Surprise! A white chalkboard wall!

A white chalkboard wall! (via )Surprise! I really wanted to paint a room with chalkboard paint in our home. I mean, it’s practically a tradition because I’ve painted at least one chalkboard wall in every home I’ve ever been allowed to paint in (exhibit a, exhibit b). In our current home my husband was like, “eh- let’s stick with the white” and I was like, “but, pleaseeeeeee?!!” and so we landed on this. A white chalkboard wall! I love it because it’s fresh, clean and different. It almost doesn’t even look like a chalkboard wall (proof) until you write on it. Voilà! We’re both happy, yet again.

Plus- look! Now I can write our menu for dinner parties (and maybe write “I love you” and draw little hearts as much as I please!)

A white chalkboard wall! (via ) A white chalkboard wall! (via ) A white chalkboard wall! (via ) A white chalkboard wall! (via ) I’m so happy with our wall. The white throughout our home is Valspar’s Thistle Seed. The chalkboard paint (which is under on the bottom part of the wall around this room) is Benjamin Moore’s chalkboard paint in Woodmont Cream. It matches perfectly, right? Crazy. We were originally planning to have the color matched in chalk paint, but it just worked out that Benjamin Moore already had the perfect color. Niceeee.

One last thing I would recommend to anyone considering a white (or light colored chalkboard wall) is to buy the brightest chalk possible. I found this bright Crayola brand sidewalk chalks at Michael’s and they worked a million times better than the regular colored chalks I tried at first, which appeared faded and sad. Plus the sidewalk chalk comes in cool colors like black, brown and red.

0I0B7265One last little tip! Don’t forget to slate your chalkboard wall before writing on it. This means rubbing it with the side of a piece of chalk and then erasing it. This primes your new wall for writing, so you can erase more easily. If you skip this step you may find your wall too difficult to erase.

I’m so excited about our new wall. It’s the perfect mix of traditional (for him) and quirky (for her) that we needed. I love that it’s possible to buy chalkboard paint in any color these days. xoxo. Elsie

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