10 Breakfast Recipes I Want To Try

Hello friends! One of my goals is to cook more (new) meals at home—especially breakfast! I LOVE breakfast food, but at our home we make breakfast tacos 99.9% of the time. So here are 10 recipes I want to try besides breakfast tacos. haha!

1. Cinnamon roll muffins.

2. Beignets.

3. Brown butter sage gravy! Augh.

4. Dutch babies. These are so pretty!

5. Carrot ginger bread (probably making this first!)

6. Tomato toast. YES.

7. Swedish pancakes.

8. Breakfast pizza. This looks so good!

9. Peaches and cream stuffed french toast.

10. Chilaquiles frittata bake.

Did that just make you so hungry? Which recipe would you try first? xx. Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photo edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • usually I prefer to Eat Tacos in breakfast . Because most of the time tacos are my breakfast

  • I am thinking about trying a pour over coffee maker like the one in your hand.. do you like it?

  • Yes, agree on the Swedish pancake recipe above!
    It’s funny because here in Sweden they’re just pancakes and your “thick” ones are American pancakes 🙂
    Eat with wipped cream and jam, or, as our old family tradition – a thin layer of butter that melts over the pancake and then sprinkle some sugar on top. Lovely!

  • Cinammon roll muffins!!! They look amazing and I really want to try this recipe!!! Thank you Elsie! xo

  • Ooh, that toast reminds me of something even easier… our rendition of spanish pan con tomate. While bread is toasting you just grate ripe tomatoes and mix them with some salt, pepper and a little of some really good olive oil. Spread on hot toast and that’s just perfect. Never seen anyone grating tomatoes before we learned that, and it’s amazing!

  • Hi, the real recipe for swedish panncakes is as follows.
    2 eggs, 300ml flour 600ml Milk, 1tsp salt (Or two) and two pinches of sugar. Some butter in the pan that, when melted, you wisk down in the batter. Some people use 3 eggs.
    Wisk everything together and let it stand for 30min. Heat up the pan and poor about a cup of batter in the pan. It should be thin and crispy in the outer part. Turn the panncakes when they are Light Brown. Serve with jam. Good luck from a Swedish gal!

  • Yum, now I’m hungry! The breakfast pizza has to be my favourite! Pizza all day err’day! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • That chilaquiles bake sounds interesting. Anything from Joy the Baker is usually good! My breakfast routine could use a shake up. Scrambled eggs have been on repeat for quite awhile at my house. Also, your jammies are so cute!!

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