What Inspired Elsie’s New Decor Style

Lately, I’ve been getting lots of questions about how, when, and why I changed up my decor style.

After spending close to a decade making bright, mid-century modern rooms with a LOT of pink, I do understand where all these questions are coming from. Today, I’m here with answers!

My Current Inspiration Source List:

I was very inspired by movies. I hadn’t watched as many movies this past decade, but during these past few years I’ve caught up on probably 10 years of movie watching.

My husband and I watch a lot of old horror movies, which have incredible house inspiration.

I also went hard on a Nancy Meyers and Nora Ephron phase. Those movies are filled with a lot of beautiful (mostly historic) homes with cozy touches.

I also got completely obsessed with the house from Knives Out, Clue, and certain parts of Harry Potter (like the paintings that became doors). Basically anything that is a hidden door, a nook, or a hidden bar. Anything in this category gets my attention.

-Historic Homes
My personal Pinterest is mostly filled with old houses and random holiday stuff. Old houses were one of my deep dives these past few years. I have loved learning more about historic design and also modern design that’s inspired by history.

Traditional and historic style is a category I never gave much thought to until we were house shopping (a few years back) and we toured some amazing historic homes.

Falling in love with a couple of old homes had me imagining how I could shift my style to fit that aesthetic, and the rest is history!

-Old Books
I am completely obsessed with collecting vintage things like mirrors, picture frames, and old books. These obsessions are taking center stage in my current home decor.

Here’s my most recent vintage collection—brass insects.

Do you miss your old house/style?

I get this question a lot, and first of all, I have to say it’s very kind and flattering that so many of you miss my old house. We spent years of our lives fixing it up, and of course we were extremely bonded to it!

I have nostalgic moments and I am so grateful I’m a blogger who takes SO many home photos I can look back on.

To answer the question—no, I don’t miss our old home anymore and I don’t miss our old style. I’m enjoying our new home and this current season of life. I’m having SO much fun trying out a new style and trying to interpret it for myself.

How did you make such a drastic change in styles?

I will always be influenced by the house I live in. I think when you move into a very different style of home, the way you decorate should be different. That makes the most sense to me. There’s no one “perfect” way to decorate a home; instead, there are endless options for inspiring ideas.

I hope that if I ever had the project to decorate 10 different houses that each one would be a little different and that each project would take on its own life and its own style.

Having blogged for most of my adult life now, I’m getting comfortable with people seeing me change drastically. In fact, it’s something I’m proud of.

If you haven’t listened to our podcast, here are a few episode recommendations:

Thank you so much for reading! xx- Elsie

  • This is such a cute style. I just refinished my cabinets in my bedroom to a white color and I was looking for ways to add color. You should post more about this style change! I’ll be on the lookout for more inspiration!

  • Your style has always influenced my style so much over the years. I still remember convincing my husband that we NEEDED to paint our kitchen pea green because of one of your homes (the loft apartment maybe?) It has been super interesting seeing your style evolve over time, and has given me the confidence to explore my own ideas for each of my homes. Thanks for sharing so much about your homes on your blog!

  • I’m an artist and my style constantly evolves. It’s necessary. I would be unhappy if my style was the same as it was 10 years ago. That would mean I hadn’t grown as a human, learned anything new, or tried anything new. I don’t see interior design any differently (or writing, figure skating, running, or any creative endeavor). I am surprised that people are so surprised that someone’s style can change over time, ha!

  • Although I am a pink midcentury kinda gal, I love seeing your style change. It was different in your loft and in your first house in MO, too. All were cute! Seeing your style change helps me get new ideas too. I like how in this house, you really seem to be leaning into what YOU want and what will make your house feel the most like home. I like it

  • It’s so strange to me that people are confused/surprised/angry why your style has changed. I love watching the style evolution of different bloggers as their lives change, they move, etc. It feels like a natural part of life to me that should be celebrated not questioned.
    Anyways… I’ve been a reader of ABM since the very early Red Velvet days and I’m a loyal podcast listener too. I’ve loved seeing all the style iterations over the years and while I’m very pro-pink, it’s been really fun to see you expand your color palette and integrate different historic elements into your current home. Keep doing what you are doing Elsie!

  • What are those beautiful leaf/flower branches in the glass vases? I need those in my life!

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