Lola’s Room Tour (Before + After!)

My first room tour of our new house! It’s probably no surprise to most of you moms reading this that I wanted to complete our daughter’s room first. She probably didn’t care as much as I did, but I just had that mom-fueled desire to make sure her space was cozy and happy as soon as possible, and I’m really glad I focused on that first. Reading stories in this room at night when it was the only space in the whole house that wasn’t torn apart was always a soothing time for me, and gave me a vision of what the rest of the house would be someday as well. It also helped that this room needed the least amount of construction, so we could bring it to life a little faster as well. We did change out the flooring when we did the whole upstairs at once and her closet was a major makeover, but otherwise some paint and styling went a long way in this space.

First of all, can I say how much I love this painted daisy wallpaper?! It was the main big idea I had for the room and I really, really love how it came out. It gives the room such personality and makes me smile even when I’m just passing by it in the hallway.

We got Lola a proper big girl bed for this space and it’s nice to have some light wood tones mixed in with the white trim and furniture. The polka dot sheets and duvet also go really well with the wallpaper and add another little pop of the mustard and that rainbow pillow is adorable. I got that kitty print to go over her bed (I just took out the “meow” in Photoshop before printing it) since it feels like a must to have some feline presence around the house (with our two kitties that Lola adores). That leopard was a gift from Nova (similar here) and I think it’s sweet that they both have stuffed toys from each other in their rooms even though they are far apart now and won’t get to play as much anymore … sniff sniff.

Since warm and cozy was the main goal with her room, I got this amazing wool rug so she has a plush surface to sit and play on in her room and I like that it’s a really versatile rug so I can use it other places in the house if I want to.

We brought the dresser from our last house (similar here) and switched the hardware to make it feel a little fresh, and I really love that print for over the dresser as well. We also are still going strong with that kitty hamper (similar here, but how good is this one?) and it still makes me smile to see it.

If you have a toddler/young kid and don’t have the Hatch clock, you really don’t know what you are missing!! Teaching Lola to wait for the green light to come out of her room for the day when she turned 3 (it stays red while she’s supposed to be in bed) was such a life saver, and we recently added a yellow light 30-minute section before it turns green—she can play quietly in her room and read books during that time which she likes as well. I know Elsie has had a lot of success with clocks like this, and well, all I can say is I highly recommend it!! Here’s the link to that cute sun art print, too!

We did a full makeover of her closet and I started with a simple store-bought closet system that I customized to our needs. Having an organized closet for a kid is huge since it makes cleaning up her room so much easier, and she loves that she can go into her closet and get dressed all on her own. Her room is definitely not huge, so having the closet be efficient was also really important to the space.

We love to read with Lola and do our bedtime story snuggled in her bed each night, so I wanted some low-profile book racks to hold some of her current favorites. These kind are especially great when a bookcase would stick out too far and get in the flow of foot traffic, so I love having the book racks and we can switch out her favorites as we go.

Book links: Paris: A Book of Shapes / A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood / A is for Awesome!The Snowy Day / The Bad Seed / One Fine Day

It’s so helpful to keep a kid’s room dark to encourage their best sleep, so we have these thick amazing velvet blackout curtains that help keep the room really dark at night and the gold curtain rods make the space feel extra cozy as well.

We used the same globe light (I love that one!) as her last room and I switched the door hardware with these to give the space a more luxe feeling as well with some more brass touches.

This little shelf nook is super helpful in the room to have a place for books and toys, and getting some cute baskets (similar here) to store toy clutter is an easy way to clean up quickly. I still love that wicker unicorn basket as well!

Overall, I feel like this is such a sweet and happy room and I’m so pleased with how it turned out. It feels sunny and warm just like our Lola, and I can’t wait to keep making more and more memories in this room as time goes on. What’s your favorite part of the space?! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • The room looks so cute!

  • Hey Laura, where are your gorgeous door knobs from? ? Even the hinges and strike plates are gold, so pretty!! ? Thanks!

  • So pretty! love the colours, I wish my bedroom looked like this!!

  • So sweet and inviting! We have the same curtains and love them, especially right now when summer sunshine is still pouring in at bedtime.

    How does Lola like the new big kid bed? How are things going without bedrails? We’re debating rails on our son’s next bed.

    • They are great for keeping the room dark!

      She loves it! We tried a big kid bed at 2 but went back to a crib until 3 when it didn’t go so well and I’m glad we did that. I put her big teddy bear in the sheets on the open side of the bed so she’s gotten used to sleeping with him there so he’s kind of like a guard rail 🙂


  • My daughter is so into dinosaurs lately. Can you share where that cute blue one on the shelf is from?

  • Hi! I loved your post. That rug was a great idea so that the wood floors would last longer. Plus, it’s safer for kids!

  • Hey there!
    I found a link for it here if this is any help!

    Have a great day!!

  • Hey guys,
    I’ve been following Elsies blog since almost the beginning and I want to say congrats on the progress but also give a little feedback. During this time I feel there are big conversations around mental health and showing love to other races and cultures. As much as I love coming to your blog daily, I find there is much love missing in that department. I understand your motto is stay home and make something but it is difficult to feel good about staying home and making something when you guys are constantly showing how your homes are just getting bigger and better every day. Also when I did see a woman’s post about her home (a woman of color) it left me uneasy to see the conversation around her home compared to the conversations around yours. Again it is awesome to see progress but this can exclude a very large audience who may want to feel they can relate in another way. Of course it’s inspiring to see projects or recipes anyone can do, but at the end of the day a lot of these projects can seem they are pointed back towards you guys and how you are rewarded for having this blog. Your outfits are beautiful, you always look insanely happy and on point, but to someone on the outside who is seeking this kind of inspiration and happiness I’m actually finding myself becoming distant with your blog. I used to feel close and now I feel like I am a stranger. I’m sorry if this sounds incredibly mean but I just want to suggest that you really take the time and energy (all that good energy!) to put back into the people who are inspired by your free creative flow and happiness. Maybe showing more variety in lot of ways, people, places etc. I understand there is a lifestyle you are promoting, but a huge part of getting out of my depression has actually been to leave the house and it would be nice if you maybe talked about that too or what is going on around you instead of only in your home. I love Elsie and Emma land, another dimension in time and space, but it would be truly lovely to see you guys promoting other races and cultures and they’re creativity as well. Apologies again for coming off rude, you guys are killing it but I just wanted to share this with you in hopes it could bring some inspiration. Happy making and lots of love, Andie

    • Hi Andi,
      This kind of feedback is welcome here! We are actively working to become a more inclusive community and to promote and support people of color both in ways you can see and in the background of our business where it isn’t visible. We have implemented changes that will be ongoing and even though they might not be obvious every day or in ever single post, they make a difference over time.

      As far as having bigger and better houses than we did in the past- this is true and after much thought I believe it’s best to be honest about our homes. After almost 15 years of blogging (and going from our early 20s to late 30s) we are quite a bit more financially stable and in a different season of life. I completely understand if sometimes people lose interest in our content over time, that’s normal. But I hope it’s obvious that we care very much for our readers and we want to bring something positive and useful to your lives.

      Thanks again for the feedback! :))

      • Elsie, I am so sorry. Thank you so much for getting back, I feel I should’ve been much more positive I love your blog so much. I actually thought my comment would not be public but hey, I put it out there so I appreciate your response and getting back and being open about our discussion! I love you guys and as we are also coming out of a pandemic maybe this criticism is not always necessary and especially right now. Thanks for always keeping a positive safe place for me to come back to and I appreciate all you guys have done and again apologies for being rude. I just wanted to say this to you and no worries if this comment is not posted ! 🙂 Over n out, much love !!!

  • Hey Laura, the whole thing is fun. My favorite is the cheery wallpaper. It just gives joy!

  • Wowee, so beautiful, functional and thoughtful! That is one lucky chick sleeping and living in there. Kudos, thanks for all your hard work and sharing with us!

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