Thanksgiving Garland

Thanksgiving GarlandI love garlands and banners and the simple statement that they can bring to a party room! While planning Friendsgiving I thought about what kinds of banners we could create to set the scene. These ideas came to mind, but in the end I wanted something a little more bold and simple. Here’s how we created this simple Thanksgiving garland.

Thanksgiving Garland This garland is super simple to create! We used thick chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby. We covered the front with crafting glue and gold glitter. We used a staple gun to attach thin rope to the back/top of each letter in every corner. We hung it in front of the window in my dining room. I love this project, because it’s so easy to take down and save for next year when the season ends!

Thanksgiving Garland Thanksgiving Garland Thanksgiving Garland Thanksgiving Garland This garland is exactly the same sign we made for Emma’s Bachelorette but we spray painted those letter white instead of using glitter. xo. Elsie

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Janae Hardy, Project Assitant: Laura Gummerman.

  • I had no idea what chipboard was until literally yesterday when I saw some in Michaels. I wasn’t sure what it could be used for, but now I now!! Cute garland!


  • dang, i wish i’d read this post a few days ago! i’m catching up on blogs today. :/ oh well, i’ll save it for next year!

  • Hi! I love this! What size letters are those from Hobby Lobby? 8 inches? Thanks!

  • I love the banner. And I love the table too! Simple but makes a statement.

  • Oh fun! I am going to need to stalk up on some letters for all of my garlands!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • Sad but true! I’ve taken my business elsewhere. Here’s the scoop:

  • This is very simple and classic. I like the way you split it up so it can be read as “Thanksgiving” like the holiday, or “thanks giving” as in the art of giving thanks. 🙂

  • Maybe stating the obvious, but:

    AH HA! My five year old daughter can paint the last remaining uncarved Halloween pumpkins on our porch! Perfect kid-friendly project, perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.

    Thanks for the epiphany 🙂

  • so beautiful and interesting ideas. I am going to try this 🙂 may be with silver color

  • The yellow glitter garland is gorgeous! And it matches your chairs perfectly. We have similar yellow bar stool from Target and the pop of color makes me happy. 🙂

  • I have seriously got to make this! So absolutely perfect.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Hi Lea,
    For this project we just used tacky glue and it isn’t sealed. If you did the the triple thick it would help the glitter to stay put but I would wrap them in wax paper for storage (not tissue!)
    xo! elsie

  • We don’t have celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Uk..but seeing all this makes me want to start! x

  • cute and simple! I’m obsessed with black/white and gold this year, so I think I need to experiment with this garland idea…

  • ahh these photos are gorgeous! You’re making me wish we celebrated Thanks Giving in the UK!

    Hannah xx

  • ahh these photos are gorgeous! You’re making me wish we celebrated Thanks Giving in the UK!

    Hannah xx

  • Glitter is better! Such a simple wonderful idea!

  • love your blog! i have to ask, where are those lights from?? they’re exactly what i’ve been trying to hunt down for my attic/loft:)

  • it really cheers up the room and adds to the party. great diy! 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • you guys are amazing and i love your blog! is there a local craft store you can support instead of hobby lobby? hobby lobby has the troubling policy of refusing to allow insurance coverage for contraceptive care for its employees, which disproportionately affects the ladies. you can do better! xo

  • I love the use of the gold glitter. It’s very festive but yet it matches with everything 🙂

  • It’s look sooo nice! I think it is a really good little decoration for make our living room or kitchen more in the thanksgiving style.It’s fantastic idea!Good job girls!

  • I did a glitter banner too! Yours looks more heavy duty. It looks great!

    Feel free to check mine out. I did it for my sister’s Baby Shower 🙂

  • Easy and beautiful, we love this kind of letters for Christmas too!

  • Wow! Easy indeed! Now I’m going to create one for every holiday and event!

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    Thanks for the feedback! Sorry, the internet is weird.

  • how awesome!
    im about to make letters for our Christmas ornaments!

    i have a quick question! i think i saw this on your blog earlier, but what kind’ve glue did you use.

    i think i saw modpodge and then you sealed the glitter with triple thick? but i want to make sure.

    can you please let me know!

    thanks a bunches!
    <3 les

  • This is really bold but also something that would be fairly straight forward to make. I’d love to make one for new year’s eve, the glitter is a great touch!

  • Such an awesome idea. I love that you don’t really have to take this down after Thanksgiving… You can flip it and “Giving Thanks” can stay up through Christmas 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
    the way to my Hart

  • I’ve been reading your blog for years and today was the first time I had a spammy pop-up come up on my screen from your website!! Something asking me to rate Pam? 🙁 Please don’t become spammy! You’re too good of a blog for that!

  • I love everything about that room. It’s so bright and cozy with the yellow chairs and the pumpkins on the table.

  • I love this. Simple, and classy. 😉
    But then again I love all the things your girls do!

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