Try This: PVC Pipe Wreath

Try this-pvc pipe wreath

Try this-pvc pipe wreath
We’ve been seeing a number of what I like to call circle or bubble wreaths lately. You can do all kinds of different designs with these simple materials too! For example, check out this beautiful PVC pipe Christmas tree via Martha Stewart

You likely don’t need to see step-by-step instructions for this project as it’s pretty well known. So I’m just going to briefly go over how I made ours. I loved this project, and I hope if some of you haven’t thought of trying this yourself yet, maybe this will inspire you too!

Try this-pvc pipe wreath As far as supplies go, I bought some 5 foot PVC pipe with diameters ranging from 1/2″ to 2.5″. I used a hot glue gun with extra strength glue sticks (for stronger hold) to construct the wreath. I used a chop saw to cut the pieces, but you can use a PVC pipe saw if you don’t have access to power tools. A Sharpie and measuring tape came in handy for measuring and marking lengths (as they do).

Try this-pvc pipe wreath I cut the pipes down in varying lengths, ranging from .5″ to 3″.

Try this-pvc pipe wreath Arranging the pieces to look symmetrical and balanced took a bit of time. It was like putting together an open-ended puzzle, which was both challenging and fun! After I had the pieces arranged, it was just a matter of going through and gluing each piece together one by one.

Try this-pvc pipe wreath Once the wreath was constructed, I spray painted a couple coats of gold and called it a day. This wreath took an afternoon to make, and cost about 20 bucks. If you dig the look, give it a try this season!

Try this-pvc pipe wreath

Try this-pvc pipe wreath
Laura helped me style the wreath and made it look good. 🙂 We have it on the mantel, and things are looking pretty festive around here! -Josh

Credits // Author: Joshua Rhodes. Photography: Joshua Rhodes And Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • this is great, you can make this for all seasons with just a different color paint. a little late for christmas so will make one for spring.

  • OMG!! Thank you for sharing! I love this idea. How beautiful!!! I am so inspired now.

  • Love the DIY! You mentioned in one of the your posts (the Mid-Century Table for Katie), maybe doing an introduction to tools, I would still love to see that and learn more (all your stuff is awesome Josh)!

  • I LOVE this! I think I would paint it a bit and use it for storing jewelry. I love the decorations, though. I think beads or garland would go well with it.

  • I love how this deco doubles as storage! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Love this idea! It’s so fun and is absolutely stunning. I also really like the combination of the gold with the pink and the blue. Pinks and blues seem to be quite popular this year as a Christmas theme and I love how alternative it is! It keeps the holidays light and cheerful!

  • How clever! I’m not the biggest fan of sawing through PVC, but I might have to give this a try!

  • This is cute! you could also cover some of the holes for an advent calendar and have little treats in the pipes.

  • Love this wreath so much…great idea…


  • Haha as usual I love the way you write!
    “Laura helped me style the wreath and made it look good.”
    Hilarious 🙂

  • This is so different and pretty. Love how you can sneak in surprises into the little pigeon holes.

  • Lovely project not only for xmas but for the entire year! I can see my small vintage collection here already =) Joshua I really enjoy when you share smaller projects like this

  • I love this. This DIY can be adapted in so many ways. I’m actually thinking of doing this with smaller pipes as a project with my mom (she loves having wreaths throughout the house during the holidays, doesn’t like the fake ones but my brother has allergies). Thanks for sharing, I’ll keep this project in mind!

    Adia // Love An Introvert

  • This is a very cool, creative idea! Love. 🙂

  • This is so fun! I absolutely adore this idea versus typical wreath ideas (which I’m less a fan of.) I’m going to have to see if I can convince my husband to make this.

    P.S. None of your posts since your Happy Handmade Home giveaway have shown up on Bloglovin (where I normally follow you from.) I couldn’t believe that you hadn’t posted something since then, so I came straight to the website and saw that I was right. Just thought you might want to know. 🙂

  • Oh, thank you for this! Now I can make something to store all of my pens and pencils!

  • What a cute wreath! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • What a cute wreath! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Where did you guys buy the cute birds in pastel colors? 🙂 I love good-looking faux birds, but I have trouble finding ones that aren’t tacky looking.

  • This just inspired me to make PVC shelving/storage! Would just have to find very large PVC pipes and then cut them wide enough to hold stuff. And then spray paint them white and/or mint! I have an image in my head… will just have to wait and see until summer to try it out. You guys rock and are such an inspiration!

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