10 Statement Wall Ideas

Hand stamped wallIt’s no secret that we love colorful/interesting statement walls. We may or may not have too many in our houses already, if that’s even possible. 😉 If you’re looking to add some color or personality to your walls here are ten ideas that might inspire you. Why not try hand stamping, like this clementine wall?

Chalkboard wallEver thought about adding a chalkboard wall that matches the paint color of the room for adding messages or menus. Chalkboard paint can be tinted to many different colors, and you can also make your own.

Stencil wallCreate your own custom stencil for a corner accent wall.

Instax wallHere’s how we made our own Instax wall paper.

Dry erase wallIf you’re not feeling the chalkboard you might consider a dry erase wall. They make paint for that too! We used it, and here’s what we thought.

Handwritting wallYou can add a favorite quote, song lyric, book passage or verse to a bedroom wall like this one!

Gold moon wallLaura used a projector to create this amazing mural of the moon!

Anchor wallAfraid of adding too much color? Use a small stamp to add a cute little design. Go on, it’s just a little wall. 🙂

Stripe fireplaceIf you love statement walls but are afraid that you’ll hate it after a year or two try a classic design, like dots or stripes.

Paint pen wallTry this easy wall idea that’s made with paint pens! Don’t be afraid to try something you love in your space. Happy weekend!