Key Organizer DIY

Keyholder DIYIf you're like me, your keys aren't ever available right when you need them. I seem to be frantically searching for my keys right before leaving for somewhere, which is a pain! I'm sure time management is part of it, but that's a whole other issue/(potential post).

6U8A0976I came up with a solution for keeping a household's keys in a handy spot while providing a key ring/easy grabber for when you're on the go. This project can be done in about an hour and costs less than 15 bucks to do!

-piece of scrap wood (I used a piece of 2 x 6 I had lying around the studio. I hate throwing away wood, because you never know when you can use it for something!)
-1/2" dowel rod
-5 key rings

-2 keyhole fittings

-hand saw

-drill + 1/2" drill bit

Step One: Cut your piece of wood to desired length. I cut mine to 8 inches so it was just big enough for five key rings and so that it would fit the space. You can make yours any size you want, with any number of key rings.

Step Two: Cut envelope/memo groove. I used a handsaw. If you're really handy, you could use a miter saw. Sand.

6U8A1571Step Three: Measure and drill holes for key rings. I centered them and allowed about an inch on either side for breathing room. Drill deep enough so that dowels stay in; you can make the holes as deep as you want. I cut my dowels about 5 inches long.

6U8A1577Step Four: Drill holes at the ends of the dowels and stick the key rings on them.

Step Five: Install the keyhole fittings in the back. I glued a piece of doweling on the back between the keyholes, just so that it would be a more even surface.

IMG_1041IMG_1044IMG_1046Paint the key ring ends and the shelf. Or you can stain, whatever looks good in your space. After everything is dry and looking good, install and enjoy!

Make this key organizer (click through for instructions)I hope this helps keep track of your keys and adds a bit of order to your life.

Happy building! -Josh

6U8A0948Credits // Author: Joshua Rhodes, Photography: Joshua and Sarah Rhodes. Magic print by Elise Blaha/Make 29. Photos edited with Merit from the Signature Collection

  • the key holder….so so awesome…QUESTION.?? Do YOU or KNOW anyone that can or would BE willing to MAKE ME ONE???..

  • this rocks! 🙂 colorful and not as intimidating as I thought it would be!

  • What an awesome idea! I’m so jealous of how creative y’all are 🙂

  • What a great idea! Maybe if I had one of these my husband wouldn’t be trying to remember where he left his keys all the time!

  • Josh, this looks so amaze, I have to get my hubby to build one for me. Totally cool!

  • At first I was confused because I thought it would be impractical to have to take your keys off the pesky key ring attached to the shelf but then I realized that the dowel becomes part of your key chain! How cute to be able to bring around a little bit of that colour with you 🙂

  • SO cute and brilliant 🙂

  • So cute! I wonder how it would look with little pom poms on the end of the wood 🙂

  • I love the bright colors on the knobs! It so great to add color anywhere you can 😉

  • This could be really cute with corks instead of dowels for the keychains!

  • I love the look of it!

  • This is so cool! So clever. It will be awesome to do ombré painting on the key-chains! 🙂

  • Love this cute little project! And I especially love having a handy key-spot!


  • There are also dowels that you can buy at a craft store, and they have a little ball on the end, You could have a craft night and paint yourself on the dowels so every one has a personalized Key Ring! 🙂


  • This is such a great idea, definitely something we need in our household as we’re forever losing our keys!

  • I love this, you guys! Really a great idea, and it looks pretty too. 🙂

  • I love this idea! It’s cute, practical, and it would help me actually put my keys where they belong instead of just throwing them on the counter or leaving them in my pocket. I think it would take some getting used to to have a dowel on your keyring all the time, but I could handle it.

  • this is awesome! I love that it’s also a shelf. I’m constantly losing my keys!!

  • Great project! I make sure to keep my keys on a cute hook by the door, so I always know where they are.

  • So are you supposed to have a dowel on your keychain? I don’t really understand. Super neat idea though.

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