Tips for Mailing Royal Icing Sugar Cookies

This coming season may look different for some of us. We might not gather as much, but that’s no reason to stop the joy of the holidays. So, today I’m sharing how to mail decorated sugar cookies. What better way to spread holiday cheer with family and friends!

As a small business owner, I’ve been mailing cookies this way for years now. The cookies always make it in one piece to their new owner.

Step One: Package your cookies in a bag so they remain fresh. Heat sealing is best. They can last weeks and weeks.

Step Two: Bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will be your best friend here. You’ll want to wrap each cookie in a piece of bubble wrap. I like to buy bubble wrap pouches that are close in size as my cookie, and they fit perfectly snug in these.

Step Three: I like to line my bubble wrapped cookies upright. I feel more fit this way and you can easily see if there are any gaps to fill.

Step Four: You’ll want your box very snug. Fill any open areas with some paper shred or more bubble wrap. You don’t want your cookies to move much in the box because small details can break off easily. No one wants your one eyed snowman. Just kidding—it’s a cookie, someone will want it.

Step Five: Close up your cookie box and mail. You can write “handle with care,” but I never do and they arrive just fine.

I hope you try mailing some cookies this season, especially if you aren’t going to get to see your loved ones as much as usual. xoxo, Ren

Credits // Author and Photography: Ren Padilla. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

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