10 Ideas For Square Photos

10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com Hi friends! Today I’m excited to share ten ideas for displaying square photos in your home in another installment of our Canon USA collaboration. These past few years I've taken more square photos than ever before (thanks, Instagram!), and they aren't the easiest thing to find frames and albums for. No biggie! I got this. Ready?

1. First up, this gigantic grid display above my mantle. I used painter's tape to secure them to the wall and I will leave them up until the new year (or so…) This is a great solution for making a grid that can be removed easily, so it's renter friendly and perfect for people like me who want to change stuff all the time. I printed 4×4 inch photos using the same black and white action to give them a unified look.10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.comHaving all of these memories as the focal point in our living room is making me SO happy! I picked a random assortment of fun photos with friends and family. I love walking by it every day! 10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com  10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com  2. Mason jars and glass containers turned upside down are a charming alternative to photo frames and they look like snow globes!0I0B70913. Since it's nearly impossible to find square frames and square mats at our local stores, I used a traditional frame to create this fun collage of photo booth poses from my wedding. I printed all my photos 2×2 inches and adhered them to acid free paper with double sided tape.10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com    10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com    4. Use binder clips to hang a group of photos with thumb tack.10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com               5. Use various sizes of square photos (we used 3×3, 5×5 and 8×8 inches) to create a fun border around a doorway. We added a little patterned paper to create collage vibe.A Beautiful Mess for Canon PrintersWe printed all the photos for these first 5 ideas ourselves on Canon’s MG7120 (seriously, so easy to use!) on their 8.5×11 semi-gloss photo paper.10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com      6. Use berry baskets to hold stacks of printed-out instagram photos! I love having stacks of photos around the house for guests to peek through.10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com       7. Here's a second example of a grid display using colorful photos. I made this one above a piano in our old house!10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com        8. Adhere square photos to a canvas to make cute canvas wall art!10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com         9. Turn your square photos into a cute homemade scrapbook!10 ways to use square photos in your home! via abeautifulmess.com          10. Print your photos in collages to make an awesome custom journal

Which idea would you try first? xo. Elsie

  • I like the mason jars. I’d try to light them also. I want to make coasters with square pics. Double sided… Gotta think on that.

  • I really needed a new printer and I ended up getting a canon after seeing some of your posts. So far, it’s pretty reliable. Also, I think you’re just the cutest.

  • I think I might use this post as inspiration to display photos in my guest room.

  • Is wonderfull, i love this idea, thanks !!

    Big kiss from Spain 🙂


  • I love everything but I’d love to do the photo in a jar or the first year book!

    Lulu xx


  • This is awesome! I love the mantle display — this might be a great idea to put above my bed — I don’t have a headboard. So cute!!

  • IN LOVE with these ideas!! I love the photos above the mantel!!

    Jack!!:) – http://jackedwardbevan.blogspot.com

  • I love these ideas!

    My boyfriend and I recently turned an old coffee table we bought at Goodwill for $10 into what I like to call a “future family heirloom” by painting it and adhering Instagram photos to the top. If you would like to see it, there are pictures here: http://www.ohhonestlyerin.com/archives/19442

    ABM makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING! 🙂

  • I like all of those ideas, thank you! I just created a new workspace and it needs a bit more decoration so I might steal one of your ideas to make it look more personal 😉

  • I love these ideas to put to use the Instagram pictures. I had a quick question for you, do you combine picture from an event with other members of the family? Husband and I both take a lot o instagram pictures and I want to document his point of view as well to complete the picture, any thoughts?

  • I love it ! We have so photos to hang ! thank you for tips !

  • These are great ideas. I have a ton of baby pictures of my son that I like to display in a different way. You inspired me big time.

  • I have just come back from a 3 month trip in America and I was looking for a way to display all my photos! Great ideas, thanks 🙂

  • i like these ideas so much. there must be much more photos in every flat. in these digital times, we have to print more of them 😉

    freak in you

  • I so enjoyed reading your ideas here. I’ve just moved home and hung up the framed family yearly pictures I’ve made. It was so much fun seeing them on the wall again after being in storage for about 2 years. Your work inspires me to take more interesting pictures for our family albums and also my blog. Thanks.

  • Thank you for sharing! All of these ideas are a really nice ways for yourself to be reminded of a lot of happy memories, and also, as you said, for visitors to look at.

    I’ll def take some of them to use.

    www.mydirtysho.es (check out the cute monkeys I played with today) 🙂

  • I couldn’t even decide which I love most // these are all so excellent! Thanks girls!

  • Hey there! What software/apps did you use for all the square photos? Have you still instagramed them all?

    Love the jar and doorway ideas – and am still working on my big square wall display!!!! Thanks ladies so much xx

  • Love these ideas, I definitely want to try the picture frame idea for my bedroom 🙂 xx Emmi

  • Love these ideas, thanks for sharing!


  • cute ideas!! something I could actually do! I am going to try printing photos in a strip, rolling them up and then inserting them into glass Christmas tree balls…hopefully they will unfurl the way I am imagining…maybe shake in some little stars into the bottom of the ball?
    love your blog…would like to see how you are using your wonderful Project Life cards you designed!!!

  • Today, we’re posting our 100th post!

    Thank you, Elsie and Emma, for inspiring us and proving that it’s possible to do exactly what you want in life and even make a living off it!

    Love from Germany,

    Birdy and Bambi

  • I LOVE this display grid. I’ve currently got a grid display of pictures in frames at the moment but as we are re-decorating our front room I’m going to change it to this square print display. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  • Love all the ideas! I guess my first go would be the grid in the frame (‘cos indeed, square frames are so hard to find, so it’s good to have ideas how to frame square photos in regular frames). xx


  • We’ve been looking for something to go in our huge new mantelpiece – jars of photographs it is! Thanks for the idea!

  • mason jar idea for the win! stealing that one for sure, thanks ladies!!

    at this volume

  • This is so cute! But just wondering if you guys have any tips on displaying polaroids? Cause I just have them in a stack in my drawer and I’d really prefer to put them on display but I’m not really sure how to do that nicely 🙂


  • Love the jam jars! And your first year book.

    Such a great idea for instagram shots 😀

  • I love all of these ideas!! BUT when will we find out who won the printer in your giveaway!?!? This is totally something I want to do if I win! ;b

    You guys totally have the best ideas EVER!!!!!


  • Love all those ideas. Think I’ll make the canvas for my huge empty wall that I hate lookin’ at. I used to have pictures on it, but when the company I rent from painted they took them all down, and I just never put them back up. The canvas would let me put some faves up all in one big picture.

  • Love all of these ideas. I am so hesitant to commit to a photo printer but your images always look like they come out pretty good!

  • So stylish the black and white grid above the Fireplace! Have been envisigning something a little like this for my place so great to see another idea. Thanks


  • Hi Maria- we used blue painters tape (like what you would use to tape off a wall before painting stripes) 🙂 elsie

  • Hi there! No, the tape is only on the back of each photo. They may start curling over time, but I know they’ll be ok for a few months and I plan to leave them up till the new year. I like to change out our mantle display each season. 😀

  • Pictures are so important and so worth investing in! These are great projects and ideas! I’m loving the idea of photos around the door frame! So cute! 🙂


  • D’ya know I’ve never printed any of my instagrams! I must get on it soon! Love all the ideas 🙂

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • I love the idea of a journal!


  • The composition of your photos (especially the black and white ones) is really impressive. Very inspiring!

  • These are all great ideas – thank you for sharing! I have been wanting to print off a bunch of my Instagram photos and these are fab suggestions!

  • Since I already did a major square photo diy found here: http://susanbowers.typepad.com/in_the_storm/2013/06/pin-action-diy-photo-wall.html

    …and we are in the process of redecorating our living room I’m on the lookout for meaningful but simple touches and I love the idea of the photo ‘globes’ – definitely gonna add those to my room.

  • Me and every other instagram addict needs this post in their life! Thank you!!


  • LOVE all these ideas. I think I’ll do the binder clip one this weekend! I just got your book too and am really enjoying it 🙂 Thanks for all the doable ideas and relatable advice! You guys are such an inspiration.

  • I love the mason jar idea! So clever, all of these are so lovely! x


  • That grid wall is amazing, definitely something I wanna do when I get my own place.

  • Love this! I just bought some cork to make a DIY bulletin headboard, and I want to cover it in instagram photos!

    <3 dani

  • I’d love to ask about the mantel. Did you use the painters tape over the edges of the photos to hold them down?

  • Love all the ideas. Having a printer at home would be awesome, that way there are no excuses to have zillions of photographs in your computer when you can create amazing things with them.

  • These ideas are too awesome. That jar idea is super interesting! Can’t wait to try it out with some polaroids.


  • These are all wonderful, but I’m completely in love with the mason jar idea. I love mason jars anyway, and adding photos to them just makes them about fifteen million times better!


  • I love the photos in the mason jars!!! What a simple, great idea!

    Thanks for the inspiration and love from Germany,



  • I am so doing the canvas wall art idea!!! Our refrigerator is covered to capacity with all my 4×4 instagrams, so excited to put them on canvas!!!

  • The doorway idea is absolutely adorable! May have to try that out in my new rental house!


  • Great ideas to get those photos out of the camera and internet. Just like the old days. I need to print out my photos again!

  • So much inspiration! I love absolutely all of your ideas 🙂

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  • These are all great. I think #8 just might be a Christmas gift idea. Thanks so much for always inspire me!

    Laura @luckypennylove.com

  • I love the jar idea, all of them are so creative but that’s so simple and I would have never thought to try it!

  • I LOVE those upside down mason jars with the photos inside!!!!


  • I love the Mason Jar idea. My sister used to collect snow globes so I think it would be a nice gift for her…

  • I love the turning pictures into canvas wall art idea!


  • These are my favorite kind of posts. This makes me so happy to be on Instagram now. I can start building a collection of photos to display!

  • All of these ideas are absolutely lovely. Would never have thought of using mason jars as a frame!

  • I finally got a Canon printer and I am super excited to try these out- I love the mason jar and doorway ideas specifically- so cute!!!

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