How To Style A Simple Dutch Braid

Lovely and Simple Dutch Braid TutorialGrowing up, we always called the “dutch braid” an inside-out french braid.

I didn’t know there was another name for it, so when someone asked me if I knew how to dutch braid, my answer was a pretty quick “uhhh… I don’t think so”.

Once I did a little research, I found out that they are one and the same.

If you know how to french braid, this hair tutorial is easy peasy. Basically, you are just reversing the direction of the braid. If you aren’t quite as experienced in the french braid department, that’s okay!

I’ve broken down the dutch braid steps and hopefully very soon you will be braiding like a pro! Easy Dutch Braid StepsStep 1: Divide hair at the top of your head into three sections.

Step 2: You will begin braiding, but instead of crossing your strands OVER the middle piece, you will be crossing UNDER.

Step 3-4: After you have crossed under twice, take a section of hair from the side and add into one of your strands. You will cross this section of hair UNDER the middle strand.

Step 5-6: Repeat on the next side, making sure to be consistent and continue crossing under the middle strand every time.

Step 7: Continue braiding down.

Step 8: Once you reach the base of the neck, keep braiding until you reach the bottom. Step 9: (optional) Twist the bottom of the braid around itself into a bun and pin into place. Lovely dutch braid DIY

Looking for more braid ideas?

Easy Dutch Braid TutorialOnce you master the steps, try starting on the side to create a lovely side braid. This technique can be used in a lot of different styles, so keep practicing! xo. Katie

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  • Love this tutorial! I didn’t know what a Dutch braid was until I was maybe 25 years old. I was looking through a book of hairstyle ideas. I felt so silly bc I never knew there was a name for it!

  • I never new there was a difference. Apparently, I’ve been doing the Dutch braid on myself this whole time, thinking it was a French braid! It’s going to be hard to reverse it. Thanks for clearing this up!

  • This was a really nice tutorial! It looked pretty in my hair. Here’s a pic:

  • I just love all of your hair tutorials – I have extremely thick and coarse/wavy hair and loved trying the braids and twists. Last week, I cut it all off and now I have short short hair and all I have to play with now is pomade (which is admittedly quite fun) and cute clips/hair bands. Would love love love to see some styling tricks and tips with any of your friends who have hair on the shorter side. Or I will volunteer!!!!

  • I love this braid into a sort of bun. It could work great for dance rehersals.

  • It is such a beutiful and very simple way to make your hair look like a million:-)
    I like to follow your blog, so many good idées.

    From a interesset mommy

  • I LOVE and live for looks like this!!! Your highlights really pop through and look beautiful!

  • I love french braids and this one is french with a li’l twist..Love it 🙂

  • This is such a beautiful and simple hairstyle! Can’t wait to try it.

  • I’ve been looking for different ways to style my hair lately and this would be perfect to try!

  • That’s beautiful! I never thought of braiding under, my 5 year old will like this 🙂

  • Oh, I really want to learn how to this! I’m so bad with these things though…

  • So cute! I love it with the different tones in your hair.

  • That is gorgeous! I wish I could do this on myself, but I’m pretty sure I’m not talented enough. Maybe I could teach my husband….ha!

  • I love this! I love braids for easy day to day!

  • Such a lovely hairstyle and great idea!
    I’ll try it, for sure x


  • This is super cute!! 🙂 I would be honored if you checked out my blog 🙂

  • so cute! i can manage a normal braid, but that’s about it.
    i should practice more, this is such a lovely hairstyle 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • I only can do a french braid on me and a “Inside-out french braid” on somebody else… Need to practice!

  • This is beautiful! I used to love practicing french braiding my hair and my dolls’ hair over and over until I could do it every which way.
    I will be doing this tomorrow!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  • That is gorgeous. Hair is not my forte, however, and I don’t think I would ever be able to do that!!

    Laura xx

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  • This is the way I naturally do french braids anyway. Doing them the proper way takes a lot more concentration and I haven’t quite mastered it yet.

    I love the styling of the side braid! And I love how it looks with two-tone hair.

  • first, i love, love your app! it is so fun and i use it often to jazz up images.
    second, i love braids! i have long, curly hair and by the end of the day it is either up in a bun or braided so this tutorial is like the best of both worlds; a braid AND a bun! haha. thanks. now i just have to work on my dutch braid skills.

  • I love it! This is actually the only french-type braid I know how to do. Whenever I try to do a standard french braid, it turns out like this. 🙂 Now I know why!

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  • This is gorgeous! Need to make my friend learn how to do it for me!


  • and now we HAVE to try it at make it look so eeeasy!


  • I’m always ridiculously impressed with people who can make themselves braids. my arms hurt after like 2 seconds and I end up just doing my normal ponytail…

  • Oh I just love braids and this style is super cute!

    Lulu xx

  • So simple, so gorgeous!

  • Oh that’s so lovely, I have to try it tomorrow morning! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Ha Becca, I was thinking the same thing! I miss my long hair for this reason:)

  • katie you are a miracle worker! you do such great things, be it with craft or hair! never stop!

  • Ahhh, I absolutely love this! So cute! Definitely trying.

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • This is darling! What a great tutorial! I’m a little rusty on my braiding technique. So fun!

  • how funny, i was just talking to a friend this weekend about doing this. thank you! it’s super cute 🙂


  • We always called braiding this way “braiding under,” and the regular french braid “braiding over.” My mom had three little girls with long hair, and she was the master of braids and other pretty do’s. I still remember being furious when I was in maybe 6th grade and she said I needed to start doing my hair. That’s when I made the drastic decision to chop my butt length hair into a pixie.

  • That looks lovely- and so sunny!

    Here in Germany it’s all rainy all day, so we’re trying hard to remeber sunnier days:

    Have a wonderful day,

    Bambi and Birdy

  • Hi,
    if you want to see more lovely braids, look at! I found that fantastic site when I was looking for a extraordinary braid for my daughter.

    Nice day,

  • Beautiful! I can not wait to try this out. This tutorial is so helpful.

  • gorgeous! wish my hair was long enough for this!


  • I love this tutorial, dutch braid is one of my favorite to do, whether it’s with all the hair or not!

  • This is so cute! My hair tutorials are no where near this fancy but I’m always wanting to try new stuff out x

  • So cute! Wish my hair was long enough to master this- and love her hair color, too!

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