5 Ways to Display Family Photos


We've got family photos on display all over our house, but not necessarily in a traditional format. Here are five ways we like to share our favorite photos that you can use for your family!


I've used vintage metal trays by nailing or adhering them to the wall with 3M strips. It creates a magnetic surface while providing an interesting background. Just add magnetic clips to your photos and treat it like an inspiration board. In this case I used the roof of my aluminum doll house that broke. I just pressed it flat and nailed it to the wall using the pre-drilled slats on each corner. I love it's color and design and that it's one of a kind!


Another option involving magnets is to turn your instant film into fridge magnets! Magnetic paper can be purchased at most craft stores and comes with a sticky backing that allows you to cover your entire photo with magnetism. They're sturdy enough to hold up your grocery list, too!


Creating a clipboard gallery allows you to change out photos of your family and friends whenever you like. It can do double duty as an inspiration wall for yourself or your kids!


This not only adds a hint of a frame but allows you to write messages on it. Leave love notes or interesting details about the picture.


We made our own photo puzzle after seeing it in my friend, Jennifer Casa's book, Crafting with Kids. She used the same concept of magnetizing your photos but put a spin on it by blowing up a large 8" x 10", cutting it into even tiles, and turning it into a fun puzzle for kids! Do this with a vacation photo, cut it into smaller pieces, and challenge your friends to put it together in less than ten seconds.

How do you display your family photos? xo. Rachel

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