thrift store looking for a painting but instead found a globe for dirt cheap and decided to switch it up a bit. My fiance is deployed right now and our favorite song is “there’s no place that far” by sara evans, so I used those lyrics and painted the globe white. It looks AMAZING!! I absolutely love this blog and your projects! <3

  • Instead of using stickers, could you use Elmer’s Glue? And then just peel off the glue once it is dry?

  • Now that Xmas is close I am looking to make a gift for someone… something that I don’t buy, something that I do myself. Hm, this could be it.

  • This is great–I’m thinking of doing something just like this, but doing the painting myself as some sort of simple design–brightly colored stripes, swirls, etc. I love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is fantastic! I am going to try this…forsure! Thanks for sharing!


  • i made this tonight! i used spray paint, and the letters curled up and bled much worse than yours did. i think it was the chemicals mixing or something? but it still turned out great, just a little more imperfect & messy looking. still readable & cute! 🙂

  • What a great idea. The goodwill always has pictures this project would be great for!

  • I love this….. but i love it even more after watching you wedding video, and hearing the song 😀 I hope you are doing well, Lifetime follower

  • Elsie, this is pretty darn awesome! Urban Outfitters was selling something similar for crazy amount of dollars… So, my fiance searched and found an old painting at local thrift store for $0.50 that we’re going to use for this project.

  • love this clever idea, and I’m enjoying lots of things here! Come on over to Goddess Findings sometime! I’d love to do a piece on how you chose your lovely oval diamond engagement ring! Cheers, 😀

  • That is so adorable! I think the best projects are always the ones that are so crazy easy yet so effective. Following your blog now. 🙂

  • I did this project (linked back to you!) and blogged about it! What a clever idea! I love it. I also got to save a art project gone awry.

  • I just tried this DIY yesterday and it came out great-thanks so much for the idea!!

  • I love this idea. I’ve heard of it before and been dying to try it. Song lyrics around the house make me happy.

  • Great DIY. I was making over my daughter’s room this weekend and used this idea to update a generic little Target canvas picture she had outgrown. I used some Cat Stevens lyrics. “If you want to sing out, sing out.” And bright pink spray paint. She loves it. Thanks for the great idea and instructions!

  • Oh good now I know what to do with my mediocre paint by number painting. Thank you. I hope I actually do this because it really is cool.

  • I really need to try this! looks like fun and at the end you get a great piece of art. 🙂

  • I finally made my own version of this, thanks for the inspiration!!

  • I’m going to add this to my list I like to call “To [Insert Verb] Someday” ! This is so simplistic yet layered upon inspection. I love it! I already have a lyric in mind from my favorite ‘shower singing’ song “Hallelujah”.

    Heather @ Find That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  • It’s actually because of your blog…and your beyond beautiful and touching wedding video that I am OBSESSED with Camera Obscura. It’s not even funny how much I listen to them everyday in my little Mini.
    Thank you.

  • I read about this DIY on jenloveskev. Just finished making my own version tonight as wedding present for a dear friend. Love it. Thanks so much for the inspiration and step by step instructions!

  • Thank you so much for inspiration – I made a slightly similar piece for my boyfriend with the first line of “our song” and he loves it.

    Unfortunately the oil paint from the painting went away with the stickers I applied but my bf told me this adds up to the “unique look”…

  • razzle dazzle rose is one of my favorite songs. i love this. i’m going to have to try it.

  • Hey, don’t worry about the paint bleeding under the letters…it gives it character! Great art doesn’t have to be perfect! Thanks for sharing…

  • WOW, that is brilliant! I have never thought of that! Must recreate in my home – LOVE what you did 🙂

  • Do you think it would work if you just stretched a favorite fabric over a canvas frame? Love the idea, definitely trying it!

  • You know, you could probably do this same thing with a puzzle…hodge podge the puzzle together and then continue with your steps. Now you have a reason to put together that puzzle! lol

  • love it! i just tried it but it doesn’t look as good as yours haha. i also used paint and also found it bled under the letters some. i took a knife and scraped the paint off when it was dry, but next time i’m going to try spray paint. thanks!

  • I tried this how-to with Belle & Sebastian lyrics and it turned out great! It’s my favorite dorm room wall art, and everyone always asks where I got it! Thanks!

  • ARRRRR DUDE! this is amazeballs.
    I really want to try it out, but ironically I am an extremely broke Art Student.

  • Hey, I stumbled onto this page and I cant help but notice the background image that you have used to create your art. The colorful print of what looks like an Italian landscape painting?
    I happen to be a dealer in antique art and I have with me a set of Italian prints from the 1920’s that look very very similar. I’m most curious, Is there a chance you are using some really valuable prints?

    Also what you have done here is great. I will make myself one that says LET IT BE.
    Great work.

  • TIP: to stop the white paint from bleeding under the letters, buy some matte medium (its clear) and brush on and let dry before you add the white paint.

  • Hi! we loved this idea, sou we made our own version of it. Love that to, eventhough it has it flaws. You are such an inspirering person.

    You can find our piece her:

  • What an awesome idea! I live in a rented home where I can’t paint the walls so this would be the perfect way to add a little pizzazz.

  • I loved the way u put all the things u started and didnt finish and arranged them like it was to look like that anyway. You have an awesome imaganation and cant wait to see what you come up with next.

  • Wow… this is such a great idea! I’m going to have to think of something clever and do one of my own! Great post!!!

  • loved it. Going to paint my own back ground, with splashes of clour.Thanks

  • OH! I>AM>SO>DOING>THIS!!! LIKE.NOW!!!! I scored a TON of stick on letters at an estate sale…I am on my way~!!!

  • I LOVE this idea!!! My fiance just bought me a great PBN off ebay for my birthday that unfortunately was not properly photographed… There are some ripples in it so we were trying to figure out what to do with it- TOTALLY going to do this! Thanks Elsie!!!

  • This is amazing and I was dying to try it. So I did! Hooray!! Check it out!

  • Awesome idea! I’m adding this to my list of future DIY projects.

  • Awesome idea! I’m a photographer and did this project with a print of some sunflowers i took! It came out lovely (: thanks!

  • I LOVE your style. I’ll be following for sure. I wish I lived where I could shop your store. Awesome stuff 🙂

  • Lovely Idea! Following your steps, I made a sad empty wall, a cute happy wall, this weekend using lyrics from The Head and The Heart. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • If I hadn’t seen this project on here, I would have thought it wasn’t something I could. However, I’m super excited to try this project out today!

  • It’s Saturday and want to try creating a craft art project. This is perfect and a wonderful idea. Thanks

  • Oh I love this idea! I want to make one with a poster background of a fave painting for my kitchen. Maybe A Rake’s Progress and ‘Nunc Es Bibendum’.

  • I’m totally going to try this! And it would be awesome if you did a mini house photo tour! especially of your new closet:)

  • Such a great idea. I gave it one try with a thrift store painting that ended badly. The acrylic paint surface was too rough for the letters to attach reliably. I did not use spray paint, so it ended up a mess.

    I’ll try again this weekend with a smoother surfaced painting and DEFINITELY use spray paint!

  • this is awesome! i’ve been doing a series of paintings that are basically the opposite of what you’ve done, pictures in the background with lyrics painted over the top. i like this version too, quite a bit!

  • Hi Elsie!
    This was too fantastic to pass up so I went to a thrift shop immediately and made one! I used a quote from an old Joe Walsh song, “Lif’s been good to me so far”. My kids love it!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration! (I wish I could take a pic to share, I’m just not that technologically savvy!))

  • I’ve seen pictures that i could easily that I could do this application on. I’m going to give it a shot.

  • I am really liking this – thank you for the idea!

    I hope to find a picture soon so I can do it as a surprise for my husband to be!

  • you have a unique imagination! The paint by #’s was cool enough but you took it a step further. Bravo!

  • fantastic idea! can i ask where you got the black letters from? thanks

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  • That is AWESOME… at first I was thinking you used an exacto knife and cut the letters out… you are GENIOUS! Even I could do that … thanks for the inspiration!

  • Great idea, I think I’m go to try this or something similar soon.

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  • This is one of my favourite DIY posts I’ve come across…will definitely try and muster up the courage to apply my clumsy hands to it 🙂

  • I was just thinking the other day that I want a text based artwork for my home! Now I can make one myself! Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Elsie, I love this! Looks easy and quick. I’m definitely trying it this week! I was looking for easy art to put up in my new place. Thank you!!

  • Elsie! You are brilliant! Now, if I’m ever inclined to paint {um, abstract, anyone?}, I know how I can turn that disaster into something awesome! Thanks!

    ♥ M

  • That’s pretty impressive!!! Might have to try that out soon, tired of looking at all of these white walls!

  • This is a really cool idea. It reminds me of this artist that does the reverse of this, with phrases painted over florals. I wish I could recall who it is.

  • Ah Elsie, this is GREAT! Looks so sharp and graphic, i love helvetica, I write my blog in that font! 🙂 Good idea about immediately putting new thrift finds to good use – might need to implement that myself! xxx

  • i kinda liked how the paint bled a little. reminded me of a monet painting. i have this small notebook filled with quotes and lyrics i like. this would be a great way to display some of them.

  • WOOOW i loved your diy!
    Click here to check out my summer giveaway. I’ll keep my fingers-crossed for you!
    Good luck!


  • I love this project! You could do this with any design, not just letters. Think about how cute it would be with a child’s profile.

  • Great pics and tricks for a lovely afternoon art project. Just picture perfect!

  • What great idea! I also love your yellow saltwater sandals, I need to pick up that color 😀

  • This such a fun, inspiring and easy DIY project! Thank you so much for sharing and putting this idea into our heads. I feel like this is something I could really do, and I hope it comes out as great as yours.

  • This is a really great DIY! I can’t wait to do this project as soon as my semester is ovah. Dying for a craft day. Thanks again, mate 🙂

  • Love seeing cool shit and being so inspired…thanks!
    So I love your blog and your cool style. I’m really getting into this esthetic, but I’m like, old enough to be your mother…
    Can I pull this off as an almost 46 year old?
    What is your advice?

  • I would have never thought of doing this!! How very cool!! I love this idea! I’m going to look at art at the thrift in a whole new light 🙂
    Much Aloha, Monika

  • I love this! Also, I know what you mean about half-finished projects. Story of my life!

  • that is SO brilliant, and SOOO cute!
    what an amazing idea!!

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    keep em coming!

    i will try them soon yay!

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  • Hi Elsie,

    Love your blog and I’m particularly fund of this DIY. Will try it as soon as possible.

    In a previous post you said something about sharing the playlists from your wedding and I’m absolutely curious about them. I’m planning a roadtrip and they would be such an inspiration.

    Also if I manage to swing by Missouri during my road trip, would you like to share some of your favorite thift shops, vintage stores, flea markets and all-things-gourgeous-shops with us arround/near sprinfield??

    Thanks a bunch!

  • so creative + sentimental!! i’m going scouting for some paint by numbers now.

    i should adopt your rule of doing projects right away too. i have a habit of buying things with all good intentions + they stack up in the corner!

  • Hey Elsie, did you know you are in the latest version of Lucky magazine? Page 170, From the Blogs. Just so you know…

  • This is absolutely gorgeous, going to have to give this a try, for sure! xo

  • what a great DIY, thanks for sharing this easy project

  • I’ve been contemplating how to include my favorite lyrics in an art piece! I sincerely thank you for the idea! Beautiful 🙂

    If you’re ever bored check out my music blog:

  • That looks so cool! I also like how it looks with the letters over the painting – cool both ways!

    Stephanie May*

  • I love the first image!

    enter my bowtie GIVEAWAY @

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    i will definitely try it
    in an attempt to re-beautify my home 🙂



  • such a super cool idea!

    ps…did you know that you made it into the Sept issue of Lucky mag? You are in the blogger section! Congrats!

  • I already commented this afternoon, but really, this is an insanely good idea! And so easy to do! I just thought about bringing it on a really large scale and doing a whole lot of text on a city view… OMG excited ^^

  • This project is fantastic – and I’m a huge paint-by-numbers fan too so thank you for the excellent post!

  • This is such a cool D.I.Y project, thank you so much for sharing!

    “The little bearded man art” Haha! I don’t know why, but that part cracks me up!

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  • The finished product looks great, I love this idea! I have made a few paintings for our home, but this has given me a whole new bunch of inspiration 🙂 Thank you so much! x

  • Great DIY. I think I’m going to do this over one of my photographs.

    ♥ sécia

  • this is so great! i’m going to give it a try. such a clever and cute idea.

  • Wow! I love this. I’m going to be doing this immediately… well whatever “immediately” means when you have a babe.. Probably a few weeks out. =) Thanks so much.


  • Ahh… PERFECT. I have so many things lying around that will work perfectly with this project (including an armory of spray paint)! Thank you thank you!

    Yours looks beautiful, I love the effect you got with the acrylic paint 🙂

  • Such an AWESOME idea! Even makes me want to DIY with my two left hands and zero patience!
    NEW OUTFIT POST: At Robson Square

  • Oh, Camera Obscura <3. The paint-by-number looks really good that way. This is a great project.

    Hmmmmmm, I’d love to try this out on some old calendar pictures. I have such a hard time throwing them away, but haven’t really found anything yet to do with them. This would be perfect.

  • Great idea – I’d have never thought of using an old painting like this. I love the way you get little glimpses of what was there through the letters.

  • This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try this! xx

  • omg this is amazing + clever! so inspiring, now i have more ideas to decorate my apt!


  • this is so such an awesome project! i definitely will have to try something like this! also, i have that rule of for not buying new things until i finish current projects too. it’s so hard!

  • Looks great, i think i might try that =) to avoid the bleeding, try peeling off the letters before drying.

  • I absolutely love this idea! Yours came out so beautifully! I just can never find any paint by numbers no matter how hard or where I look…garsh..the search continues! thanks for sharing! 🙂 -Lo

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  • Hello, super idea, i like it.
    I want to try but i think letter stickers not sold in Turkey 🙁

  • Thank you! Love your blog <3

    Love Love Love

  • Very cute! I love that you used an old paint by number 🙂
    Love and Turtledoves,

  • If you don’t have spray paint, I almost bet if you used a clear acrylic sealer over the letters before painting the color on that it would prevent bleeding 🙂

  • I LOVE a good Camera Obscura reference! I also love this DIY. I did one like this in college, but it got lost in one of my moves, I should make another one!

  • OMG that’s ADORABLE! I think I totally have to try this one out. Thanks for sharing!

  • such a great idea! i thought you had cut it out, but painting over it is so much easier

  • Love this idea…I was hoping to do something special for my hubby and this would be a great way to do it!!!

  • Great DIY! I loved the way it turned out and you picked such sweet lyrics. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for some “not too great” art next time I’m thrifting.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • wow, great idea! i even like the look of the black lettering before the paint.

  • I really love this! I might just have to paint something just so I can do this immediately!

  • I love this post! I also have to confess how much I appreciate you saying that you have a bunch of half-finished projects–it inspires me that even a dynamo like you can be so human too.

  • Hello Elsie! Thanx for sharing this awesome tutorial! What inspires you to come out with all these interesting ideas?

  • I love, love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I should definitely try it out to get some pretty art up on my bare walls.

  • Such an amazing idea! I wish my mind was as creative as yours.

    I adore that song too. Perfect for a wedding video. : )



  • Wow! Love this idea!! I’ll try it at home! Greetings from Brazil! =)


  • Wow, that’s a really fantastic idea, and it looks great. Thanks for sharing!

  • such an awesome idea! i’m definitely trying this one out


  • This is such a fun idea. It looks really fresh. And you have a very cute home too.

    Emily x

  • This is such an amazingly easy DIY that actually looks really unique and lovely! I’m excited to try this out! eek! Thanks so much for posting! <3

  • I LOVE THAT SONG. It’s so beautiful. Kyle and I are playing it at our wedding too! And great idea for a DIY. It looks so easy, too!

  • best diy ever… love this! thanks for sharing.. can’t wait to do one myself (;

  • Love this idea, I see ‘not so great’ art prints at thrift stores all the time. I’m definitely going to try this one.

  • That’s actually my favorite lyric in razzle dazzle rose. great DIY! I’ve seen it done befor ebut you explained easier.

  • I think Jennifer Lopez has a new song that says “I Feel Lucky Like A Four Leaf Clover”. I thought you were displaying J.Lo lyrics at first! Haha! I need to try this, love the idea!

  • So easy, I’m in love. Definitely doin this one soon. Add to my never-ending list of things I want to do! C:

  • This is such a cute DIY, Elsie! I’m hoping to make a trip to the thrift store today, so I’ll look for a painting to try this on!

  • Love this! I’ve seen this done on globes also! Definitely something to try! Thanks for posting!

  • wow! I would probably look at that painting and this it’s pretty but I wouldn’t be able to do a thing with it.

    You’re so creative, full of bright ideas! This is a lovely DIY, thank you for sharing, Elsie!

    • I was looking for some tutorials for beginners. I was hoping this is what you had. Do you have any? These are beautiful. Thanks.

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