The Ultimate Kiddo Gift Guide!

If you’ve been scouring the internet for the perfect holiday gift for kiddos in your life like I have lately, then you know there’s a lot of stuff out there and a lot of it is pretty darn cute. Since it can be a bit of a “cute overload,” I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds with you in an ultimate kids gift guide just in case there’s something perfect for under your tree this year …

1. Love a cute kitchen set! Lola started playing with hers at age one and at almost 4 we still play with it daily!

2. Adorable little car garage.

3. Fold out princess play set!

4. Who’s up for tea time?

5. My favorite pants for Lola—they have pockets too which she loves.

6. What fairy princess costume set would be complete without a star wand?

7. Every kid I know with a scooter like this is obsessed with them!

8. The ultimate craft library to bring your kid’s creations to life.

9. How adorable is this wooden play shaving set?

10. Cutie dolls in lots of skin tone options!

11. Lola loves the balance bike she has and this one is just too sweet with the basket on the front (here’s the budget-friendly option we have).

12. Here’s an easy DIY doll pattern to make your own doll for your little one!

13. Kid’s love to play with cash registers and they are a great accessory to play store or restaurant at home.

14. Say “cheese” with this wooden camera!

15. Jumbo floor puzzles are fun for just about everyone.

16. Easy holiday dress for hanging at home this year! And they are soft T-shirt material, so it’s a great everyday dress too.

17. Wooden trains have a special place in my heart and this set is so cute!

18. Fold-out street playmat for little wooden cars gives you a big place to play but folds up small for storage.

19. Peppermint-scented play dough? Don’t mind if I do …

20. I love this sweet little mouse and the little bed and accessories she has!

21. Book about fearless females? Yes, please!

22. I love a good doctor’s kit—hours of playtime making their stuffed animals (and other members of the household) feel better.

So many cute things to choose from! I also love these dolls and this wooden mini-golf set (similar here) may be the best kid’s toy I’ve ever seen in my life!! Check out this list of 100 Black-Owned Kids Shops for more adorable creations! Hope you found something perfect for a little one in your life this holiday season! xo. Laura

P.S. Here’s a link to the wooden rainbow and similar pink ukulele in the first photo!

  • Thank you, Laura! I’ve been wracking my brain for a Christmas gift for nieces and nephews and the Maisonette craft kit was perfect!

  • We have the geodome in our playroom and it is HUGE. No joke, you could fit 4 grown adults in it comfortably.

  • That geodome is so cute! My son (and apartment) is way too small to play in it now but I saved it for the future!

  • How cute is that tent, or the kitchen?! Love these picks!

  • That scooter balance bike has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!


  • I actually have that coral reef wooden toy, a similar wooden camera, and cactus romper on my registry/ in my Amazon cart right now lol. I have 9 and 11 year old boys, and am due with my third on Dec 23, so I’m kind of starting over, and this is exactly the same style/taste of things I’ve slowly been collecting. Also, I kinda want that scooter for myself.

  • Lovely pieces,I like this gift guide

  • I love the mint scooter! I would’ve killed for it when I was a kid myself!

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