Try This: Rosé Soaked Gummy Bears

I am so truly stoked to share these Rosé soaked gummy bears with you today. They are the PERFECT novelty dessert for Valentine’s Day (or any Bachelor Monday if you ask me!), and they’re also incredibly easy to make.

A few years back I made vodka and rum soaked gummy bears for Emma’s bachelorette party. They were a HUGE hit! Then, this past week it dawned on me that it might work with rosé (!!!!!!).

All you need to get started is a bottle of rosé (doesn’t have to be the fancy stuff) and pink grapefruit gummy bears. I chose grapefruit gummy bears because I figured the flavor combo would be kind of mimosa-esque and also the color is similar to that of rosé. I think peach would also be a great choice.

In a medium size mixing bowl, I combined my one pound of gummy bears with half a bottle of rosé (what’s pictured here isn’t quite half a bottle, but an hour later it was already almost soaked in, so I added more).

Do whatever you want with the other half of the bottle… I trust you not to waste it. Haha!

Once the gummy bears and the rosé are soaking in the bowl, just cover the bowl with a piece of plastic wrap and set them in your fridge for two hours. I taste tested them 2-4 hours after we made them and the next morning, and I found the fresher gummies to be the best! SO if you want to serve them at a party, or for dinner, just make them some time that afternoon and leave them in the fridge.

They are still good the next day, just not quite as flavorful.

(This is how the bowl will look when you first pour the rosé.)

(And this is how soaked up they will be in just a few hours! It goes quickly.)

If you want to check on them and stir them up a few times, that doesn’t hurt. But I didn’t experience much of an issue with them sticking together.

When they are done soaking, if there is any remaining liquid (probably not much at all!), drain it and keep the gummies chilled in whatever serving dish you want. Normally I wouldn’t think they need to be chilled (with liquor instead of wine), but I feel like it matches the rosé theme to serve them chilled. And we care about our themes here, don’t we!

When complete, my gummy bears were larger in size. I wish I had saved an un-soaked bear to compare. They definitely turn into jumbo sized gummies!

You can totally taste both the grapefruit flavor that they came with AND the rosé flavor, and they are SO GOOD. The texture is not sticky or gross, but when served together, they are still slightly wet, so I like to serve them with a spoon.

You can keep them in the fridge for several days, but again—they taste the absolute best when they are fresh. And since a pound of gummy bears is a LOT, dish some out into cute little mason jars and give them to friends. Unless, of course, you’re making these for a party (and I hope you are). For a party, be sure to label them so everyone knows what they’re tasting!

Now, I feel obliged to do ONE more test for you guys. (RED wine gummy bears?? Will they be awesome? Like a delicious sangria? Or weird?) I will report back to you soon.

Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day! And regardless of whether you are celebrating it with someone you love, why not celebrate it with boozy gummy bears? xx -Elsie

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions

  • I actually had some the other day and they were delicious!!


  • I’m wondering if you think this would work with more “natural” gummy bears? such as the surf sweets brand which doesn’t have artificial stuff plus they aren’t made with gelatin so they are vegetarian friendly. I’d love to try these but as a vegetarian I can’t do the gelatin and am nervous that ingredient is necessary for the bear to hold up it’s shape and texture while also absorbing the alcohol.

  • I’m thinking about skewering these and serving that way. LOL. I feel a little odd sticking a skewer through a bunch of bears but it seems a clean way to serve.

  • it seems much more chich than vodka gummies! def going to give it a try!

  • These are amazing!! I’m going to make this for my friend bachelorette! x

  • I’ve heard about vodka soaked gummybears but this is next level! So curious to how they taste now!

    x Annabelle

  • Gummy bears are something I have literally never bought, but whenever I have them I remember how good they are. These sound AMAZING.

  • Yeah- you can totally serve them in a glass instead just to be cute. I just used a bowl with a big spoon and mini plates.
    xx- Elsie

  • Do the ice cubes taste like anything? Like could I just put them in a pitcher of water for a party for looks?

  • My birthday party is this weekend….and it’s going to new heights with this treat!

  • So cute…and I bet so darn tasty, too! Love this little DIY snack.

  • In love with these rose gummies and so attracted by them.

    How do u serve them as dessert? Sorry i cant quite picture serving them. Is it just like gummy bears in a bowl? Cant we for instance soak them and after 2 hours when guests come, serve it with their rose wine in its glass?..

    Am having unimaginable thoughts for these now 🙂

  • My sister loves rose anything, so I could totally see her being obsessed with these!


  • These sound fabulous! x
    Izzy -

  • Rose soaked anything is always a win over here! 😉
    These sound deeeelish!

    A Whimsy Wonderland

  • They’re soaking in my fridge right now! haha!! Couldn’t wait!
    xx- Elsie

  • They’re not sticky but they are wet. To serve we were spooning them onto mini plates and then eating them with our fingers like regular gummies.
    xx- Elsie

  • This is a great idea. I bet gummy bears soaked in Chardonnay would be tasty, too.

  • Wow these look soooo yummy! When they’re done are they sticky? Can you eat them with fingers, or is it more of a mini spoon situation? I’m trying to imagine serving them at a bachelorette 🙂

  • These sound amazing! Definitely giving them a try.

    Natalie Ann xo | Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  • This is an amazing idea, I definitely have to try this!

  • These sound amazing, I know I’d definitely b up for trying a Rose soaked gummy bear!

    Cyber Mermaids | Alternative beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog

  • I can imagine gummy bears, especially booze-infused ones, being super popular!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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