Episode #32: (MINI) All Things Faux Plants

In this week’s mini, we chat about faux plants!

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Show notes: 
-We start off with a case for real plants—we LOVE real plants. However, there is a time and a place for faux and this episode is all about that!

-Elsie’s faux plant rule is that if I kill a plant two times (so, two plants) in a certain area or corner of my home, then I will replace it with a faux plant. There are sometimes just areas in the home where plants don’t thrive.

-There are two plants I only buy fake—fiddle leaf fig and mother of pearl hanging succulent.

Emma’s faux plant “art.”

What to avoid:
-bad cacti with rubber “claws” for spines. (here’s an example of a really bad one!)
-putting fake plants outdoors because they fade FAST and that is very sad.

You can shop our favorite faux plants here:

This is our exterior! Imagine it all white, because pretty soon it will be! Now, what do you think we should put into that built-in flower box across the front??

Where to buy fake plants: West Elm, Target, Home Goods, Amazon and the craft stores, like JOANN. Also, thrift shops/garage sales.

Other faux alternatives (faux flowers, dried flowers, sun palms):

Here’s a link to the dried flower press.

If you have any questions about plants (or anything!), you can send them to us here: Podcast AT A Beautiful Mess DOT com
Love you! Elsie + Emma

  • For the built in flower box I’d personally skip the granny flowers and go for a lush green plant that hangs a little over the edges. 🙂
    We’ve bought a mother of pearl plant but it is indeed a difficult plant to maintain…

  • For your flower box, I’d be tempted to plant bulb flowers – tulips, alliums, daffodils, ranunculus, etc. Maybe interspersed with some coleus or something with some volume to keep it from looking too sparse when the blooms fade. I love all the colors coleus comes in and it’s pretty easy to grow. But you can’t really go wrong with any real plant! Lol!

    As a desert dweller myself, I’m looking to put a patch of faux turf in my backyard soon. I need something softer than gravel for my toddler to play on!

  • I love this! I have cats so it’s hard to have real plants indoors. Either they’re poisonous or my cats dig in the dirt! I have to keep my real plants outside.

  • I think creeping phlox would look neat, especially if you could get it to kind of spill over the edges a little. I love your podcast! Xoxo

  • Greenery hanging over the side of the window boxes would be lovely. Depending on the amount of light, ferns would be good fillers. Or hostas if the boxes are in the shade. Can’t wait to see the house painted!!

  • For your flower box, I’d either go extreme green jungle plants – banana leaf, really fluffy ferns, that type of thing which would look really nice all year around OR you could go with a really beautiful wild flower meadow – so something that looks a little (romantically) unkept. You could add some lovely scented plants in there too like lavender, rosemary, chamomile and then softer wild flowers like Fox Gloves, Marigolds (!), Poppy’s, Bell Flowers etc (I think you can get wild flower seed mixes) OR some lovely huge white hydrangea bushes!

  • Hi Elsie! I think for the flower box, some ornamental short grass could look cool and survive most of winter. There are some fun burgundy, yellow, and deep red types. I think adding some pointy vertical flowers will help keep the modern look in the box like Catmint or Salvia (sun loving) or Astilbe (shade loving) depending on how much sun this area gets. 🙂 I think short flowers with texture and structure will look the most MCM.

  • What are your recommendations for cleaning fake plants? Any favorite products? How often? Etc.
    thanks!! Loved the podcast this week… as always. 🙂

  • I think classic white and yellow daisies would be such a cute homage to the era of the house. And look perfect with a white facade and potentially pink door 😉

  • I really loved this episode. Can anyone recommend good places to get realistic fake plants in Europe?

  • For years I’ve mixed fake flowers with real foliage, these are mainly for flowers in a vase. Either you put your fake flower and the foliage In water as normal – but you will need to change the water regularly otherwise the fake flower stems go moldy, or you put a smaller jar inside the base and fill it with water for the real plants. Most people just assume the flowers are real.

    • Hi! I like the idea of tiny evergreens or boxwoods in front of the window and taller grasses on the right hand side. Then you could switch things up seasonally by adding different annuals and accents (i.e pumpkins and mums in the fall, plant long flowering annuals in the spring, or whatever your heart desires!) If you get tired of switching things up that often then you can gradually add more perennials as you learn what things grow well in that area. I can’t tell how much sun that area gets, but if it’s shady from the roof overhang hostas and coral bells spilling over would also be really beautiful. What a fun little planter box!! Love the podcast! XO Michelle

  • You could also put the flower heads Nova picks into a glass bowl with water in it so they float – a cute alternative to a vase of flowers!

  • For your flower bed, I know a lady who puts out a row of ferns every year in front of her house and they always look so gorgeous! I think with the style of your house ferns would give the perfect vibe. She would also just leave them in their pots, and then every winter bring them inside so she didn’t have to buy new plants every year. Just a thought! Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

  • I had to come on here just to tell you that when my grandmothers cheapy outdoor flowers faded she would SPRAY PAINT them to make them look “good”” again. Hahahaha.

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