Two Easy Party Cocktails

 Gin + GrapefruitParty cocktails are an art form all their own. They need to be easy to make in bulk (especially when you host more than 15-20 people!), they need to be easygoing flavors (something that won’t intimidate your guests who are new to cocktail-land), and being pretty never hurts! Pretty cocktails are easier to make. 

In the past, I’ve done a lot of punch bowls for parties (here + here + here), but there’s something about mixing drinks together that is a really fun party activity. For this reason, I normally plan a couple of quick cocktails we can make throughout the night. These are perfect for your non-drinking friends too because you can easily modify them into mocktails! 

If you’re letting guests mix their own drinks, set a couple shot glasses out for them to use to measure the liquor. The biggest mistake that people make when mixing cocktails at home is using way (wayyyy) too much liquor, making it undrinkable for most people. One shot will do it! 

Here are two easy drinks I made for our recent housewarming party. 

Gin + Grapefruit Gin + Grapefruit Gin and Grapefruit, serves one

Grapefruit Juice
Grapefruit Wedges
Rosemary sprigs 

Mix 1 ounce gin with grapefruit juice and garnish with a grapefruit wedge and rosemary sprig. To modify this drink into a mocktail, substitute tonic water or ginger beer for the gin.

Super simple and refreshing! 

Whiskey LemonadeWhiskey Lemonade Whiskey Lemonade, serves one

Honey sticks 
Lemon slices

Mix 1 ounce whiskey with lemonade and garnish with a lemon slice and honey stick. Cut the honey stick open at the bottom, so that as you stir, honey will sweeten the drink! 

To modify this drink into a mocktail, replace the whiskey with tonic water, ginger beer, or tea. 

Sweet and tart! 

Whiskey Lemonade Whiskey Lemonade I like to float the whiskey on top of the lemonade for a subtle ombre effect. 

Gin + Grapefruit Easy party cocktailsHere are a couple photos from our housewarming party! We had fun mixing our own drinks and showing our friends around our studio house. Easy cocktails for the win! xx. Elsie

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes and Janae Hardy.

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