Epoxy Jewelry Box DIY

Epoxy top jewelry box DIY (click through for more)
I have become a bit of a jewelry hoarder over the past few years. I get a ring here, a new necklace there, and all of the sudden, I have quite the collection spread across my house. The smaller rings and dainty necklaces have a tendency to wander off and disappear, so I’m trying to be better about putting each item in a “safe space” whenever I decide to take them off. Since that’s the whole point of a jewelry box, I thought I’d have a few in bathrooms or on dressers to encourage the new habit, and I made a few tweaks to personalize the box a bit. I love the look of Lucite and thick epoxy, so I thought an epoxy top with a photo from our trip to Paris last year (from the gardens of Versailles!) would be a special daily reminder of the trip.

Epoxy top jewelry box DIY (click through for more) We got to work with Canon USA for this project, specifically using the PIXMA MG7720 (pictured above), which is of course super simple to use. But also, for a project like this, clear details in your photos are very important, and I’m very happy with the quality of the prints here!

Epoxy Jewelry Box DIY

-small wooden jewelry box
-paint or wood stain
-painter’s tape
epoxy kit (I used this low-odor one, so much better than the smelly kind!)
-photo paper
-Mod Podge
Canon PIXMA MG7720 Printer

Epoxy top jewelry box DIY (click through for more)
Epoxy top jewelry box DIY (click through for more)
Epoxy top jewelry box DIY (click through for more) I’ll stress that you really do want to make sure the painter’s tape is pulled tightly around the sides and really pressed well onto the wood so no leaks can occur (use your nails to seal the tape). My wooden box came with gold hardware on the front that I easily took off with a small screwdriver and replaced once the epoxy was dry, but you could just fill the holes and leave it without it as well.

Check out how you can make any box into a jewelry box!

I really like how a thick epoxy top gives the box a much more specialized look than if I had simply glued a photo onto the top, and it hardly took much more effort to do so! This would be a great gift to make for your mom or a friend with a personalized photo on top (and maybe with a piece of jewelry inside as well!). I think you’ll agree that this jewelry box is “clearly” a winner! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman, Video and Music: Jeremy Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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  • When I tried this, the painters tape didnt keep the epoxy in and it leaked really bad. Do you have any other recommendations for strong tape that wont leave the sticky adhesive on the box?

  • That’s so easy! I would have worried about the painters tape not actually sealing to the edge, since I always have issues getting my painters tape to stay stuck to the walls. But the video has convinced me. I have to try this!!!

  • This looks so cool! It would even be a great present given the personal touch!


  • Nope, not sharp but you can also take a really fine sand paper and smooth the edges down as well 🙂


  • Cute idea, I may try this one day. Got loads of quite expensive jewelry just sitting around and I keep losing them. Need to start keeping them in one place.

  • Lovely

  • I can see things getting quite messy if you don’t pull that tape really tight. Good thing you mentioned it! I wouldn’t have thought about it. This would be really fun to use on a side table!

    Julie http://www.xfallenmoon.com/

  • Hi! I love how this turned out. Are they edges of the epoxy sharp? I’m thinking of making this for my niece and I wouldn’t want her to cut herself.

  • Beautiful idea! This reminds me of a jewelry box my aunt once gave me when I was a little girl. Really takes me back!

    Lisa Favre

  • While the video is super cute, I really DO Hope diys will keep coming out in text and images. It seems like the internet is all about videos today, and hardly any sites kept other formats – it’s ALL transictioning to video, which makes my life of reading stuff a tiny bit at a time at work really hard!

  • Looks wonderful, and you always need a place to store your jewellery. This is a great solution, thanks for sharing!

  • What an amazing idea! It makes it so personal!


  • Nice job, Laura! 🙂 I too love making projects with epoxy resin. I recently did a table top and taped the edges just like that. After the resin was set it was raised around the top edges just like yours. I went at mine with an orbital sander and beveled the edge. It was easy and looks more polished to me. Just an idea. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Lovely post! This would be a great gift idea for a friend! Thanks for sharing!

  • I love the picture you chose, it has the perfect amount of empty space! Love the extra personalization, and the video was very helpful as well.

    Angelina Is|Bloglovin’

  • This is so freaking cute!!! 😮 would be a great gift!!!
    I’ve said this so many times Ive lost count… but I’m obsessed with your blog! Definitely my fave!! 🙂


    Xoxo Jessy

  • I had a similar kind growing up.. I made it at a birthday party.

  • Such a cute DIY!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • I know exactly what you mean about jewellery wandering off!! I’m forever misplacing mine around the house and was actually thinking recently that I should invest in a jewellery box. I never thought of something like this though – what a neat idea and such a beautiful blue too! 🙂

  • This is so cute and would make such a good gift!
    TrudyJohanna x | UK Lifestyle Blog

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