The Twisted Crown Braid

Twisted crown braid (click-through for the full tutorial) In summer I like my hair to be as fuss-free as possible. On hot days, I want to go swimming, and taking ages to blow dry my hair afterwards seems like a waste of time. Instead I’ve found a few braids I can make with wet hair that look pretty but take next to no time.

My favorite by far is the twisted crown braid. Crown braids are so lovely but can be a bit tricky to manage (at least for me!), but I’ve found that wet hair makes it a lot easier to learn this style.

Twisted crown braid (click-through for the full tutorial)Step One: Brush your hair thoroughly. (Wet hair optional, but I personally find it so much easier to do this style with wet hair!)

Step Two: Take two small sections towards the top of your head.

Step Three: Twist these sections toward the front of your face and cross the sections back towards the back of your head.

Step Four: Take the section closer to the front of your face and add some hair to it, twist it towards your face and cross it back towards the back of your head.

Step Five: Take the section of hair that is now towards the front, add some hair and twist it away towards the back of your head again.

Step Six: Continue this process, keeping the twist tight and close to your scalp.

Step Seven: When you get towards the front of your head again, finish off with a simple rope braid.

Step Eight: Take the braid around the crown of your head and pin it in place with a few bobby pins.

Twisted crown braid (click-through for the full tutorial) That’s it! It looks quite fancy, but in reality is pretty easy once you get the knack of it – although my braid always looks better and tighter when I do it with wet hair than when I attempt this with dry hair!

If the crown braid is too hard, start with a simple rope braid and work your way up to this style when you get more comfortable with the technique.

Bonus: if you leave your hair like this until it dries, it will also give you some nice curls when you let it down. Cheers, Rebecca.

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Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. 

  • This is really amazing and unique. The color of hair is looking great I love it.

  • Nice blog here! Also your weeb site load up
    fast! What hoist are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
    I wish mmy web site loaded up as fast as yours lol

  • Coming across I couldn’t help myself but comment on it. I am loving this look, has such a game of thrones, princess like look, simply amazing and very pretty.

  • This is beautiful! I would love to have such long hair to make this!

  • I agree with Carly! I just tried to do this twice today (once with wet hair and once with dry hair). I can do the one side of my head just fine (the side that it’s going in), but I can’t seem to get it once I get to the bottom of my head/on the way up the other side. I don’t know if it’s because my hair isn’t as long as her’s is or what…but I just cannot get it to be tight. I’d love to see a video.

  • Such a cool hairstyle, and thanks for the wet hair tip! Now I cannot wait for my hair to grow long again so I can do this myself.

    Miha |

  • I love this look, but my brain can’t grasp how to do the style as well by reading out the steps. I sit here like “okay, now what am I twisting into where” haha. Would it be possible to show her doing these fantastic hairstyles in video format in the future?

  • I literally cannot wait until my hair is long enough to look this gorge in a twisted crown braid. Im about 4 inches too short 🙁

    Amy |

  • I absolutely love this hairstyle I will have to try it soon! Your hair is gorgeous by the way!

    Ella xx

  • My hair is so heavy, making a crown braid out of it is a real challenge 🙂

  • I could probably make this work with my thin hair. It would just be a much smaller braid. The real limiter with this style is hair length.

  • Kellie, have you seen this ABM post about how to make hair look thicker?

  • Love this! I’ll give it my best go but I’m not holing my breath… hair isn’t my forte!

  • Yes, I did, but once again, that tutorial is showing someone with hair that is already thick in texture. I think it would have been more helpful if someone with thinner hair was demonstrating how effective the “pancake” technique is. I would rather see someone with thinner hair demonstrating if these techniques achieve the desired affect. It would just make these hair tutorials more relatable and would reach a boarder audience. 🙂

  • Hi Hems, I didn’t take a front facing picture on this day b/c I wasn’t wearing any makeup since I took these straight from a shower! But I’ve worn this style on my own blog a few times so you can see it most recently here (halfway through the post); I left out my fringe that time but I’ve also styled it with my fringe twisted in.

  • Oh wow I love that tunic dress just as much as that twist crown braid! Please share the brand/where it’s from if it’s not OOAK!

    I love that this is recommended for wet hair. I hardly ever find time to use a blowdryer so this is perfect.

  • This is so pretty! Definitely going to give it a go x

    Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

  • This is very beautiful, and the hair tutorials usually are amazing. However, for those of us who do not have thick hair like this, I do not find the tutorials realistic. It would be more helpful if the tutorials showed how those of us with thinner hair could achieve these hair styles. For example, it would be nice to see someone with thin hair actually modeling the hair styles or demonstrating hair styles that would work for us thinner haired gals. I feel you guys need to diversify with different types and lengths of hair. I’m not trying to be negative but just trying to offer a constructive tidbit. 🙂 I apologize if this is something that has already been addressed before. 🙂

  • So pretty…but i would liked to see a pic of this look form the front as well.


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