Episode #22: The Business Side of BNBs

Hello! Happy Monday. This week we’re tackling a much-requested topic—the business side of short-term rentals. As many of you know, we own a few properties we rent out on Airbnb (I’ll link them below) and we’ve learned so much from how to purchase the right property, to setting it up and running it in a way that fits with our lifestyle.

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-I thought we’d start out by linking to our properties page. This is where you can see all our properties that are currently available to rent.

Our thoughts on short-term rentals (this is a more serious post about best practices and our opinions on short-term renting). You can also see a bunch of our bnb room tours here.

Things to have checked off before investing in real estate (aside from primary home):

-Be mostly out of debt. Pay all debts besides mortgage and school debt.

-Have a safety net (emergency fund) of 3-6 months living expenses set aside.

-Have basic needs met, such as reliable health care.

-Be saving for retirement (401(k) or otherwise).

-Ramit’s book—I Will Teach You To Be Rich. We recommend this book if you’ve found yourself with some money to invest, but fear or hesitate getting started.

-A link to our Nashville property managers, Epicbnb.

-“What are you looking at?” segment.
-Emma’s book: The Husband’s Secret 

-Elsie’s coffee table books to get inspired: Avedon Fashion, Kate Spade Inspiration Book, Tim Walker Pictures, Georgia O’Keefe and Picasso.

We’re sending love to everyone listening this week! A lot of our site is pre-scheduled and we want to contribute to a sense of normalcy in such a panicked time. If you are one of the many people who has decided to self-quarantine, we hope our podcast will keep you company this week. Stay safe! xx

  • Hi! I started listening to you guys after it was recommended by YHL.

    Really enjoy the podcast and Instagram.

    I too have a darling little airbnb in Arvada Colorado ( a suburb of Denver) that is NOT being rented right now with COVID. But we did really well the first 9 months it was opened. airbnb.com/h/arvadaskystudio
    [email protected]

    if you ladies want to check it out!!????

  • I have so much time to catch up on your podcast now, so there’s one good thing! Emma, Liana Moriarty is one of my fave authors, and if you haven’t already, you should try her audiobooks! They are addictively good as the narrator is so perfect for the stories. Also, I listened to this episode while on a run, so there you go 🙂

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