Episode #35: Rich Life Chat with Ramit Sethi

Hi! This week, we are sharing our first interview episode with one of our personal heroes, Ramit Sethi. In this episode, we ask Ramit 10 questions from our listeners and there are some very good, vulnerable questions in there. We chat about COVID-19 pivots, what a rich life means to us, and more!

You can stream the episode here on the blog or on iTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayTuneInPocket Casts, and Stitcher. You can find the podcast posts archive here.

Show Notes:

-Here’s a link to Episode 8: Self Help Books That Changed Our Lives where I first fan-girled about Ramit’s book.

-Ramit’s book is I Will Teach You To Be Rich and is the best spot to learn more about any of the topics we discuss in this episode. Make sure you get the second edition.

-I mention in the episode that Ramit’s email list is excellent (sign up here). It really is—I’ve never been on an email list that taught me so much.

-We chat about Ramit’s epic wedding and honeymoon.

If you all enjoyed this episode, I’d love to hear more about your Rich Life values and goals! It made me so nervous in the episode to just SAY it all on the spot like that, but it also was such an inspiring exercise. I hope you do it too! xx- Elsie

  • Loved this episode! I wonder if you all are interested in the “early retirement” corner of finance, from folks like Tanja Hester (https://ournextlife.com/) or Mr. Money Mustache (the “FIRE” – Financial Independence, Retire Early – movement). The basic advice is similar (invest regularly in straightforward index funds, aggressively cut spending from things that don’t serve your goals), but the overall philosophy is a bit different. The goal is to become financially independent so you can do whatever you want with your life (including continuing to work if you love it), and everything else flows from that. They want readers to do a deeper evaluation of what actually makes us happy (i.e., freedom, health, and human relationships ultimately make us happier than nice vacations or fancy dinners). It’s helped me reframe my spending habits for sure!

    • Hi! I listened to Tanja’s book and enjoyed it so much. I am not interested in early retirement pretty much at all, but I learned so much from her about investing. 🙂

  • Hi, is it more helpful for listeners to listen on Spotify (versus iTunes or wherever else)? The guys on Reply All recently talked about how Spotify gives them the biggest boost, so I wanted to make sure I was listening wherever helped you out the most. Love the podcast! Been reading the blog since it started and love what you guys do.

    • Hi! That’s so interesting. I’ve never heard that before! Thank you for listening and for being so considerate :)) You’re the best!

  • This episode was awesome! I had purchased Ramit’s book after listening to your self help book episode and finally cracked it open today- already negotiated a lower APR and bigger credit line. I can’t believe I’m finding myself LAUGHING while reading a finance book. This is what I’ve needed!!!

  • loved this episode! so many interesting things to think about. quick question for elsie: why did you call the single person’s question sad? maybe there was part of it that you didn’t read aloud, but it sounded like a normal question for me. since the whole episode was about how to live a rich life and many different lifestyles were featured, it sounded like you were making a judgement on the person being single, rather than anything about their financial situation. but maybe it was an entirely different reason! i’d love to know what your thought process was.

    • Hey R, thanks for mentioning that. I felt the same way, why is it “sad” to be single. I’m not making a judgement on the comment, it’s just an interesting thing to say in the context of the conversation.

      • Hi! So I was saying that the comparison is sad (the comparison of incomes- to be specific- not relationships). I definitely do not think it’s sad to be single! XX

  • Thanks so much for this one! I listen to all of your podcast episodes and this one lead me to get Ramit’s book! I’m already halfway through it. I really enjoyed the conversation about where your money values are, it really made me stop and think about my spending habits.

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