20 Easy Party Appetizer Ideas

Roasted grape and honey goat cheese crostiniHappy weekend! Today we’re sharing some of our very favorite party appetizer ideas. These recipes are especially easy to make and major crowd pleasers. 🙂 Let’s start with this roasted grape crostini with honey goat cheese. Pair it with some Prosecco and you’re set!

Try these 5 Easy Crostini Appetizer Recipes!

Baked jalepeno poppersHomemade jalapeño poppers are the way to go! Here’s three varieties to try.

Black bean hummusThis hummus is packed with flavor and nutrition thanks to ingredients like black beans, cayenne and cumin.

Fresh spring rolls with spicy peanut sauceFresh spring rolls are one of my favorite things! Cut these into bite size portions, and don’t forget the spicy peanut sauce.

Fried picklesWho can resist fried pickles?

Jalepeno popper dipThis jalapeño popper dip is one of my go-to’s for a party. Everybody loves it!

Rosemary roasted almondsEasy and super healthy! Make these rosemary roasted almonds.

Jalepeno guacamole with kaleGuacamole is always a favorite. This recipe includes all the good stuff like jalapeño and kale.

Toasted coconut onion ringsBring on the sweet and savory with toasted coconut onion rings.

Easy creamy chicken dipIf you’re needing a last minute idea, this creamy chicken dip can be whipped up in no time.

Homemade pepper jack crackersInstead of buying crackers to snack on, make your own pepper jack crackers.

Peach caprese skewers with balsamic vinegar These Caprese skewers with fresh mozzarella, basil and fresh peaches are SO good.

Homemade sweet potato chipsI love sweet potatoes. Make these homemade chips and get creative with the dipping sauces.

Baked asparagus fries with creamy lemon sauceYou have to make baked asparagus fries. The creamy lemon sauce is amazing! These won’t last long…

Homemade pretzel pizza bitesCombine your love for pizza and pretzels with homemade pretzel bites.

Spinach and artichoke fondueFondue is a fun and easy way to serve guests! Try this spinach artichoke variety.

Sun-Dried tomato cilantro hummusGet creative and add sun-dried tomatoes and plenty of cilantro to your hummus.

Goat cheese logsI’m all about these delicious goat cheese logs with toppings like toasted coconut and wasabi peas.

Salmon mousseThis salmon mousse is so easy to make. Serve it on little toasts or cucumber slices.

Pepper jack bitesThese pepper jack bites are like bite size pizzas! Marinara sauce is highly recommended. 🙂

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  • So many delicious-looking, creative ideas! Next month I’m moving abroad for some time, so I’m planning to organise a party for all of my friends. Your ideas will cerainly come in handy, as I always have trouble with finding things to make. My apartment is way too small to serve a hot meal for everyone and snacks like chips or cakes are too obvious and unhealthy (and everyone is into quality eating right now). I’ve pinned this post and I’m sure it’ll be helpful!


  • Makes me want to throw a party just so I can try these!


  • Loved this thanks for the inspiration! I shared it on my socials! I have a modern day relationship & lifestyle blog called www.themoderndaygirlfriend.com and I felt this is the perfect fit.

  • I just learned how easy it is to make crackers, and now I see this here! It is meant to be. Also, I am such a fan of roasted nuts – the are so delicious and seem have an excellent effort-to-perceived-impressiveness ratio.

  • I love the recipes, especially the homemade chips and asparagus fries!

  • Zucchini fries are good, too, with a little tomato sauce dip, when asparagus is out of season.
    In France, it’s very popular to do an “apéritif dinatoire”–a buffet dinner of appetizers. We do it for Dec. 12, the festival of light, and invite a zillion people. That means mostly simple things, made ahead. Just a couple of dishes are hot, kept warm in the oven until being served (chicken wings, for example). We do it all ourselves–no caterer or help–and it’s SO worth it. It’s a different vibe than the usual small dinner parties of 6-8 guests.

  • The baked asparagus looks amazing!! x

  • Oh my lord these all look so yummy!! I especially love the look of the sweet potato chips!


  • Wow, these all look great — I’m definitely bookmarking this post! I made the pepper jack crackers before and they are definitely addictive. 🙂

  • omg such great ideas 🙂 definitely trying some of these out in the future. thanks for sharing 🙂


    Xoxo Jessy

  • All of these look so good and perfect to throw together for a party =o) Thanks for sharing!


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