Episode #19: Elsie’s Forever-ish Home Update

Happy Monday! This week, we’re sharing updates from Elsie’s phase one home renovation, which includes all the renovations happening before they move in.

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This episode is sponsored by our friends at The Home Depot! We’ve worked with them on several projects and love that they have so many options and resources for home DIY and decor. Some of our favorite posts have been this kitchen remodel, Elsie’s storage room, and Emma’s accent wall update. Their app has all kinds of features to help you get more done with your projects, so make sure to check it out!

Show notes:
First things first … our kitchen before/after. In this photo, the kitchen is not complete (AKA—please do not point out the ceiling gap … I KNOW lol … we are fixing that next), this is just showing what a big difference that JUST painting the cabinets can make.

I also wanted to give a shoutout to our painter, Davis Custom Finishes. If you are in the Nashville area, I highly recommend Asa and his team. They were so quick and the work is 10/10 professional! We will have a post up soon with DIY details if you are looking to do this at home!

Can you even believe the before/after in this photo is just paint? I love how it makes the counters blend in a bit more!

Here is the new hardware we chose from Etsy!

-Here is Kelly’s pink kitchen that we mentioned.

-We talk about Nova’s bedroom makeover quite a bit and these are the ADORABLE sconces from Etsy!

-Here is the removable wallpaper we are considering for behind Nova’s bed. What do you think? Floral wallpaper or a simple mustard yellow painted wall?

-We chat about both terrazzo and Joy Cho’s home build. If you aren’t familiar, here’s an example of terrazzo as well as a link to Joy’s home updates.

-We’re very excited about our exterior paint job coming up, especially since we are using natural mineral paint that is good for the environment. We decided to work with a painter who is an expert in this area and we found Classic Finishes via Young House Love (Lance also painted their home)!

-We mention a couple past episodes! Episode 12, where we first shared details for new our home and upcoming move. We also mentioned Episode 18, where we share a four-step program for creating a mood board for the new home!

Thank you SO MUCH for listening! It means so much to us when you share our podcast! So whether you have shared it online or shared it with a friend, thank you! We have truly felt the love and positive energy! xx- Elsie + Emma

  • OMG wallpaper for Nova’s room!! It is not matronly AT ALL! It’s super fun, and will look so great with the sconces!

    • Awe thanks! I really like it! I am still torn between that or a hand painted mural (or just a solid color)…. but I need to hurry up and decide!

  • OMG Nancy Sinatra or Dolly Parton? Elsie you are a dream! What a great way to theme a room! Haha
    Love the show. I feel like I know you both so much better since the podcast started.

  • This was such a fun episode!! The Nancy Sinatra room sounds like a dream. Reader request for future episode or a reader question section—what are your moving tips? I’d love to know how you’re organizing and planning for it, and what you’re doing differently for an across-town move versus the out-of-state one when you moved to Nashville.

  • Elsie, your embarrassing story immediately reminded me of the time my great Aunt gave my teenage brother a Christmas gift wrapped in a Tampax box. Also, Emma I fell off the risers in band holding my French horn so I can relate to your embarrassing story too!

  • Can’t wait to see what a Nancy Sinatra themed room will look like! I have been listening to a lot of her this week coincidentally.

  • I know this is such a silly request, but I’d love to see the photo of Emma’s light fixture that was slightly off? 🙂 I listen every week, and this is the podcast I didn’t know I needed. Keep going ladies! xo

  • I SO appreciated the comment that Emma made about not just using pinterest for inspiration. I had also run into the problem there that there was not enough of a wide range of inspiration there that would be useful for my home. I’ve started looking at architectural digest online and that does have some more interesting homes, but possibly someday you guys can deep dive into more places to find unusual homes that can be inspirational. I’ve been following the blog for over ten years, and am LOVING the podcast! Keep up the good work!

  • Elsie, I LOVE the kitchen transformation! What a huge difference a little paint can make! My husband and I are going to repaint our kitchen cabinets soon and then put our house up for sale. Do you recommend painting the inside of the cabinets as well? Our cabinets are about 60 years old and are looking a little crusty on the inside, so wanted to spruce that up!

  • Elsie, We updated our kitchen just over a year ago and chose the exact same kitchen cabinet hardware / drawer pulls from Etsy! 🙂 But our cabinets, as well as most everything in our house, are black. ???? The hardware will look fabulous In your white kitchen too! ????

  • Elsie,
    I was so excited to see the before/after pics of your kitchen because I pretty much have the same cabinets in a different color and have been wondering what they’d look like painted white. I even have the same traditional looking corbels above the stove and would love to update them, too. Question: are you replacing them or just omitting them?

    • Hi Kirstin,
      We removed the corbels and then just patched the gap before the painting was done. I’m sure we could have found cuter ones, but since the cabinets were already quite decorative I wanted to keep any added details as minimal as possible. 🙂 More posts on this coming soon!!!

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