Episode #30: (MINI) Our Bucket Lists

In this mini episode, we’re sharing items from our bucket lists!

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Show notes: 

Elsie- buy a home in Palm Springs.

-You can see the “Swiss Miss” homes and read some history here.

Emma- publish a work of fiction.

Elsie- be a crazy dressed old lady (and also middle aged lady on the way!)

Emma- live in a comfortable, peaceful, beautiful home that others enjoy spending time in.

Elsie- travel to Japan and India as a family.

Emma- travel to Antarctica.

Elsie- design a hotel or motel.

Emma- learn to speak Spanish, possibly through an immersion program.

Elsie- build a ceramics and painting studio for my golden years.

OK, your turn! What’s on YOUR bucket list?

And if you have questions, send them to us here: podcast AT a beautiful mess DOT com

  • I Love this episode. Dear Emma I live in Argentina a bit closer to Antarctica and I offer the chance to practice some Spanish. You must visit my country you kilo to birds in one journey. 😘🧉🇦🇷

  • I loved this episode – both for the content and also just listening to you two tease each other and your overall dynamic. I feel like you’re really getting into a groove and seem more comfortable podcasting in the last few episodes! (Not to say I haven’t enjoyed every single episode, but I think the early episodes of any podcast are a lot of figuring out the dynamic and the tone).
    Emma, I relate SO much to having to remind myself that I do deserve nice things and that it’s okay to sometimes spend money on things that aren’t practical/utilitarian. Or even just, splurge and buy the really nice practical/utilitarian thing! Haha.

    My major bucket list item is more…general I guess? Maybe similar to Emma’s wanting to have a comfortable and peaceful home. My main goal is to find contentment and stability. I know that these aren’t permanent things and obviously (see: right now) things can change in an instant, but I want to feel content and stable (in a variety of ways) more days than not.

    Love the show!!

  • I’ve been following you guys from Japan for I don’t know how many years — and I’m just SOOO thrilled to know that Japan is on your bucket list Elsie! I can’t wait to see your plans!! Make sure to include Kyoto, the old capital, in your itinerary — I can give you a few recommendations 🙂

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Emma’s comfortable home item! I think my list says something like “buy a house, make it a home” and it’s essentially the same. I was sending all the virtual long-distance high fives listening to Emma talk about it.

    I don’t know what that home looks like, and I don’t know for sure where it is. I know that it has room to gather the people I love in it comfortably, so that we can share conversation and food and puzzles and drinks and laughs and quiet moments and hugs. In a way I’m already working on this – my current home isn’t IT, but I’m always tweaking it to get closer and closer to that feeling.

  • Oh my goodness your description of your mom was so like my fiancé’s mom, a Venezuelan artist and a ceramicist to be specific. I totally know that accent you’re talking about and I’ll send a couple pics of her work because you might find it inspiring.
    Love the pod and all things ABM

  • It took over a year of my kids watching frozen many times for me to figure out what happens to Elsa and Anna’s parents! When the kids are watching movies, I’m working!

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