ABM Studio: The Styling Room

ABM prop storage and meeting roomHere’s one more fun space from the ABM studios that we wanted to share with you guys. We call this room the styling room, but we really use it for a whole bunch of different things. We store lots of styling props in here as well as miscellaneous kitchen gear that doesn’t fit in our kitchen. If you would’ve told me two or three years ago that (1) I wouldn’t be shooting everything in my own kitchen, and (2) would have a whole wall of cute props to choose from for my recipe photos, I would’ve laughed in your face! So I have to admit this room is a little slice of dreams coming true. Not to get all gushy, but thank you guys so much for making this possible for us.

Annnyway, we also use this room to have meetings, phone conferences or just for another work space if some privacy or silence is needed.

You want to see how this room started out????

The styling room beforeOh yes, that is a chimney that leads to nowhere. Old houses are always full of funny little add-ons or stories from things that once were. Apparently this house had a fireplace at some point, but it doesn’t anymore. We did add our own faux fireplace though.

The biggest surprise in this room was underneath the carpets. We found asbestos tiles, many of which were cracked or in disrepair. We had those professionally removed and had (laminate) hardwood floors installed. 

We also painted almost everything black. If you want to see more “before” pictures click here

ABM prop storage and meeting room Here’s what the room looks like currently. I love the drama the all-black walls and ceiling add to the space. Sort of reminds me of my living room. Josh built the custom shelves to organize our styling supplies. And we added this small table and four chairs to the center for anyone to use when they are utilizing the room. 

This room is located directly above the kitchen, so it’s a quick walk up the stairs to grab items I need when I’m cooking.

ABM meeting room ABM prop storage and meeting room ABM meeting roomABM prop storage and meeting room ABM prop storage and meeting room ABM meeting room To the far right in the above photo you can see the enclosure around the stairwell. Keeps us from falling. Also we keep meaning to paint that stairwell rainbow… Should we do it? It’s white currently, and it’s hard to keep clean.

ABM prop storage and meeting room ABM prop storage and meeting room ABM meeting room This room leads directly into our two office areas. Even though this room was originally a bedroom, we are thankful for the extra storage space and a quiet spot for phone calls to happen. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

Sources: Table and Chairs/Amazon, Rug/West Elm, Light Fixture/DIY.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman, Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions. 

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