Elsie’s Living Room and Breakfast Room Tour

  • This room has come SO FAR. I’m really proud of the work we’ve been able to complete on it. Here’s how it looked when we first bought the home at the end of last year.

I knew right away that I wanted to paint the kitchen in order to help it blend with the rest of the home. The dark cabinets made it feel disconnected to me. I also wanted to lighten the fireplace—we ended up using mortar paint to recolor it a creamy white.

One of the highlights of our home are the giant picture windows that look out to trees. In the winter, before the trees were full we could also watch the sunrise there every morning. It’s pretty magical. We LOVE the views and the direct access to our porch from this living room.

I love having a breakfast table right next to our kitchen—it’s so convenient with young children. The open floor plan (in general) definitely does have pros and cons, but my favorite part is probably that I can sit on the sofa and sip coffee while our girls eat their breakfast or that whichever of us is cooking doesn’t feel disconnected while the rest of the family hangs out or plays.

If you scoot back 10 or 15 steps from that last pic, this is the view. This is far and away our most used room in the home, from breakfast to bedtime stories and everything in between.

I am such a big fan of the mortar painted fireplace. We ended up using the color Swiss Coffee by Behr, which is the perfect creamy white, in my opinion. If you are looking for a warm white that’s not too beige, I recommend it.

We hired Asa’s team, Davis Custom Finishes, once again for this project. They were so fast, so if you live in Nashville I HIGHLY recommend giving him a call.

Here’s a list of sources to each of the items that are still for sale.

Sofa/Article, Rug/Apple & Oak, Coffee Table/Anthropologie (sold out, but here’s a similar one), Hanging Chair/Two’s Company, Breakfast Table/Wayfair, Pink Dining Chairs/Urban Outfitters, Wicker chandelier/World Market, Mirror/Anthropologie, Blanket/Lucky Collective, Dress/Target.

Thanks for coming along on the tour! xx- Elsie

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Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Kelly. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Are the plants real and faux, if faux where are they and the planters from? Struggling to find some just like this. Love this space!!

  • Wow… every time i see one of your DIYs I get more surprised! You’re amazing!



  • Can you share where the basket on the side of the couch is from? Looks like a great toy storage option! My smaller IKEA baskets are getting out of hand.

  • Love the colors in this bright space. Did you make the macrame wall decor yourself? It’s beautiful and perfectly ties together everything.

  • Hi Elsie! Looks beautiful! Do you use your fireplace or is it just for looks? I live just north of you in Bowling Green and we use our fireplace A LOT! I’m wondering how the white paint does with use. Thanks!

  • Looks awesome! Where is that big basket with the lid next to the couch from? Didn’t see it in the credits!

  • What a great transformation to the space! Are you bringing this furniture with you when you move or is it staying with the house?

  • Beautiful! I love how warm and inviting your space is. This inspired me to paint my kitchen cabinets a creamy white. What color did you use for your walls?

    • Oh my gosh, I’m commenting to say Hi to another Kristie (it’s so strange to me to see someone who spells their name the exact same!). I too love how warm, bright & inviting it looks!

  • Does your house have an off-white/orangey look to it in person, or do you always have a filter on your home pics? It’s hard to tell?

    • Hi! Our home pics have a warm filter, but my kitchen cabinets are also off-white.

  • Looks cozy. Have you already sold this home? If you have ~ sorry I missed it. 🙂

  • I really love how neutral, warm, and natural this interior is. That white really is creamy without going into beige.

  • It looks fabulous, Elsie! I’ve got to get one of those hanging chairs for my living room!

  • On 1-10, what would you say the comfort rating of your sofa would be?

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