Woven Circle Mat DIY

Weave your own circle rug and bring tons of color and texture to your floors. Get the full tutorial at www.abeautifulmessI am on a mission to see how many different home decor items I can weave! Just kidding but not really. Weaving is such an ancient skill and it makes me feel connected to generations of women (and men) from all over the world that have woven things both out of necessity and to share their cultural heritage through tangible items more than any other skill I’ve learned. I like combining ideas and introducing fresh life into traditional methods, so when I first saw this woven mat via Pinterest, I knew I had to make something similar for our house. 

Weave a fringed, circle rug for your favorite space. Get the full tutorial over at www.aBeautifulMessI used a variety of materials to get different textures for this rug but also changed up the directions so that it has 60 lines rather than 32. I like that it allowed for a tighter weave at the edges since this rug might get a little bit of foot traffic. I also used a lot of paracord because it comes in such great colors and patterns and is as utilitarian as twine or jute. It’ll hold up well, too. The pom pom trim is for fun but if you are making a rug for a high traffic area, you may want to skip it.

– a variety of yarn, paracord, twine, rope, strips of fabric, pom pom trim, etc.
– cardboard with at least a 22″ diameter (or foam board)
– scissors or X-Acto knife
– pen
– ruler

Step 1-4Step One: Cut out a circle from your cardboard or foam board.  I tied some yarn to a pen and found the center of my cardboard. Then I held the yarn in the center and pulled the pen to the edge of the cardboard. Then I traced a circle with my pen while holding the yarn in the center tightly. I used scissors to cut my circle out, but you could also use an X-Acto knife.

Then I drew a straight line down the center and a horizontal line, also through the center. From that point I drew diagonal lines, like if I was cutting a pizza, using a yard stick to get a straight edge. I ended up drawing 30 long lines that went all the way through the center to the other side to get a total of 60 lines (from the center).

Step Two: After you’ve drawn your lines, prep your cardboard loom by cutting into the edge on each line about 1″. The slits will keep your yarn in place as you weave.

Step Three: To get started, tape the loose end of your yarn to the back of the cardboard near the center. Then push it into one of the slits and wrap it around the front of the cardboard. Follow the line to the opposite edge and push it through that slit so that it wraps around the back and comes back to the front side through the next slit to the right of the one you started with. Follow the line to the opposite edge and wrap it to the back side making sure it goes through the slit to the left of the first slit. 

Step Four: Continue wrapping your yarn around your cardboard in a counter-clockwise fashion until you have come full circle. 

Step5Step Five: Each of your lines should have a corresponding line of yarn to match. Tape off the end of your yarn on the back side of your loom.

Steps6-9Step Six: Since the space between lines is tighter at the center, start with a thinner yarn. Cut a 4′ length (or so) and tuck one end underneath the lines (your warp) with about a 4″ tail hanging loose, and then weave the other end over and under every two lines until you’ve reached the lines where you started.

Step Seven: There will be an extra set of lines where you meet up so go under (or over) four instead of two and then it will get you started on your next row so that you are doing the opposite of what you did on the first row. Pull snugly as you wrap around each time. You want a tight weave at the center. 

Step Eight: Once you run out of yarn, tuck the last 4″ under your weaving. To add in a new length of yarn (the same or a different color/thickness), tuck about 4″ of one end under where your last piece would’ve come up had you not traded colors/thicknesses. For a more detailed explanation of this, see steps 13 and 14 in my weaving basics tutorial

Step Nine: Continue adding different colors to create circular stripes. You can see the section that has four rows instead of two more clearly in this image. 

Step10Step Ten: Once you get about 1/3 of your weaving filled, switch from weaving through every two rows to every other row. You can spread things out at that point and there’s more room for thicker pieces to go over and under every single warp line instead of every two. Once you get to the same spot that had four rows at once, just reduce to two rows. You can add in thicker cords and yarns as well as pom pom trims now.

Step11Step Eleven: Finish weaving until you’re happy with the width. It gets harder to weave things the closer you get to the edge! Then carefully cut two strands at a time on the back of your weaving. This will loosen opposite sides. Tie those two strands next to each other into a knot with about 1/4″ of room from the edge of the weaving. This will give you room to add your fringe. Repeat on the opposite edge. Continue until you’ve tied off all knots and have carefully removed your mat from the loom.

Step12Step Twelve: The back of your rug will be a little messy. You can gently tie loose ends together in knots or even stitch them with thread to the back of the mat. 

Step13Step Thirteen: Trim your warp knots down, and then add your fringe by cutting 3 or 4 strips of yarn that measure about 7″ long. Fold your fringe in half and tuck it through your knot as shown. Pull your loose ends down through the loop and gently pull. Trim your ends. For a more detailed explanation, see steps 17-21 in my weaving basics post. Repeat all the way around your rug. 

Brighten up your entry with a woven circle rug. Get the full tutorial at www.ABeautifulMess
Fringe Rug Tutorial
The end result is the happiest little rug I’ve ever owned and the perfect thing to bring a little more excitement to my studio. As I was making this, I thought it’d be really fun to turn this into a pillow. Pretty sure that needs to be added to my woven home goods list! –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photographer: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with the The  Signature Collection

  • Hi I followed this pattern and have a question. This pattern and others recommend an even number of lines to use as a framework; this works well in the centre when 1 goes over 2 strings at a time but for most of the rug you will go over and under each string and once you come full circle, you have to go over 2 lines to go the opposite way (under instead of over etc) and this has created a spiral ridge around the mat which doesn’t look right. Please advise how I avoid this.

  • I made one of these but as soon as I cut it off the loom it became a curvy dome and won’t lay flat. I made a bubble pillow out of it instead but how can I make the next one lie flat, please? Thank you for the tips!

  • We made two of these and both rounded up like a bowl. We couldn’t get them to lay flat. At suggestions

  • Waw, in love with the idea of making my own mat using all my own colours!! Amazing-truly. I think i might actually try this TONIGHT!

  • This is so awesome! I really want to make my own. Great tutorial as always 🙂

  • My daughters and i love this! So much that I made each of us a weaving circle and we got to work. Ours aren’t laying flat, though. Any ideas why this would be? We’d love to make another that can actually be used. Any advice would be appreciated 🙂

  • Hi A Beautiful Mess- This tutorial is very similar to my own blog post of a pom pom rug from last February: http://saraplath.blogspot.com/2014/02/diy-woven-pom-pom-rope-rug.html

  • A Beautiful Mess Team –

    First of all I’d like to say I’ve visited your blog often and recently bought your book for a friends b-day.

    This morning I came across your post on the Woven Circle Mat DIY from earlier this year on 5/5/15. It looks like we were both inspired by the same rug on the Free People blog. I was inspired by this rug a year ago when I couldn’t find one to fit in my tiny bathroom. I searched high and low and stumbled upon a great tutorial. I put my personal spin on it making it original and was really excited when it was featured on Apartment Therapy late last year with their post 10 Ways to make a warm and cozy round area rug. I also posted pictures of it on Pinterest… to inspire others to make their own and you may have even seen it there. Please take a look at how similar mine was from last year 2/8/14 DIY Woven Pom Pom Rope Rug from my blog Red Lipstick and French Toast.


    Sara Plath

  • I loved this so much! Beautiful rug and i thought the color scheme was perfect. i was so inspired i made my own smaller version and blogged about it!

  • Yep Love it!
    The pink tassel edge is great. Its a great way of using up yarn/cord scraps. My children would also have fun helping on this one.
    Going to give it a go!!

  • This looks so good and really easy to do!
    I will definitely be giving it a go!

  • Beautiful! I have a huge piece of cardboard that I have been holding onto for a craft project and this looks like the perfect project to try. 🙂

    I was wondering if you think an oval shape would work. The measurements may be a bit harder, but otherwise I think it would work? Please let me know your thoughts and if this seems possible or if I am making a terrible decision!

  • LOVE! So bright and fun, I can’t wait to give this a go — thanks for the great tutorial.

  • Your weaving posts are some of my FAVORITES! It is so easy to do and needs hardly any supplies! I live in Uganda, Africa and I had some friends send me yarn for Christmas because I am so inspired to weave. I saw this post and new I had to make this rug for my room! But I couldn’t find a piece of cardboard big enough (yet) so I did a wall weaving…SO addicting, easy and it only took me an hour and a half (not sure how long it’s SUPPOSED to take! haha)

    Thank you! Keep these awesome tutorial’s coming! You’re keeping my room in Africa looking cute. 😉

  • wow so pretty! not sure i could pull it off…more diy goodness here yall: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ephemerabyannie

  • Woah!!! What a stunning idea!!! You have taste girl 😉


  • Woah!!! What a stunning idea!!! You have taste girl 😉


  • I have two words for you…hula hoop rug…ok that’s three. Love this idea too.

  • So beautifull!! The colours are perfect! You make it look easy, i think I’ ll try it!

  • oh, I like this…but I wouldn’t want anyone to step on it. lol

  • this is soo perfect! we might have to do it at one of our “crafter” classes!

  • This is so cute! Definitely gives that pop of color that is much needed in most rooms. Filing this under the to-do list for decorating. Thanks for sharing!


  • This is so freaking gorgeous! Can’t wait to buy yarn and get busy making my own.

  • THis is amazing!! Defiantly gives me an impulse to start weaving rigs and what not.


  • How inspirational this post is! Such a cool post!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com

  • Weaving seems to be the new “thing” for 2015! Seeing so much of it already! I love those colors. They certainly bright up a dull winter.


  • This is way cool! I already had on my ideas list to weave a circular rug using a hoolahoop, but cutting out a cardboard loom means i could vary the size a bit more. totally making this.

  • WOW! this is more than words can express! It’s so… the adjectives can’t even express it! A project I REALLY want to try! Thank you!

  • That actually looks surprisingly doable for a non-crafty person like me! I would love to have a little mat like that for my desk area!

  • A-ma-zing! Love this diy Rachel, definitely making this!

    Xx Eveline from http://fragilityofbeauty.com

  • Absolutely love it! I’ve added it to my list of things to make!


  • So pretty! Can’t wait to attempt weaving someday soon.

    P.S. When will the next Happy Mail grace our mailboxes?

  • This is too freaking cute! Love all of the vibrant colors – perfect for an entryway!

    x Sarah

  • So this is absolutely perfect!! I’ve been looking for a little rug for certain spot in my house forever and this seems like the perfect solution. I also love the tassels that you added.

    xx Kathryn

  • I love all of your beautiful weaving projects! I am currently working on finishing up a yarn wall hanging but I think I need to try actually weaving next. Thanks for the great inspiration.


  • Great idea with the cardboard loom. Was is hard to keep the tension even?

  • Aww I find it so cute that you can actually see it is homemade x.


  • Beautiful! This would really brighten up any space, especially near a bar cart or layered on top of some boring wall-to-wall carpeting (like the kind in my home office!)

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Sara from The Inspired Living


  • Remind me of my grandma’s house – but she didn’t use such nice and bright colors those days 🙂

  • Adorable!
    I started crafting just a couple months ago and I’m trying easy things so far, but you guys make most of things look simple, or unless not that complicated.
    That project is in my to-do list this month!

    Wish me luck 🙂
    Xo Deborah

  • This is so so sweet! Love all of the different threads! SO sweet!


  • Wow this is adorable! I particularly love the little black tassels… and the pink and turquoise combo! I’m a sucker for anything turquoise these days.

    Hope you all had a good new years!

    Always, Anita

  • I’ve just learned how to crochet, and now you have me dying to weave!


  • I love this and am so inspired to make something similar this year!!

  • This is so pretty, I love it! I bet you could make cool round placemats doing the same thing! I may have to make one for our new apartment!


  • Love this tutorial. I think my teenage daughters would love to do this. So much fun. And the rug turned out beautifully. It IS a happy happy piece, isn’t it?

  • Love the colors!! This looks amazing! 🙂

    xo, Katy

  • This is too adorable! How durable are the edges? Would it need to be finished off differently for a higher traffic area?

  • This is so pretty! I honestly think I’d want to hang it on a wall instead of walk over it lol


  • Love love love this! I’ve been so inspired lately by weaving and I have been dying to give it a try. This may be the perfect excuse to get to it! It seems like a great way to work through some of the yarn scraps I have accumulated over time from various projects. Thanks for inspiring me!

  • I love this! Would work so great in small spaces. Definitely gonna try

  • So colorful! I can totally see this in my entryway or kitchen. Spirit fingers to you!

    // Regina


  • In loooove! Can I ask where the throw on your bench is from?? The perfect pink!

  • These are so quirky & cute! I need to make some.

  • Ah that is so beautiful! I am a terrible DIYer so I am totally envious!


  • Shut the front door!!! I’ve had this pinned on pinterest and am dying to make, and then I saw yours, lol, you’re the best. Love love love your colors and your instructions. Now, on to weave, I go!!! 😉

  • I love this,what a great idea,it looks so pretty ♥


  • Hi…I need a rug for my bathroom….can I ask how long it took you (i.e., is this something that’s going to take me forever to finish (meaning it probably won’t get finished) or might I be able to finish it in a few weeks if I dedicate a few hours each evening? (Heaven knows I have enough yarn to make several of them!)

  • You could easily make this as big as you wanted to as well! (If you didn’t have cardboard you could put tacks on a tackboard and do the same thing! Such a simple versatile idea. I don’t know why I’ve never really considered doing weaving until now!

  • Gorgeous colors! I’ve loved these mats forever, but I’ve never seen one made. Thank you so much for creating this lovely tutorial!

    Warm Regards,

  • The end result is amazing! The color selection is cute! I would never of thought to use paracord when weaving but it seems like it would be more sturdy than standard yarn.

    M – Mocha and Moccasins

  • This is so cute! I love the colors and the little poms add such a fun element to the rug! I definitely want to add this to my DIY list for the new year! Love this so much!


  • This is so cute! I love the colors and the little poms add such a fun element to the rug! I definitely want to add this to my DIY list for the new year! Love this so much!


  • So amazing, the pom poms are just so perfect. It’s almost too pretty to walk on! Is it possible to make a circular wall hanging? You guys keep inspiring me to try this, it’s one of my Jan/Feb goals.

    • You can totally make wall hangings! Just as fun and simple! I make them all the time as well as these rugs.

  • Ahh! I love this so much! And even more than that, I love all your of your things next to the rug, most of all the yellow shoes and the yellow bag. Anyway, I haven’t been into the weaving trend, although I do appreciate the tradition. This rug, though, has changed my mind about it.

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