Make Your Own Canvas Portrait!



I love the look of family photos printed on canvas, but I never knew I could make them at home! After transferring photos to fabric, I was super excited to try some pieces using stretched canvas. I hope this inspires some of you to make something special for your home…


Here's how I transferred my photo to canvas:
1. Supplies needed- stretched canvas (I chose an 8×10 size), gel medium (I used this kind from Liquidex), paint brush and the image you want to transfer (laser copy) and a spray bottle filled with water. Remember, your image will print reversed. 2. Completely cover your canvas with gel medium. Use a heavy coat. 3. Press the photo copy onto the canvas and let it dry for several hours or overnight. 4. After your image is completely dry, use a spray bottle to wet the top of the paper. 5. Rub the surface with your fingers until pieces of the paper start coming off. When pieces start coming up your image will be revealed. This step takes patience and is messy! Be careful not to rub too hard as this can remove your transfer on accident. Continue until all the paper is removed and the image is completely visible! 6. Cover your canvas with one more coat of gel medium to seal and protect the image.



Note: You can expect an imperfect transfer. I think the imperfections are absolutely lovely! It's best to choose an image that is not incredibly detailed to work with. Each transfer is different. The more you experiment, the better!


I'm so excited to have this little keepsake for our home. These would also make amazing gifts! I can't wait to make more. xo. elsie


Wedding photo courtesty of Arrow and Apple.

EDITED TO ADD: Wow, guys! We're so happy that hundreds of you have tried this DIY! Some of you have had questions or issues with this project so we wrote a follow up post with more details and FAQ- click here for more information on making your own canvas! Happy Crafting! 

  • Perfect. I just ordered a canvas print and they are crazy expensive!!! This looks so doable. I actually think it looks nicer. Can’t wait to try it!!


  • Amber, I haven’t tried color on canvas. I did try it on cotton fabric, though… check out the link in the post above. XO!

  • Oooh! I totally want to do this with my new wedding photos to use as Christmas gifts! Such a great idea!

  • I absolutely love this! I think it would make a perfect gift for newly weds. I might have to do it for my sister and her husband ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love and Turtledoves,

  • I know this has been around for a very long, long time and it’s nothing original or new but do you ever give credit to the source you get your “ideas” from? Or are we expected to believe you just invent them (as from these comments, we are)? You’re a huge lifestyle/diy blog and would think you wouldn’t, but just been proven wrong.

  • Elsie,
    you have the bestest ideas ever! This is so great and it looks so perfect and lovely!
    I’ll definitely try this one out very soon! <3

  • OH MY GOD! I love you for that tutorial! I was thinking about buying a picture on canvas, but now I can do it by myself! WOW!

  • Just a reminder, using a professional photo that you do not own the rights to would be a bad choice for this project.

  • Elsie, this is great. You’re really making some fabulous projects! I can’t wait to try this one.

  • Elsie, I have been obsessed with this idea since I first read your post on the image transfer pockets you made. Amazing. I am wondering, though, regarding fabric transfers for things that you wear and wash: what would happen if after the image was set and complete, you put it under heat (an iron or a transfer press)? Do you think it would just make a huge mess, or would the heat set the image more permanently into the fabric, which would mean you could then machine wash?

  • What an excellent idea! I had been racking my brain for a gift to take to the inlaws across the country and this would travel very well! Thanks so much!

  • Ohhh fun. I have 4 little canvases around already and would love to do one of each of our pets for a little collection. Such a great idea.


  • I love this! I m going to try it with a couple of my wedding photos and one for my sisters birthday present! thank you so much forthe fabulous idea Elsie!

  • I am so excited about this!!! I have wanted pictures on canvas for so long but they can be seriously spend-y when you have someone else do it. I love the way this looks!! It has a really old antique-y look and I L-O-V-E it!!! Thank you for sharing…you are THE best!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love this idea and can’t wait to try it( (especially with Christmas coming up). Thanks for posting! But I was wondering, does Mod Podge glue count as a gel medium?

  • Q: This is beautiful! Is it possible with coloured print?
    A: Yes. I’ve seen them done beautifully. I might try a colored version next!

    Q: I know this has been around for a very long, long time and it’s nothing original or new but do you ever give credit to the source you get your “ideas” from? Or are we expected to believe you just invent them.
    A: When teaching basic skills it’s *always* true that I’m not the first person to ‘invent’ the skill. Even with basic skills that have been around for a long time I think it can be valuable to produces a new, high quality photo tutorial. Sure, you can find tutorials else where but we are producing them with our unique style and easy-to-follow instructions that my readers enjoy. Some of my readers have never learned about this technique and I want to share it in a way that is beautiful and practical. Also, I want to share my personal tips for basic skills.
    I link other people within the community all the time. This tutorial wasn’t a skill I learned from another blogger, so I didn’t.

    Q: Just a reminder, using a professional photo that you do not own the rights to would be a bad choice for this project.
    A: Good point! I do have rights to my wedding photos. I forgot to put the credit to my photographer up last night (sleepy mistake) so I’ve added it now.

    Q: I am wondering, though, regarding fabric transfers for things that you wear and wash: what would happen if after the image was set and complete, you put it under heat (an iron or a transfer press)? Do you think it would just make a huge mess, or would the heat set the image more permanently into the fabric, which would mean you could then machine wash?
    A: I don’t know for sure if heat setting would work for these, but I doubt it. There might be some kind of treatment you could use, but I’m not sure.
    For the method I taught here I recommend hand washing those pieces.

    Q: But I was wondering, does Mod Podge glue count as a gel medium?
    A: I haven’t tried this, but it would probably work. Maybe try a small sample piece to test it?

    Thanks so much for all the kind comments! I loved making this basic skill and I hope that some of you can make beautiful things with it! XO!

  • Q: what is gel medium and is laser paper just normal printing paper?
    A: ooops.. sorry, i missed you! Gel Medium can be found in the art section. I linked the brand that I use in my post. It can also be called ‘heavy gel’. It is the same thing that I use to seal all my acrylic paintings.
    Laser copies are the ‘cheap’ kind that you can get at a copy store. The kind you print with at home is usually an inkjet printed. If you have a nice photo (photo paper), just take it to the copy shop to get a quick copy for this project!
    Hope that helps.

  • i love this!=] i was wondering if this will work on photos printed with a black/white laser printer or does it have to be a colour laser printer? Thanks! =]

  • Thanks Elsie, that’s awesome, I can’t wait to try this!:D Please keep posting these awesome diy projects=]

  • the gel that u use in this to make it stick is is similiar to mod podge? because i cant find the gel you are using??

  • Hi, Elsie!

    This has inspired me a lot! Soo amazing! Question: When you say “laser copy”, what is that exactly? Can you use any type of photo?

    Thanks for sharing this!


  • this is such a clever idea. am super keen to try it out for christmas pressies. thanks for all your wonderful ideas..and those of your team too.

  • Errr.. this might be a stupid comment but I wanted to make sure before I gave it a go myself – when you apply the picture to the canvas, it’s face down right? As in the photo itself goes onto the gel. Cheers!

  • Thank you, Elsie! Don’t listen to silly people. They are rude. My husband is wearing a super fly yellow sweater today that we bought at your RVA store back in April. Keep on rocking!!!

  • This looks so cool. I want to try it with some colored photos. What type of paper do you print on? Regular printer paper or photo paper?

    Thank you!

  • Such a great idea! I also love the picture you chose, it is so beautiful. You always inspire me to do some DIY projects… Plenty of ideas, now I just need that little push to actually start a project.

    Sparkles And Flare

  • Your directions say laser copy does it make a difference if it’s ink jet?

  • Thank you for this!! I have been wanting to buy one of these for so long, but they are SOOO overpriced! I knew there had to be a DIY way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’ve seen this done recently and fell IN LOVE! The girl I saw do it did it on a wood block though, which is cool too!

  • Hi, I’m from Holland and I love this project, but what is this medium gel you use? Is it some sort of glue or..?? In Holland we put gel in our hair, or is that excectly what it is? Haha, I would love to do this project!

  • I totally want to make a bunch of these but dont have a laser printer, do you know of a place that can print laser photos online?

  • Wow, such a wonderful tutorial!
    This idea seems so much fun!
    I’m gonna try this as soon as I’ve got the time, I’ve got everything I need at home all ready ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Genius! I need to try this on some of my mum’s black & white 50s & 60s photos. What a lovely gift they’d make. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • quick question… I bought everything to do this today, but I have a question about the photo. Does it need to be printed on photo paper or just regular white paper?

    Can’t wait to try it!

  • I love this method! Does the canvas texture still come through on the photo? Also, I have seen other DIY for transfers onto wood and other surfaces…what kind of paper do you print the photo on? No one ever seems to mention that…

  • I forgot to elaborate on my paper question….if you use photo paper, do you use matte, glossy, high gloss, etc or does the photo paper type even matter?

  • Do I really need a picture printed in laser? I only have the normal ink printer. :(:(…. do u think it could work?
    I love the tutorial! Thank u so much!

  • What exactly do you mean by laser copy of the photo? just a regular copy?

  • I’ve done this before!! Instead of using your hands to remove the paper, you can use a kitchen scour. Great arm workout hehe.

  • Thank you so much for this DIY!

    We have a tiny Christmas gift budget this year, but this would be a perfect gift for family! We just got married in April, so I’m thinking maybe doing a few wedding photos for the parents would be a lovely gift.

  • Do you place the photo face down on the canvas?

    This is exactly what I am looking for! THanks!

  • Sorry feel rather stupid, but is a laser copy the one you get from the photo kiosks in places like Walmart?

  • Great idea!

    What exactly do you mean by laser copy? Can it not be a glossy print? Just wanting to make sure I get this right before I use a canvas. Also concerned about the quality of print from a regular laser printer.


  • Tried this last night with regular printer paper, out of a laser printer. I can’t believe how good it looks. The color, the detail in the photographโ€”everything transferred perfectly.

    The only problem I ran into is that I must have rubbed the wet paper too hard, because some of the image rubbed off with it. Oh well, it still looks great.

    Thanks again for this post. It has inspired me in ways you can’t imagine.


  • I am sorry this may be a stupid question but what do you mean by “laser copy?” and also do you put the photo print side down on the canvas?

  • what kind of photo paper do you use? laser paper, jetink paper or real photo paper?

  • This looks like a great idea! For the photo, I saw it needs to be a “laser copy” but should it be on regular paper or photo paper. Also, do you think modge podge would work instead of the gel medium?

  • You can also use a piece of transparency paper to do a gel medium transfer like this. You just print out your image and follow the same steps, except you don’t have to wait over night. You just have to wait a couple of minutes for it to really “move” from one thing to the other, and then peel up the transparency. The result is really cool because the ink kind of floats in the gel medium if you coat it really thickly.

  • I’m wondering where we get a print made of our picture if we want to do a really large size, say a 24x 30?

  • I love this project. I’m thinking Christmas gifts. I have so many images I’d like to display and this is an affordable way to do that.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Can you tell me more about what type of printed image you used- “image you want to transfer (laser copy)” Is that on photo paper, or a home print out on plain copy paper… or an actual glossy print etc.? Thanks!!

  • what exactlly is a laser print. Can they make those at a photo lab?? LOVE this tutorial!!

  • Why not flip the picture on you computer before you print and then when you tansfer it, it will be correct

  • ok so I went to Walmart and printed off copies of our wedding photos on their paper followed your intructions and it didnt transfer at all is it because it was on the photo paper that walmart uses? really disappointed because i spent 20 on the canvas and then 4o for all my photos i got copyed ๐Ÿ™ any advice or help? my email is [email protected]

    thanks Brooke

  • This is great. Definitely going to try it. Couple questions:

    Can I use Modge Podge for the medium? Will a print from just a regular inkjet be okay? And do you place the image ink side down or doesn’t it matter?

    Can’t wait to decorate with these ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is awesome! I’ve looked everywhere to buy the gel medium but can’t find it. Cold mod podge be used instead?

  • This is great! I was wondering if you can do this with anything? I’d like to transfer sheet music to canvas or a wooden block and then paint a quote on it…would this be possible or does it have to be photos for it to work? Thanks for your response!!

  • I just found your blog and am now bursting with ideas. Thank you!

    I really want to try this canvas printing technique but have a quick question. For the laser photo print, do you have it printed on photo paper or just regular paper?

  • trying this right now as i type! I’m trying it on pine with a colored picture. Ill let you know how it goes becaues im super excited about it! I dont know if i can wait the 24 hours for it to dry lol

  • So… This might be a silly question, but I REALLY want to try this!! What is Gel Medium…? And where can I get it? At the craft store or something??

  • I am very interested in trying this project. My only problen is I don’t know where to get a laser copy of a photo. Can you help me ou here.

  • I’m very interested in doing this, I just don’t know where to find a laser print of a photo. Can you help?

  • i have a silly question! when you laser copy the photo, do you laser copy to photo paper or to card stock or something else? I’m just curious if photos printed out could transfer as well… Thanks! (:

  • LOVE this! my friend just got married so i am thinking i am going to make one from her wedding!
    just wondering…is the picture printed on paper? or is it photo paper?

  • What kind of paper do you print the picture on and can you do it with just a regular printer?

  • I am so doing this and I have the perfect picture in mind! I can’t wait! Thanks for the idea!

  • This is amazing, i just transfered an image and used a blowdryer for about 15 minutes instead of waiting. It worked perfectly.
    I also used the corner of a wet tea towel to remove the paper instead of fingers. good if you want to protect the nails!
    Thanks for the idea!

  • I saw this on Pinterest. About how long does it take for the rubbing off part, and I’m assuming a laser copy is different from something you’d get printed at Wal-Mart? If a laser print is a special kind, then how much is it to get one printed? (And then you destroy it when you rub it off the canvas…)

  • I love this!! I added it to my list of “things to do after surgery” on pinterest… and I might have to look into a few more of your ideas! ๐Ÿ™‚

    One Q – what do you print the photo on? Regular paper? Photo paper? I’ve seen some on tissue paper?

  • This is a great idea ๐Ÿ™‚ Can I just use a photo that I printed on my home printer?

  • Hi, I just happened to come across your blog. Lovely project! I am planning on making some. I just had one question. Did you use the Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel, or just the Gloss Heavy Gel? I didn’t know if there was a difference.

  • What do you mean by “Laser” copy of a photo, just a photo printed on regular paper on my printer? Help!! I have everything to do this but not sure on this part, thanks for sharing!!

  • By “laser copy,” I’m fairly certain she means just that: a copy made with a professional-grade laser copy machine.

    I’ve done portraits like these before, and you seriously just need a copy of the picture made on a copy machine. It can be on the cheapest, most plain paper ever. I honestly feel like that works the best!

    Inkjet, photo paper, and others will not work as well.

    I’m interested to hear how the photo transfer worked on the wood that someone commented about awhile back!

  • I am doing this for my mom’s 60th birthday present! I am SO excited. Do you need to use transfer paper or can it just be a laser copy on normal paper?

  • THIS is a great idea. I have the perfect set of pictures that I’d like to do. I’m not super familiar with laser printing … what is it about laser printing that will help this transfer to work properly?

  • Just tried this at home and LOVE it! I do have a question though, how did you keep the paper from warping from the gel medium? When I adhered the paper to the canvas with the gel medium it was nice and flat…..but when I went to check on it 30 minutes later the paper had warped from the moisture……what do you suggest? Thanks for your help and and AWESOME DIY ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Do you need to have the print on photo paper or printed from your home laser printer on normal paper?

  • I did this yesterday and today and it came out incredibly foggy and so soft you can barely make out what the picture is. I followed the instructions and didn’t rub too much when I was taking off the paper. Any idea where it went wrong? ๐Ÿ™

  • this is such a cute idea! i’m going to make one for a wedding gift. what kind of paper did you use for the photo? did you just print it on a laser jet printer?

  • Does anyone have any tips for how to get the paper entirely, entirely off at the end? I keep ending up with a thin, smudge-y layer of paper that is clouding up all my images.

  • This is a great idea! I have a question though. I saw it done on wood as well, but what paper do you use? Regular copy paper or photo paper? I really want to do this on either wood or canvas!

  • this is awesome. do you have to use laser photo prints or can you use photos printed from a photo shop?

  • Do you think this would work on wood at all? Like a smooth ply-wood? I have a large project in mind and this would definitely be cheaper than oil paints!

  • I LOVE this! But let me please ask you something: What do you mean with ‘gel medium (I used this kind from Liquidex)’? I am german and I own some gel for ‘decoupage’ . Is it the same?

  • I was wondering, did you have the picture developed somewhere like wal-mart or did you print it at home on photo paper? Also, what is the exact type of the liquitex? (When I click on the link there are several that show up, and the picture is unclear)


  • I just completed my first canvas and it turned out pretty good. When my son saw the end result, he replied “dang that looks pretty old.” Exactly the result I wanted! Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  • Gorgeous canvas! and GREAT tutorial. I do have a question though. I have an inkjet printer, where do you get the ‘laser copy’ made? Thank you!

  • I tried this twice and my photo came out pink both times. Tried it Sienna and Black and White. Could the gel medium I used be reacting with the ink? Any Ideas?

  • Inkjet printers use ink that soaks into the paper; laser printers use a toner that melts to the surface of the paper, which is why inkjet prints won’t work for this project.

  • I am confused when you say the print will be reversed…so you put the image face down onto the canvas, or up so you can see?

  • Love the idea! This may be a stupid question but do you print the photos onto special paper? I do have access to a Laser printer.


  • Super cute!!! I’m sure this is a dumb question but it seems like all the projects like this require a laser copy of the photo… does this mean just a copy of the photo from kinkos or what? Sorry for the ignorance :/ just want to make sure I’m doing everything right!

  • Just did this but to wood and it worked out awesome! Make sure you don’t get the picture too wet just damp.

  • Does the image need to be laser copy of regular paper or photo paper? I am guessing regular paper?

  • Did you use photo paper or plain printer paper? Love the idea and will try it with pics of my grandkids.

  • Have you tried this without using a laser copy photo? would a normal photo work do you think?

  • Hi,
    I saw a tutorial recently where a gentleman used an acrylic caulk to do this. What do you think of that? The gel medium is a little pricey for me right now and I’d really love to do this.

  • Do you mean a laser copy, like from a copy machine? And on regular paper? Wanting to make these for Christmas presents!

  • Question ~ do I understand the photo must be just copy you printed on the computer? Can you use a photograph that was done on professional photo paper – or is that too heavy? Thanks!

  • LOVE IT. I do have a question. When you say “laser copy” do you mean a home printer version? I was just wondering if you could use a photo that you ordered from a store and then transfered over, would that work?


  • is this technique only possible on fabric/canvas, or does it also work on hard, smooth surfaces like glass?

  • Hi! Love this!!!!! When you say laser copy do you mean a copy with a copy machine, or do you mean a computer print out???

  • I want to make these for Christmas gifts this year, this is such a great idea! Did you use just regular printer paper and inc?


  • Heellppp!! Every step went perfect until the rubbing – so much of the photo came off no matter how softly i rubbed. Do you want the paper to be saturated or just damp? Thanks for any tips!

  • When you say you will need a ‘laser copy’ what does that mean? Thanks! I can’t wait to try this out!

  • Most printers let you print your images as mirror images. That way when you transfer it to the canvas it will look correct.

  • Ok I have a dumb question. You said to make sure it is a laser copy of the
    Could I just use the prints I am getting from Walgreens? Do they develop photos with a laser?
    Inform me! Thanks!

  • I would love to make this for my sister using one of her wedding photos!! I just have a question, I don’t own a printer whatsoever. Did you have a laser printer or did you go to a photo place to get a print?

  • This is really cool. Do you have to use a laser printer? I don’t have a laser printer, but I have a photo printer…

  • hi there, juat wondered if this only worked with a laser print photo? will inkjet not have similar results?

    great idea by the way

  • Just a quick question, this may be dumb ๐Ÿ˜› but do you use photo paper, or regular printer paper? I don’t want to mess this up, it’s a gift. Thanks!

  • This is awesome! But when I try it I’m going to reverse the image on my computer before I print it out so that way when I put it on the canvas it will be the right way! haha (:

  • if one were to add paint accent, would u do that before or after the transfer?

  • I’m having a hard time getting all of the paper off without it also taking the picture off. If I coat it will gel medium (after getting as much paper as I can off) will it then dry clear the way it looks when I spray it with water? Or will the paper dry underneath the gel medium?

  • I printed my picture on the laser printer, but it came out so light.

    Will lighter prints transfer well- if I’m printing it from Paint, is there any way to darken it up?

  • Love the concept, just one question. The “laser copy”, is just from an inkjet copy or home printer or is that something you order?

  • Just wondering about what a ‘laser copy’ of the photo is? I am thinking its a copy of your image but printed on a home printer? Thank you, great site.

  • I just did it. The picture looks really clear when wet and it seems Ive removed all of the paper…but everytime it dries it becomes white. Any suggestions?

  • What kind of paper did you print the picture on? I tried this and it didn’t turn out right! And does it have to be a laser printer?

  • I love this idea- but I don’t have any way to print a laser copy of the photo I want to use. And it needs to be on paper, correct? So maybe the Kinko’s near my apartment could do it- but I want to make sure I have the right kind of photo copy first.

  • This may be a silly question but where can you get laser copies done at? I would LOVE to do this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love this. Thanks for sharing… I’ve pinned it on pinterest, so that I can come back to your site for more details when I do some of these for my daughters upcoming graduation party.
    Thanks again!

  • very cool! I am wanting to try and see if this will work on ceramic/marble 4×4 tiles to make coasters. What sort of paper should the photo be laser printed on?

  • I have a question. What kind of paper do you need to have your photo printed on? I’m planning on doing these for Christmas gifts!

  • hi, i really want to try this before christmas?!?! what exactly do you mean by laser print photo? thanks!

  • Elsie- You say on here that you used a laser print. Will it work okay with a normal printer print??

    Thanks so much for your answer.


  • I don’t have a laser printer. Will this work with ink jet?
    Thanks! Beautiful project!

  • bummer. mine didn’t turn out. i left for an hour and it looked fine and came back and it look completely faded…like i hadn’t taken the paper off. i wonder if the actual transfer got TOO wet? if you have time and suggestions, can you email me [email protected]


  • What does laser copy mean exactly?? Tried it an didn’t work… but just used a normal photo

  • I have some stuff called Royal Coat Decoupage finish. Will this work? Sorry I am a beginner and Im still learning what I can use some things for lol. Thank you for your help.

  • When you say lazer copy, what kind of photo paper do you mean? Just regular computer paper?

  • I’m so glad I stumbled across this on pinterest. I’m obsessed with canvas art but it’s way too expensive for my blood. I’m going to give this a try as I already have a lot of canvases around the house. Thank you!!

  • Does it require stretched canvas? I have a canvas but im not sure if its stretched.

  • ok so this might be a dumb question but what do you mean by a laser copy of the photo? I have a laser printer, is it just a photo printed on normal computer paper using a laser printer?? Im new to the whole crafting scene and just need a little help ๐Ÿ™‚

  • When you say the print needs to be a laser copy, does that mean you printed it just from a laser printer at home? Or did you actually get the picture printed somewhere?

  • does the print need to be a photocopy on normal paper or an actual picture on photo paper? thanks. really wanna do this and want to make sure im doin it right.

  • What Ive learned so far from doing this: be careful with the edges of the paper. Dont glue it all the way down, and dont let the gel medium get thick around the edges, it dries that way and looks icky. Leaving a border is not such a good idea. Wish I knew a way to finish the edges on a portrait of my grandson. Its an adorable photo but the edges are not even and I dont like the white. What to do?

  • Where do you get a “laser print”? Is that just a picture printed off of like a home laser printer??

  • Just wondering if it has to be a laser copy or if it can be done with an ink jet printed copy of the picture?

  • Thats awesome! When you say laser copy did you use the actual photo on photo paper or a copy of it?

  • Does it have to be a laser print? I have an inkjet printer. And if it DOES have to be a laser print is there anywhere that uses laser printers that I could have print a picture for me (office depot, kinkos, etc?) ??

  • Liquidex you can get from just about any craft store. Just ask for “gel medium” and they’ll direct you. I don’t think it REALLY matters which one you get (heavy, super heavy, gloss, matte, etc) It can be expensive but you don’t need much for this project so just buy a little thing. I don’t think mod podge would work as well as it is used to stick paper to various products so the paper may not rub all the way off. The gel medium is different and its prob best to use gel medium.

    A “laser copy” is just a copy of whatever image you want to use PRINTED ON A LASER (not inkjet) PRINTER ONTO PLAIN PAPER -NOT PHOTO PAPER-. This isn’t rocket science.

  • If you want to have the print on canvas the “right” direction, would it be possible to scan the photo onto your computer, and then reverse the image? Just seems like if you want the photo not to be reversed, there would be a way…just a thought!

  • What kind of picture do you use?? It says a laser print…is that just a picture printed on a home laser printer? Do you print it on regular paper or picture paper?

  • I’ve done this before with a piece of wood and both images that I did came out great! Such a fun and unique gift idea as well.

  • I did some black and white canvas photos….after I rubbed the paper off there is a yellow tint on the canvas. Can you tell me maybe why it’s doing that? Thanks!

  • does the photo have to be a laser copy? Where can i get a laser photo from? Can i go to a walmart or cvs and use that to transfer it on canvas?

  • Is the photo just printed on regular paper or photo paper? I’m totally trying this!

  • I just tried this idea, and for some reason in some spots the color pink is visible even though it is a black & white photo. Did you have this problem?

  • Ok so I’m trying to do this with some engagement pictures, and I wanna make sure I get it right. For the laser copy photo, where can I get that printed for me? Can Walmart/Walgreens do that? I see they do glossy or matte finish prints. Is a matte finish what I would want to have ideally?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great instructions!

  • I love this project!! I have a question, though. I’ve been stuck on step 5, and can not for the life of me get all of the paper off! I’ve even tried gently “scrubbing” with a wet washcloth, which helps, but I still have little paper fiber lint all over the canvas. Does the sealing coat help with that? Or am I missing something?

  • I have a question – when you say ‘laser copy’, are you referring to a computer-printed image?

  • This idea is really cool..I just tried it though & for some reason there is a tint of green. Did this happen to you?

  • I did this! Thanks for posting. It was fun and I did it with my students. I used Matter paper — can you also use GLOSSY? Also we came to the conclusion that if you use a thicker coat of gel medium it comes of easier the next day. It is time consuming and messy – but very cool and vintage looking!

    Thanks for the post.

  • Thanks for the adorable idea!

    Because I couldn’t find the Liquitex product, I used this one: . The rest I did exactly the same, but when I had to rub the paper off, I either pushed too hard, so I accidentally took off the trasnfer in some spots, or I pushed too gentle, so that very thin layers of paper remained on the canvas, making the transfer completely visible when wet, but extremly blurry, almost imposible to distinguish the image, as soon as it dried out.

    When I wet it again, the image was again very clear and visible, so I tried to rub off the extra layers of paper on some spots, but as I insisted, the transfer started comming off again.

    What do you think was the problem? Help? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks in advance!

  • So the image you use is not a printed photo, but instead a photo copy of a photo made on a laser printer/copier?

  • Awesome idea! What are the chances of me failing at this? Haha I would love to do this as a gift for my parents but I’m worried I’ll spend the money and completely screw it up.

  • I just finished making my own… It turned out absolutely awesome! Tearing all the paper off was super tough – I’m not positive I got it all off though ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haha. Thanks so much for the instructions!!!

  • So is it printed on photo paper still? It has to laser not one that I order off shutterfly or anything?? I want to try but the photo ihave is one I ordered off shutterfly and afraid of eating a piece of canvas.

  • Elsie, I am so excited to try this!! These will make excellent gifts for my daughters’ best friends and the grandparents. You are an amazing, creative talent. Thank you for sharing!

  • Does the picture need to be printed on computer paper or can you use an actual picture?

  • Can’t wait to try this! Thanks for sharing such easy to understand directions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am going now to purchase the supplies… I can’t wait to try it…Thank you so much…Your photo is beautiful…

  • When you say laser copy of the image, do you mean just a copy on regular paper with a laser printer or on photo paper?

  • Really want to try this.. Will it work with printed photos from Walgreens, Target etc.? Or will the chemical process not work with it? Thanks!

  • hey i did this and after it dried it had a foggy sheen over the photo that i could not get to go away. Did you run into this problem and do you have suggestions?

  • this is amazing and i’d love to try it! is there an alternative to the glue you use? i’m from the uk and shipping for the glue alone to here is around ยฃ10!
    thanks x

  • Is there a particular type of photo paper to use? Love the idea but when I tried it the paper wouldn’t stay saturated enough to peel it away.

  • What kind of paper did you use?! I have a laser printer, but should I print on regular paper or photo paper?!

  • Do you use like regular computer paper… I just did it and realized i used photo paper… don’t think thats gonna work! DANGIT.

  • So I know this is probably a stupid question, but what is a laser copy? And what kind of paper do you use? I am making some of these for Christams gifts!

  • I tried this and the contrast in the image is gone… the black is very gray. The image looked nice when wet but not when it is dry. Elsie’s example image has a lot of contrast in it.

    Does applying the gel medium on top darken the black in the image?


  • So cute!!! I am going to try this! Thanks for sharing:) You are always such an inspiration:)

  • Is this printed on just regular computer paper?? I tried a version of this where you printed it onto tissue paper and mod podge it on the canvas, but the tissue is so delicate I had a lot of wrinkles and a few smudges.

  • extremely difficult and a waste of time..

    ruined and just ended up modpodging the picture on the block of wood. easy as that.

  • the photo’s, are they paper? or that glossy photo paper stuff, want to make this for my sister, i love it ๐Ÿ˜€ x

  • How did you make it so the print didn’t come off? I tried it and some of my print came off, also does it looker nicer when it dries?

  • I tried this and couldn’t get it to work for some reason ๐Ÿ™ I followed the directions and can’t figure out where I went wrong? Now I just have pictures glued backwards to a canvas.

  • definitely doing this one, so excited. do contrasty images work best? and is it photo paper? i’m kind of persnickety, must know all details ^_^ these shall be x-masy presents!

  • I tried this, and I couldn’t get it to work. can you be more specific on what kind of paper/printer to use? I tried it with photo paper and printer paper and neither worked.

  • guess i’m not that persnickety since EVERYONE asked the same question, ha! we just happen to have both a color and b&w laser printer where i work so yay me! i’m going to get cracking.

  • I was wondering, as a European reader, would PVA glue be the same as the gel medium you suggested?

  • I love this idea, but I have a question! I drew a picture for my boyfriend and I was thinking about transferring the drawing (Which is just a piece of computer paper drawn with a pencil and colored with color pencils) Would this transfer well since it’s not inked?

    Thank you!

  • I did a search on Liquidex – what is the difference between this and Mod Podge? Could you use that instead? Love this Idea – Gonna give it a try!

  • Its amazing! But I must say I’m trying it right now and the rubbing it off stage is harder than I thought. Any tips?

  • If you don’t want the picture to be reversed, just print the laser copy in reverse. Select T-Shirt Transfer or some other reversed print option in your printer settings, or if you have a photoshop like application just flip or mirror the image so that it’s reversed on your screen and print.

    BUT – WHAT IS THIS GEL you speak of? If I go into a hobby store and say I want medium gel are they going to look at me crazy?

  • Quick question. Did you use photo paper? I’m assuming you did but I guess I was just a little unclear on that part

  • Looks great!
    Did anyone already try if it also works with ink-jet prints and a water-based medium?
    i don’t have a laserprinter..?


  • this is the best! question though: when you say Laser Copy of the photo what does that mean? Do I have to make a copy on a laser printer? If so does the type of paper I use matter?

  • Hi Just found you today though the article in Create for Less. And have spent the last hour going through the site, love it, love it!! I have attempted something similar to this, but want to ask, what type of paper are you using? Is it matted or glossy photo paper?

  • Hello! I love your creations and I would love to do this. I am from Mexico and here do not sell “Gel Liquidex” could be replaced by other glue? Answer me please my question, I really love to do this painting โ™ฅ

  • Where did you get a laser print? Is this something I can just get done at any photo kiosk?

  • This is wonderful! I have one small question though! Does mode podge work for this? Also, Can i transfer images from regular printer paper to the canvas? Thank you so much! This stuff is beautiful!

  • I discovered this post via pinterest a few days ago and decided to try it. My canvas is drying now, so we’ll how it turns out….thanks for sharing!

  • This will sound silly for all you creative people, but for this newby, can someone please explain what you mean by (laser copy)?

  • cool idea! i will definitely try this! is the gel medium you used the same as a transfer medium?

  • It’s really super cute!! Just a question: can you explain what exactly is gel medium, please? Is it kind of glue? I dont know if we have it in italy, maybe we do, but i dont know… Thank you soooo much, and wish you a great 2012! I hope to start the new year making this fantastic canvas portrait!!
    hugs&kisses from rome, italy

  • Sorry to sound ignorant, but what do you mean by laser copy of the image? Do you take the original photo somewhere that has a laser copier?

  • This really is a cool idea. Just wondering, can you use any picture? Like a regular photo? Thanks!

  • what type of paper did you print the photo on? and can you just print it at home on your printer, or do you have to take it to a copy store?

  • Love this! So, by laser print…you mean a photographic print from your laser printer on regular thin paper, or an actual photographic print on photo paper? Help!!:)/Johanna

  • I went to try this, but I think I ran into a few bumps. Is your laser image printed on paper or regular photo paper from the store? I had issues rubbing off the paper and was not sure what you suggested.

  • I tried to do this and my photo didn’t come off like you explained. A laser copy is printed from your computer or a professional lab? Also, when you lay down your copy you put the photo down on the Liquidex, right? Do you put more liquidex over the back of the photo?

  • Can you use a picture on regular computer paper or does it need to be printed off on photo paper?

  • I can’t wait to try this! My daughter is getting married in June and I would like to take a few of their pictures and fix them for her!

  • I just finished my second attempt. The first didn’t turn out so well so I thought I’d share what I found. 1. Regular white paper from a laser printer. 2. When you spray it with water, give the first intial spray a good coat and let it soak in. 3. Rub the remaining paper off with your middle or ring finger (you don’t use as much pressure). 4. I also dipped my finger in water when it was getting dry and there wasn’t much paper remaining. Hope these things help! It works great, going to try it on wood next :).

  • Good evening Elsie,

    I discovered your blog two days ago and now i’m mad about it…
    to read it often will make me improve my english, i’m french and i don’t have often the opportunity to speak or write english.
    I’m very keen on sewing, cooking and i found a lot of good ideas there yet


  • What is a laser print and what kind of paper did you print onto?? I want to do this so bad.. Thank you

  • I just tried doing this. It was printed onto a normal piece of paper, and it was looking good, but after it dried, it looked foggy. Like there was still paper on it. However, if I try to rub more, it just takes off the picture. Did it still look foggy even though a little visible when you were done? I don’t know if I go ahead and put on the coat of gel medium if it’ll show up after that and not be foggy anymore.

  • I love this idea, where did you get a lazor print. I have called around town and no one uses lazor printers. Thanks for the great ideas! Can’t wait to try this!

  • Okay, so I’ve tried this twice now and it came out bad both times. The first time it was like I was looking at the photo through a cloud, so I figured I didn’t take enough of the paper off. So the second time, I rubbed more and too much came off. But it doesn’t even look crisp in the parts where it didn’t come off. So I came back and read the instructions. I see you say it needs to be a laser copy. I think my in-laws have an ink jet. Do you think that could be the difference? Thanks! Can’t wait to make one the comes out right!

  • I just tried this project & had a big fail, the entire image just peeled off – does it matter what type of paper the laser image is printed on? I used photo paper, and the image was in color. The canvas was also laminated to a board – is this my problem? Any tips would be super appreciated as I’m living overseas in Kenya & don’t have access to any craft stores.

  • What kind of paper was the photo printed on? I printed my B&W on regular copy paper – in retrospect, I should have selected “grayscale” when printing because even thought it was black and white the image has tones of red and green.

    The paper seemed to come off correctly but because of the odd color distortion I was wondering if maybe I had done something else wrong.

  • Awesome idea! Just one question…does it matter what kind of paper I use? Like can it just be regular printer paper or does it need to be photo paper?

  • This is very adorable..I attempted it without any luck:( is there a certain type of paper you print the photo onto? I used my color injet printer on photo paper…It dryed overnight and when I peeled it off, nothing stuck to the canvas:( Any extra tips would be greatly apperciated!!!

  • Does it have to be a laser print? Does Staples or Walmart use laser printers for their pictures?

  • do you just use a regular photo that you print like at wal greens from your camera

  • I combined this with your Lyric Wall Art idea! This blog has been such an inspiration to me. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I took a friend’s engagement photo and made one as part of their wedding gift. It is beautiful. I struggled with the pace…I got the paper TOO wet to start with and then the ink came up, but when I went MUCH slower…the effect was rustic rather than blotchy. It took me a couple hours to remove the paper completely. Do you have a recommendation for making that step less time-consuming? I was probably doing something wrong.

  • You really can’t do this with a colored photo for all who asked above. The tri color process used in printers and most copiers will leave you with only the top layer of color once you’ve peeled the paper off. I tried it yesterday without thinking about it. If you print your image at home especially, make sure your printer is set to black ink only. I will be posting the results of the one I redid later this week if anyone wants to see the results. – Leah

  • i m lost at what kind of paper to print pic on ..are u using printable fabric or photo paper

  • For the photo do you have it printed on regular photo paper or plain white paper

  • would you be able to use prints from an inkjet printer? whats the difference betwwen laser and injet(or walmart prints)

  • This looks awesome… when you say a laser copy of the photo what do you mean exactly. Just because right now I basically get all my images printed at walgreens or something.

  • You are incredibly talented. Wow. Thank you so very much for sharing your talents ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Does the photo have to be a laser print, or can it be from a desk jet printer?

  • What kind of paper is used? I am just becoming crafty and not quite sure what should be used as it wasn’t listed in what we’d need.

  • I just found this post- this is so neat! Definitely doing….how/where do you get a laser copy of a photo?


  • This may be a stupid question, but if I’m going to try this, I want to be sure I’m using the correct materials – when you say laser copy of the photo, do you just mean an 8X10 photo or what do you mean by laser copy?

  • Hey just wondering- is this copied on photo paper or just plain white paper? For the picture- before you put it on canvas !

  • Love the pillow video.
    So cute and easy tho I might just have to watch the video again to be sure. lol
    Think I’ll make these pillows for my 2 granddaughters who both have birthdays soon. They’re getting harder to buy for, way out of our budgets, so I try to make them things.

  • When you say laser print do you just mean a black and white copier? Do yo use regular paper to print the picture on?


  • So I tried this but I can’t get the last layer of the picture to come off…any suggestions?

  • So I tried this and I can’t get the last layer of the picture to come off…any suggestions?

  • Its gorgeous! Seeing endless ideas with this! I am wondering though how you can get a laser copied image? Thanks for your help

  • Wow, this is fantastic. I’ll be going straight to Michaels after work!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • I want to try this project but I can’t find gel medium in the craft store or hardware (I live in the Philippines). Is there an alternative? Or is it called by another name?

  • Can you tell me if Mod Podge is the same thing as the Liquitex? I have some of that on hand and would like to try it.

  • just tried with a color copy, turned out just as cool as the b&w. very cool and easy ! Thanks for sharing!

  • I have been wanting to put my photos of the California sunset on canvas forever. Thank you so much.

  • Can I ask a dumb question?? How did you format your photo to be 8 x 10. I am having a heck of a time doing that!
    Lovely idea and tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚

  • When you print the photo does it matter what kind of paper you laser copy it on? Is regular paper ok or does it have to be photo paper?

  • I tried this but didn’t work. Do I use regular paper or photo paper???? I used photo n it wasn’t getting wet n when it did it was peeling off the pic??? Help????

    [email protected]
    Please let me know.

  • I used to do that all the time back in college! I think I’ll start doing it again! REally loved it at the time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Something I descovered… if you print onto a transparency sheet, you can get a great transfer without having to peel all the paper off! you can still make it have a distressed look by not pressing it down into the gel medium evenly, I actually wanted a pretty clean transfer so I used a brayer to smooth out and remove any bubbles.

  • I was wondering what kind of paper you need to print the photo on? Regular paper or actual picture paper??

  • I dont understand what
    kind of gel? where do you get it? I want to try this!

  • Does it work with an ink jet copy?
    I love the project but don’t have a laser copier so I would be a laser copy at a copy store?

    Love the project! Can’t wait to try it!

  • hi there elsie! wondering if inkjet printed copies would be alright to use instead of a laser copy. thanks in advance!

  • Having trouble getting all the paper off and getting a clear image. Any suggestion whatI may be doing wrong.

  • I tried this but the pic isn’t quite working… did yo use matte or glossy? does it matter

  • I am absolutely going to try this for my office, I love the look. Plus, I have the perfect photos in mind. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  • What is the picture you used printed on? a professional print or just on normal paper that I would print on my home laser printer?

  • This is wonderful. I think a series of these would be perfect for my wedding- a lovely alternative to the cliche slideshow. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maybe a total blonde question, should the photo be on the transfer paper or just a photocopy?

    Thanks for the great tip!

  • I tried this and am having a problem with it- I have sprayed and rubbed the paper off my canvas at least 5 times, and every time it dries, you can see all the paper left on it, so the whole photo is extremely faded. Is there a fix for this?

  • Ive been wanting to try this! Thanks for the instuctions! and also Love you Name!! My baby Girl is named after my mother who is also Elsie!!You never hear the name too much!

  • Lovely! One question! Could you use Modge Podge as the gel medium for this, or no?

  • Wow I love this so much! Do you think doing this on a larger canvas with multiple pictures would work?


  • I’ve been looking for an idea like this-I love canvas photos. But does it work with an inkjet printer or only a laser printer?

  • This is so great! I tried this project this past weekend and when I applied the last top coat of gel medium it stayed a hazy white. Is this normal and will take a while to go away or did i do something wrong? It has been sitting for 24 hours and still has that white haze on it. I used the brand you recommended. I would love some insight on this please. Thanks.

  • Just thanks…Right now is what I need, nice things made by someone like you ;). It’s being a hard time and your blog make it easier.

    xoxo from Madrid(Spain)

  • I absolutely loved this idea and couldnโ€™t wait to try it outโ€ฆ but Iโ€™m not sure where I went wrong because it didnโ€™t turn out the way yours did. Can you specify what type of paper your photo was printed on and exactly what kind of gel medium you used? I was a bit overwhelmed by the options when looking at my local craft store.

    Thank you!!

  • I am planning on trying this and I was wondering if Mod Podge will work for the transfering of the photo?

  • can just print the pic in reverse from the puter. just do mirror image ….. used to do this with fabric transfers….

  • do you know if it works with normal print (deskjet/inktjet)??

    xx from holland ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I only have an Inkjet printer?? Where can I have photos printed with a laser printer?

  • Hey there. i cant wait to try this. just one question. I live in New Zealand and cant come accross any gell. where would you recommend i look for it? and if it is a different name, then how would i explain it?! thanks so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • many kinds of gel medium. Gloss, acriylic not sure what to order? thanks Jan

  • Great idea thanks for sharing!i love crafts and i’m always looking for new ways of being creative…you have inspired me!:)

  • how do i get a laser copy of a photo? and is stretch canvas something i could find a walmart?

  • Hi, this is great – thanks for the idea! I’m curious, will this also work on other surfaces, such as paper materials, or does it only work on canvas and fabric?) Thanks in advance for your help!

  • I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…. mine keep turning out bad. What kind of paper are you using? I’m getting a bunch of wrinkles in them as well as the detail not being very great. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong. there was ONE that turned out wonderfully. But, it’s so hit and miss. I try doing this with wood, but the faces blend into the wood. ugh, this is so frustrating me so badly

  • I am confuse what you mean by lazer copy. Can you explain this to me? Thank you. I love this project!

  • So I tried this and It dosent work for me, I would really really like to do this so can you help me understand what I am doing wrong?

  • I love this awesome idea!! I need to have the picture enlarged first to desired size? I am sure thats a yes..but I still have to make sure.

  • This works great with colored pictures. The only bad thing is the few imperfections are quite noticeable but are small. Just be gentle when rubbing and very generous with the water. Love


    HER “SPECIAL” DAY IS JUNE 23RD, 2012!!!


  • Will it work with photos printed Forman inkjet printer? Is it just printed on regular printer paper? Thanks! This is gorgeous!

  • Question: what will happen if I print the pic on an inkjet printer and not laser copy?

    I only have inkjet printers, as do my friends.


  • Does it matter what kind of photo paper is used? because i am trying it right now (step #5, where you wet the surface and rub the paper off) and it isn’t coming off! blurgh!

  • This looks relatively easy and so cute! Have you happened to try to overlay two pictures? i.e., a picture to put into the background, and then subjects? I assume it would be possible to lay the gel down, and your background picture, and such. And then instead of doing the gel to seal it, it’s a gel to put the second picture over…?

  • I did this last night with color! Works beautifully! Thank you for the information!!!!!

  • Thanks, Elsie! I loved this as soon as I saw it and then finally got around to making it for a Pinterest Challenge this week. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the great tutorial and idea. I’m excited to make more for some gifts.

  • Can you do this with an actual photo on photo paper or does it have to be like a picture you print off on regular computer paper?

  • Just wondering what you mean exactly when you say “Lazer copy”? Do you put it on photo paper and will just an ink jet home printer at home work?!

  • Probably a stupid question but do you use a regular photograph or a laser ink-jet type photo you print on printer paper?

  • Ok 3 canvas peices later and mine still isn’t coming out right! The first 2 was cuz I had no patience to wait I was too excited lol…thought for sure the 3rd would come out…
    the 3rd one the coloring was perfect but some how like one whole face came off the image when I rubbed…what am I doing wrong!? Please help…and email me because I have no idea how to check back here lol

  • I tried it and it didn’t work ๐Ÿ™ I printed my photo at wallgreens? Do i just print on a regular piece of paper or photo paper?

  • I tried it and it didn’t work. I printed my picture at Wallgreens, is it not suppose to be on photo paper?

  • What do you mean by laser copy? A picture printed at home on photo paper? Love this! Can’t wait to try!

  • I have a canvas but it has already been painted on. Would it work if I painted it over white and then tried the photo process?

  • This seems really neat!
    I have a canvas but it has already been painted on. Will this still work if I just paint over my canvas with white paint then try it?

  • Would this still work if I had a canvas that was already painted and I painted it over with white paint?

  • hello this is a wounderful idea i know this is a few months old but can you use mod podge? i have mode podge gloss and was wondering if it will work the same way thanks for the tips

  • I’ve tried this method on wood… I couldn’t make all of the paper come off. I want to do this on canvas, but am afraid of the same result. Any suggestions?

  • try printing picture on tissue paper as well. Tape to card stock and run it through your printer. Apply picture onto canvas. I’ve made tons! Love it!

  • I am sooo excited I came across this post! What a wonderful blog! I wonder, when you say you used a laser copy, does this mean a photo you photocopied onto paper? or an actual picture on picture paper? I suppose maybe you cannot transfer an image off of photo paper?? hhmmmm….thank you for any help ((:

  • just wondering if this was a pic you photocopied onto regular paper using a photocopier? could the image be transferred to canvas if it was a regular color photo on picture paper? thanks (;

  • I made one for my boyfriend for valentine’s day and he loved it. Thanks so much for the inexpensive and heartfelt idea ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’d love to try this! Just one question: when I print my photo on the laser printer, I’m assuming I use regular paper as opposed to photo paper… right?

  • I have a photo copier but it’s not a laser photo copier. Does that make a difference? My husband said he thought the ink would run. Do you know if it has to be laser or can it be ink jet?

  • I stumbled into this and was SO excited to see this! I have been looking for methods to do canvas prints of some of my digitized artwork and was hoping to donit at home rather have a printing company do it. You have just become my homecraft hero. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Is there a special type of paper that the image should be on? For example, photo paper, regular paper or a special transfer paper?

  • Love the idea! Question though…did you laser print the pictures on printer paper or photo paper.

  • This is such a cool idea!!!
    But I was wondering if you used like an actual picture from like walmart or costco or if you printed it onto paper from your own computer?

  • Elsie, could you please tell me which gel medium you used exactly? i live in a country where we don’t really have access to these things, so i’ll definitely have to order it from amazon, but the list you linked is endless, and i guess they all serve different purposes.

  • Did this project last night. Tips and lessons learned.
    1. Don’t forget your image is reversed LOL. I put a very nice saying on one of my photos to realize this morning that it is all backwards. Whoops… I’ll paint over.
    2. I used one of those orange nail emery blocks from the pedicure shop to gently remove the paper. I’m not very patient and needed a tool. It worked great to gently take off the paper.
    3. When I got all the paper off I took the canvas to the sink and ran it under gentle stream of cold water and got the last of the paper off and got it nice and clean for gel top coat.

    Thanks for the wonderful project!

  • Absolutely love this! have just finished it my first try and apart from a few holes it’s turned out great ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I just tried it but I’m having trouble getting all the paper off. It makes a very hazy image. Any suggestions?

  • This is awesome totally wanna try!!!
    But what kind of photo do you use? Is it just a regular picture or a printed one off the computer to paper?

  • This might sound like a stupid question but I’m new to the DIY world ๐Ÿ™‚ did you just print your photo on a laser printer or take it somewhere to be printed?

  • love this idea! question – when you say Laser Copy of the photo, do you just mean a picture that’s printed from a laser printer? (sorry, i just want to make sure I have the right material so I don’t screw it up!)

  • Where did you get your canvas and laser photo? I really want to try this.. It’s super cute!

  • I can’t wait to try this but I was wondering what a laser copy picture is and where you get your canvas?

  • YOU are LIVING MY DREAM! Thank you for sharing. I’d like to become your blog friend.

    ottotot, bab’z

  • What kind of paper do you use photo, regular copy paper???????

  • You can also use wintergreen oil to transfer images. It works extremely well, but smells very strong.

  • stumbled upon this and just wanted to say thank you so much for the inspiration! I transferred print outs of photos I took of my kids’ preschool and kindergarten art projects. Super cool to turn them into ‘high’ art with a personal touch. I did color, and I can’t believe my kids’ crayon and marker drawings now look like beautiful, bright museum paintings!

  • Help! What is the difference between the lasar photo and regular photo? Is this just a poster print? I would like to try this but just need to know what kind of photo because my printer cant do anything this large.

  • this is amazing…. but I have a question… you say to use a laser print… I only have a ink jet…. where can I get a laser print??


  • I absolutely love this project! I was too excited about getting it started, that I didn’t pay attention to what TYPE of liquitex to buy. It turns out that the ‘glazing medium’ works really well too! Thanks for such a wonderful idea!

  • i tried this, my photo didn’t work… where can i print photos to help me do this project?

  • Hi guys, great blog, I use a version of this chemical called dylon image maker(its for making t-shirts) you can paint/draw etc underneath..I’m sure you could try this with your stuff too.. a close up of where i used a black and white photocopy and the colour was from paint beneath..hope this helps you expand your experimentation..tip: can be lovely to reproduce “tinted” photogrpah effect on old black and white photos

  • i love doing this! i incorporate a lot of photos in my mixed media paintings. i’ve never tried just doing a photo by itself. must try!

  • This may be a silly question…but where do you get the laser jet copy from??

  • I just tried this today, thank you for this creative idea. So many fantastic artistic inspirations here for a girl who is reconnecting with her inner artist/writer. THANK YOU

  • Need some help! My image transferred beautifully but when it dried it looks covered in fog. I spray it down with water again and it looks great again until it dries. I checked my steps over and over again and to my knowledge followed your directions. What am I missing?
    Thank You

  • I trying this out! What type of paper should the original photo be on? I was going to use regular glossy photo paper but it looks like in your tutotial photo’s to be a thinner paper.

  • Hello, I love this and am going to do it…wondering tho…do you use pictures that are printed on photo paper? or regular computer paper?? wondering because of the ‘rub’ off step…not sure if premium photo paper will rub off??


  • Does it matter what finish the photos are (matte, gloss, etc) i tried to use this technique to transfer a photo onto wood and didn’t have good luck. maybe canvas would be easier? i just don’t want to spend the money on canvas and have it not work out! thanks

  • Kind of a stupid question…. do you use a normal photo? or do you need a special print? im confused by the laser copy and photocopy wording and not quite sure. Really want to do this anyone able to help?

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  • I have a question… I went to Target and had 2 8x10s printed and went through step one and this morning when I went to remove the paper, the whole image ended up coming off. I do not understand!! AH! Help please

  • Do use an actual photo or a printer ink copy? You mentined a laser copy, that’s why I ask. I am excited to try this.

  • Did you ever get to a point where it was just shiny material and stopped being able to rub anymore off? I think I hit a plateau and can’t take off anymore layers :/ did this happen with anyone else?

  • I am having trouble finding Liquidex. Can anyone tell me where I can buy it or another brand (other than online)? Thanks!


  • Awesome idea. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Can’t wait to try it out and make amazing gifts and especially some for myself. Thankyou

  • I tried this and had a terrible time getting all of the paper off, and also with smearing. Any advice?

  • The picture looks really great! I have a question, does the picture have to be printed on a laser printer? And, what is the printing media, transfer paper or photo paper?” or something else? Thanks!

  • Not surprisingly, I immediately went to Amazon to purchase the gel and find that they offer more than one version. Can you tell me exactly which one you used? I can’t wait to try this.

    Thanks, Debra

  • Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have gone a bit crazy and made up about 6 canvases so far, the problem that I’m having is once the picture dries there is a white film over the top of the image, I wipe it down but it comes back when it’s dry. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong!!

  • Hi

    I just want to find out do you have to print the image on photo paper or should it be normal paper?

  • ่‹ซๅฐ็‰งๆตทไธŠไฟๅฎ‰็ฝฒใซใ‚ˆใ‚‹ใจใ€้‡ฃใ‚Šๅฎข๏ผ”ไบบใฏใ„ใšใ‚Œใ‚‚็™ปๅˆฅๅธ‚ๆกœๆœจ็”บใซไฝใ‚€้‡ฃใ‚Šไปฒ้–“ใงใ€ๆญปไบกใ—ใŸใฎใฏ่‡ชๅ–ถๆฅญใฎไธญๅŽŸๅ’Œๅฝฆใ•ใ‚“๏ผˆ๏ผ–๏ผ”๏ผ‰ใจไผš็คพๅ“กใฎ้–€็”ฐๅฏŒๅคซใ•ใ‚“๏ผˆ๏ผ–๏ผ”๏ผ‰ใ€‚่กŒๆ–นไธๆ˜Žใฏ็„ก่ทใฎ่Šๆฑ ไน…็”ทใ•ใ‚“๏ผˆ๏ผ–๏ผ•๏ผ‰ใ€‚่ˆน้•ทใฎๆฒข็”ฐใ•ใ‚“ใจใ€ใ‚ขใƒซใƒใ‚คใƒˆใฎๆธก่พบๅšๆ–‡ใ•ใ‚“๏ผˆ๏ผ–๏ผ—๏ผ‰ใฏไฝŽไฝ“ๆธฉ็—‡ใฎ็—‡็ŠถใŒใ‚ใ‚‹ใŒใ€ๅ‘ฝใซๅˆฅๆกใฏใชใ„ใจใ„ใ†ใ€‚

  • I love this idea. I have a question though… would modge podge work just as well, or do you recommend using the gel medium?

  • I just did. It work not perfect but your are right u can’t rUb to hard. Next one will be better. Thanks for sharing this technique

  • Is a laser copy the same as a photo print that you would order from walgreens or is it a special kind of printing. Can I use a developed photo that I have, like just a regular photograph?

  • Does this transfer also work with colored pictures? And can you transfer it onto scrapbook paper? Thank you for the greeat idea!

  • Does the print have to be printed on photo paper OR reg printer paper? I love love love the idea!
    Also, will Mod Podge work for the gel medium on gesso board?

  • Does the photo need to be printed on photo paper? Sorry I didn’t understand when you said laser copy.

  • Does the picture need to be printed on photo paper? Sorry didn’t understand when you said laser copy. I just love the idea!

  • Love it and tried it today! So how do you keep the black ink from running together and making the white spaces gray?

  • I did this and after it was all dry it has a purplish white glow to it, is there something I can do to make it more clear and glossy?

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve seen directions for the transfers before but they weren’t as “doable” as yours! I cant wait to try it!

  • Did you just use a laser copy from your printer? Using regular copy paper? Or is there a special kind of paper I need to use?

  • What a great idea!!! Ok, I tried this last night and I must have got the wrong laser copy because it did not work. What did you use for a print? I used some family pictures that we had and it did not work. Please let me know any suggestions you have?

  • this is so cool! I cant wait to try this! Did initially print the photo image on photo paper or printer paper?

  • Wondeful idea! I’m extremely intrigued and I want to try this myself.
    I googled the Liquitex stuff you used, and came up with a few more results than I was expecting. Any chance you could tell me WHICH one you used specifically?
    Thanks so much!

  • First this idea is AWESOME….but I do have perhaps a silly question…. When you are talking about a laser copy does that mean a photo copy or printed from my computer printer??? Thanks for your help !!!!!! Can’t wait to try !!!!!

  • what do you mean by ‘gel’ and ‘laser copy’ (is it printed by computer printer?) i’m spanish-speaking, from Argentina, but love the blog and would love to try it !!

  • Just wondering what exactly is a laser print? Is it different than a regular picture you would have printed at any store?

  • This same process works on wood, as well, and looks beautiful when the texture of the grain shows through a little bit. I didn’t know it worked on canvas too! The way I print on canvas is a lot more difficult. Thanks for making life easier!!

  • Hi I love this idea!! I was wondering if this would work on watercolor paper as well…or would it only work on canvas?

  • Hi! I was wondering what you meant by “laser copy”? (Sorry, I’m new to the world of crafting and all things Pinterest.)

  • I’m so glad that I found this space, so have so many fun ideas! I’m so excited to try this out during the holidays hehe but I was wondering if the images needed to be a laser copy. Will the effect be the same if I were to use normal images on paper? Thanks for sharing and I’ll surely be following this space for more interesting DIYs ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey there,

    I just tried your technique and it didn’t really come out. What kind of paper was your photo printed on? Your image seems so clear whereas mine is mottled and blurred. I used a simple black and white picture too.

    Any thoughts would be helpful! Thanks!

  • do you just get the photo printed from cvs or do you print it on normal paper?

  • So is this possible with color pictures if the color saturation is increased?

  • Did you use regular printer paper or the special glossy type photo paper? This is a great tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hey there,

    I love your project and recently tried it. However, my transfer definitely did not look like yours. I was wondering what kind of paper was your photo printed out. I couldn’t get all the paper off of my canvas and the photo ended up being pretty smudged. Any suggestions would be helpful.


  • This is gorgeous, and simple! I’ve used transfer gel for other things, but i’ve never thought of using it for a full sized image! I’m so inspired!!!!! I’m a Denver Realtor and I might just use this idea to stage the houses I’m working on. Nice personal touch ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I’m totally going to try this out! When you say laser copy of a photo, what exactly do you mean? Would an 8×10 printed out from riteAid work?

  • the photo copy is on picture paper not a ‘photo copy” from a copy machine right?

  • I love this idea!!! I can’t wait to try it! I have some what of a silly question; Is a laser copy just a picture printed from a regualr printer? Or do you have to go to like staples or office depot to have one made? thank you for your time.

  • Actually, your photo would do well as a watercolor cubaese you could “swim” that tree line into a wet sky and get neat effects.However, I would think the BEST way to handle this picture is to do it in shades of grey with a pencil. Using a soft 6B pencil and a hard 6H pencil alternating the details. The path/road winding up the hill is great. However, your photo is very monotone. There aren’t intensive whites or intensive blacks. Squint at the photo and 80% of it is the same value. It has a neat moody feel to it .which would lend itself best in pencil/graphite. If you choose paints, you have a very high chance of getting a lot of muddy colors that’s why I vote for a black and white pencil drawing. Just my humble opinion! Best wishes .References :

  • Good tpciure!Hair. Ha, ha. Your hair in that tpciure looks pretty darn good to me. I have that curly, curly hair that will never look kempt. Seriously. I wake up looking like sideshow bob (simpsons show) And that’s no joke.LA. Hmmm. I don’t have anything nice to say about that. No offense to LA girls, but I’m an East Coast, cold loving, prefer the mountains wilderness girl. Unfortunetly I only have the East Coast thing going for me right now with 3 months of cold.

  • can you use a photo from like walmart or does it need to be printed on paper?

  • I just created one of these, but the picture is very faint and seems to be disappearing even more. I left to gel to dry for six hours. How to I get the colors to stay and not fade?

  • What works better, if your laser print is on photo paper, or regular paper? Such a great idea, I’m definitely going to try this!

  • Love it and going to try it soon, I’ve been looking at the gel mediums and there’s afew different kinds,matte, acrylic, semi gloss, which do I use??

  • this is awesome! what is a laser copy? a normal photo or a printed out from a printer?

  • I am so excited to try this. But i do have a quick question for you. I want to transfer a black and white photo to canvas but I want the canvas to be black. Can I paint the canvas and then transfer the picture to it??

  • Does the print have to be laser copy? Would it work if I just used an inkjet printer?

  • Might be a dumb question but when you said a laser copy of a picture do you mean a o=picture you copy onto a paper from your computer, or a professional pict?

  • Hello, thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. I loved it. I’m writing you from Brazil and I have a little doubt about this tutorial. You used ‘gel medium’, I don’t know what that is here in Brazil. Is it like varnish? Maybe if you told me exactly what it does, I could find a similar thing over here.
    Thank you!

  • This is an awesome idea! I’m thinking of making this for my friend’s baby shower! She’ll love it!

  • I love this so much… I’ve been wanting to try it since you wrote this post, and am finally trying it now!

    Question though, is your laser copy on computer paper, special paper, or photo paper? As I’m looking at mine I’m worried it won’t work. ๐Ÿ™

  • Hi, I attempted this but mine did not turn out very well. Did you print your picture right from your computer?

  • I tried this and it came out great until I added the final coat of the medium gel. When it dried it was so white that it detracted from the transfer. Is there another coating you could recommend sealing it with?


  • This site is amazing. in 5 minutes I have added 30 million things to my to-do list. YAY!!! But I have a photo in mind right now for this!

  • I just stumbled on this now… the link for the liquitex that you used no longer works. do you mind sharing what type you used? thanks!

  • Just a quick question do you add more medium gel over the print once you have placed it on the canvas???

  • Hi,

    I have a question about the laser copy of the image. Is it done using a laser printer? Is it on photo paper? This looks like a great project.



  • so trying this! ty for introducing me to a new method because I have a few links bookmarked and they don’t do it this way. This way seems way simpler! (as I don’t mind little imperfections..)

    is there a particular paper that you used? (heavier weight, etc) or is any old printer paper ok.

    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Does the image need to be printed on photo paper or just regular paper? And will any gel medium work? I live in Australia so I usually can’t get my hands on the same brands.
    Im so keen to give this a try!

  • I love this! But can you use something other than Gel Medium???
    Thank you for the idea ๐Ÿ˜‰ Xx

  • This may be a silly question, but is a laser copy one from a laser printer?? Or a xerox machine?

  • I’m bummed you can only do it (successfully) with a laser and not an inkjet ๐Ÿ™ I think most people have inkjets? I could be mistaken but I think they are more common for home users, etc. But oh well…next printer I get will be laser. I’ll just have to try to do a transfer using the other methods I found…more complicated tho.


  • Thanks so much for posting this. My aunt taught me this 30+ yrs ago but I didn’t know what her supplies were.

  • im 10 and i really want to try it and i asked my mom and she said ok im exited thankyou for giving the tip cool pic u used i love the imperfections it maes it look old and ccol thx for the tip !!!

  • Ok, so I am trying to do this with photos I had made at Walgreens. The paper is thick and I am not sure this is going to work. You meant pictures made by my printer?? Help!


  • Excited to try this – one question though – does it have to be a laser copy or can I use and ink jet copy?

  • Is there a particular type of canvas needed to do this project? I love this! It’s absolutely beautiful!

  • This looks like a wonderful art project.

    Two questions please:
    Can you use an actual photograph? It seems that your directions are saying a laser copy, but I can’t imagine that would leave the picture behind.
    And what thickness of gel medium do you use? Your link shows “heavy” as well as what seems to just be “gel medium.”

  • Does it have to be a laser-printer copy or can a high-quality inkjet copy work?

    And do you use the regular, or heavy weight of the gel medium?

  • Can you please share…Was this just normal copy paper you used? Or was it a special kind?

  • Thank you so much for this! Question!!! If you mess up (which, I did, Ugh!), what would you suggest doing if you wanted to reuse the same canvas? Try to rub everything off and start over? Or paint over it with white paint, and start over?

  • Does the picture need to be printed on plain/regular paper or will glossy photo paper work too?

  • does the pucture have to be a laser copy ? what if the pic is on kodak paper ?

  • Hi, I tried this and had a couple of problems. I only have an inkjet printer so not sure if that was part of my problem. I printed my picture in gray scale, brushed on the gel medium then placed the picture as instructed. The picture bubbled in long lines. Tried as I may I could not work them out. I was hoping as it dried they would shrink up and go way, most did not. After it was dry the paper was all pink. As I sprayed the water on and was removing the paper the picture has a green hue all over and since the bubbles did not shrink up they are there with a pink hue. Any advice? I was so hoping to use this project for a wedding. Thank you!

  • I love your ideas and I have done this a million times and they all turn out great. But last night I was getting a canvas wet and was going to start removing the paper when I noticed more paper was coming of than before. It is a black and white close picture of my son. His lips came off and other parts of the picture. Unfortunatly I will not be ale to use the canvas. D,o you have any suggestions to help me next time and can I reuse the canvas? If so how do I need to prep it for another adventure. Thank you

  • I love it. It’s gorgeous. Thank you so much for the tutorial, I searched on Google, and you came up! So happy I found your blog! xo

  • would mod podge work as the gel medium? this is awesome!! I just need to find a place to print my image on a 16×20 paper lol. Any suggestions since I shouldnt use an actual photo?

  • Amazing idea! I never thought of trying this, thanks for the tutorial!

  • Would Mod Podge work? l love this it will make perfect Christmas presents ;D

  • I just used this as a birthday present for someone and it’s so much fun! I had a blast!! thanks for idea!!!

  • This is beautiful! Do you think Mod Podge would work as the gel medium?

  • Did you print the original photo yourself or have it printed somewhere?… should it be on photo paper (glossy… semi-matte.. matte…etc)or copy/printer paper

  • Hi! I came across this and would love to make this for a friend as a wedding present. I just want to make sure I understand what you mean by “laser copy.” Is this something I would get printed at a kinko’s? Is it photo paper or regular paper? Thanks so much!

  • Does the picture need to be on photo paper rather than standard printer paper?

  • What kind of paper did you print the photo on to? Plain paper or photo paper?

  • What can I say other than add YOU ARE BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing this I can use it fast!

  • Is that just “regular” computer paper? Or is it actual photo paper? I feel like it would be regular, right? cuz of the water element… I just want to make sure before I waste ink… I’m good at that. lol

  • Hi! love this. When you say “laser copy” of the photo… do you mean printed on regular printer paper? Or could I use a photo that was printed at Walgreens or such?


  • Would it work with an inkjet printer (as opposed to a laser jet printer like it says)?

  • Hi Elsie, Do you think this would work on a wood block instead of canvas?

  • LOVE THIS just made a few for my Mom, Grandma, and Sister-in-law for mothers day! THANKS!

  • Can I get my pictures printed at Walmart, or walgreens or do I need them printed in some special way?! Thanks!

  • Okay, I have a silly question.. it says “laser print.” Do you mean on normal paper or photo paper?

  • Was the photo still wet when you applied it to the canvas? Will it still work if the image has dried?

  • Made this using a picture printed on normal printer paper on my regular printer (which I am pretty sure is an inkjet) and it turned out great!

  • Do you know where I can make a photo copy that will work with this project? I just made an 8×10 copy at Walgreens…followed all the steps onlky to realize that there is a smooth plastic-like layer before I get to the photo, so it won’t work.

  • Ok, so Im not usually a big, do it yourselfer, lol. But I really want to do this for my friend as a wedding gift! So my question is, what do you mean by a laser copy picture? Is that like a picture I would get printed off at walmart?

  • Elsie I tried this out last night (it’s been on my “I want to-do” list for a ridiculously long time) and I had some trouble with the black ink bleeding into the white areas. Did you have any trouble with that? I’m wondering if I needed a thinker coat of Mod Podge on the bottom, is Mod Podge the wrong product, should I have left it a few more hours?

    Thanks Elsie!

    xo Devon

  • ilove your blog! this is an awesome project that i will for sure try! thanks for the idea!

  • Hi I love this idea. Could you get a glossy print from CVS for the image? or do you have to have a laser copy from home?

  • Does the copy have to be printed on a laser printer or can it be ink jet? And does it work with normal 4×6 photo prints?

  • hii i did it by my parents picture but didnt work good!in step 5 when i try to rub paper all my pic came up!!!

    but i love your wblog! kiss

  • How do you print a laser copy of a picture? Is it a special printer or do you use special ink? Thanks for the tutorial, I would love to try this!

  • Hi! I tried this today and everything worked out okay except everything turned green. I used plain paper, should I use photo paper???

  • I feel sorta strange asking this since I usually know these things… but why exactly should we use laser copy? And what exactly is it?

  • Hi,
    I tried this and failed miserably the first time. I’m still going to try again because I could definitely see how it would look great if I can get it right. How did you get the striped effect on your rubbing? Did you rub with something other than your finger?

  • I have tried this on 3 seperate canvases…. And I can’t seem to get it to work… :/ it seems simple enough- but I’m obviously doing something wrong! Help!

  • I’ve been doing these for the last year as gifts to my wedding photo clients. I always love the unexpected results!

  • could mod podge be used? i’m going to do a photo collage for a friend’s graduation present, and i’m trying to do it as cheap as possible. basically, i’m not completely sure what a gel medium is (i’m new to this craft business!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I LOVE this! I’m thinking of trying to make a big one – 24 x 36, but so far I’ve only found places that print that size onto real photo paper. I’m assuming you did this on regular paper. Any chance you ever tried transferring from photo paper?

  • Hey Elsie ๐Ÿ™‚ how do you get photo’s to ‘laser copy’? Absolutely love this idea and am so keen to try it!!! Julzz zx

  • I have tried this so many time’s and I still can’t get it to work right, I do not know what I’m doing wrong.. I use the gel medium and black and white picture’s and it just won’t work, I let it dry over night but I can’t get the paper to come off without the print coming off, if anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong that would be so great. I love this project just can’t get it to work..

  • fantastic! does it matter what kind of paper the photo is printed? I have one I’d like to try that is printed on card stock instead of photo paper. What has worked best for you?

    Thanks for posting this amazing DIY!

  • This is great! Just wondering, when you say a “laser copy” for the picture, what do you mean by that? Is it printed on a home laser printer or is it a regular picture you’d order from Walgreens or something like that. I’d love to give this a try!

  • does this absolutely have to be laser printer or does inkjet printer work as well?

  • Sorry for the silly question but is this on regular paper or photo paper printed on a laser printer? Thanks in advance this is gorgeous!!!

  • I am so excited to try this. One question – did you use a special kind of paper or just regular white paper?

  • This is really neat. Can’t wait to try it! Gotta find the perfect picture!

  • i just ordered the gel – now i have to buy canvas and find a laser-printer ๐Ÿ˜€ it’s going to be a great gift – at least i hope so ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the great idea!!!

  • You can also paint over the transfer with watercolor or acrylics for a painterly look.

  • Does it have to be a laser copy? Can I just print it off my computer or does it not work with ink? Thanks. I”m going to make a collage of my wedding pictures so I’m doing at least 6 of these. Such a great idea! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • do you happen to know if mod podge would work instead of gel medium? beautiful blog btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rita R Niederkorn – JOHNSON FAMILY!Love my Johnson’s! That is the most beautiful prituce of Aiden how you captured his blue eyes with the tint of blue in his blanket! Alexander! awesome! Great photos of the family with the boys both crying!You do a fabulous job,keep up the good work!

  • Angie – I am pretty parital to the Angie & Tanner picture but my vote is for baby Kylie! I cannot wait to have JenniferA Photography capture our baby pictures someday!! You do such fantastic work and are so wonderful to work with!!

  • jerry michalski – Very innitesretg work, you capture the moment. I am PaPa Rev and live in Millersburg Ohio in the heart of the largest Amish community in the world. It is hard to keep tabs on the band remotely. You do a wonderful job of bringing your subjects to life.Love to purchase the Starbuck Underride Artwork. Please let me know the details.

  • – Madness!!! This is your month friends ..KILLER KILLER sraped on you guys. You are like centerfolds (hahahaha!) Your wedding is colorful awesomeness and of course I love seeing the face of a dear friend looking back at me and reminding me of that year we took on Venn. All good .ALLLLLL GOOD! Many blessings for 2012 hope God blows your doors wide open!

  • Love #10 and I will never forget the story you told about that day! Also, love your tmpaletes for albums! Next time you’re in KC I hope run into you so I can give you a huge hug, Bobbi!!!

  • Love the pink mitre saw. The Handy Goddess and assistant Tina put Bob Villa and matser carpenter Norm to shame. Also, I can’t believe you’re not turning down marriage proposals (and other proposals proper and improper) left and right.

  • The nightly you are lileky running is 4.0b8pre since the tree on Beta 7 build was closed earlier this week. Beta 7 should be out sometime in November. possibly as early as this coming week. RC1 is lileky what won’t be until December.

  • I love this so much! I was just wondering, would it work the same with PVA glue? Thanks x

  • Is this done with regular computer paper or with photo paper? Thanks!!

  • THANK YOU!!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for a couple yrs and stumbled upon this post! So excited and can’t wait to try!

  • HELLO this is really awesome! Was it just plain printing paper, or photo paper? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is really cool. Did you use plain printing paper, or photo paper? thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hi, I just discovered this amazing diy. I have a question though. I live in Denmark, and are uncertain about this gel. Is it a glue or is it some kind of lacquer?

    It would be nice to know what to tell the the lady in the store ๐Ÿ™‚

    Again, very nice picture!

  • is the “gel” some kind of glue or lacquer?
    I have never heard of that (maybe itโ€™s because I live in Denmark?)
    Very nice picture

  • I love, love this idea! I tried it and it was super easy. One question though….Why does the picture when dry look so fuzzy? The original and copy were not fuzzy. Could you let me know how to fix? Thanks for you tremendous ideas!!!

  • Could you use Mod Podge as a medium? That is what I have on hand.

  • This is really pretty! — Is the picture that you use printed on plain copy paper or is it regular photo paper?

  • I would love to try this with a family portrait, but I have a quick question. Do you print the picture on photo paper or regular paper? Thanks!

  • Hei guys im from Germany ans i cant find this gel medium in shops :/
    For what do u use it normally ?
    Is it for letting the paint dry slower or faster or to make it transparent?
    Because if i knew i would One from another brand …
    Would be so cool if i got any answers from somebody who knows about that…and im sry for my English…its so bad :/
    Xoxo Leo from Germany

    Ps:i love this Blog and im looking everyday if theres sometjing New ๐Ÿ˜›

  • This does not work as easily as I thought it would. I love the idea, but the gel medium does not adhere that great, and as soon as you add water it becomes extremely slippery. I tried this with a color photo, but I don’t see how it would be different with black and white. What thickness of paper did you use? As soon as I added water the paper did not seem thick enough to separate from the photo. I also tried an 8×10, and it seemed like exposing the picture would take quite a while. Wish I could have an in person tutorial on this because your photo turned out beautifully!

  • I tried this with color photos, and they turned out amazing. I’ve told everyone I know to try ’em, too. Can’t wait to make 100 more!

  • I have a question…I am trying to do this and I ordered prints from Walmart…the backing of the photo is slick and seems to just repel water (Which I suppose is a good thing…except for this project) Did you use a certain type of paper?


  • I’ve done this in college, but using emulsion paint. We did ours on fabric. I’ve never thought about doing it on canvas though, I’m going to have to try it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Has anyone tried an inkjet transfer? Why must the print be laser and not inkjet?

  • I’ve tried this twice now and I always end up tearing the picture off when i rub the paper. Are there any tricks to this step that maybe I’m missing??

  • Laser copy? does that mean on regular paper and also not necessarily from my home printer? I really want to do this for father’s day but want to make sure i get it right! Thanks!

  • I love this! Just wondering, is there any other types of gel to use? And what exactly is the gel?

  • So if it’s a laser copy does that mean I shouldn’t get it printed off somewhere? I have a printer but I am not sure the image will be great but should I print it off from my computer? I really want to do this! It’s such a cute idea!

  • Can you do it with color??? Can I paint the Canvas with acrylic brown, let it dry completely then add the photo with the steps you have posted?? I want to do this for fathers day!

  • This is an interesting way of creating a canvas print, I work in a large Canvas Print company and we use large format printers, but this is a much more artistic and personal way of doing it.

  • I wonder if you could use Gesso instead of the gel…Awesome project ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Can’t wait to try for many

    of the walls in my home! Why have someone else’s work in my home?!

  • Hey Elsie,

    Came across your amazing blog a few days ago (oddly enough a few hours after I made my own coffee syrups, just to notice you did a post on that too!).

    i’ve tried this last night / this morning, and did 3 in colour and one in black and white. They all seem to have a shade of green in them, and aren’t anywhere near as vibrant as yours! It’s kind of like I need to turn up the contrast – of my eyes! haha

    Maybe the ink I used had a green tinge, not sure.. but have you any tips on how you made your colour so vibrant? The only thing haven’t done yet is the final coat of gel medium, maybe this will bring out the contrast a little more? I’ll let you know!

    Thanks again for the amazing idea.. love it.
    Mic x

  • I need help! I tried to do this and it just didn’t work for me. I think it’s the kind of photo I used. If you could help me out I would really appreciate it!

  • I tired to do this, but it didn’t work…I got my print for target…I take it thT is not
    Considered laser printed?

  • I tired this with a print from target & it did not work…suggestions?

  • Please help! I’m trying to do this & it’s not working. I got my print from target…is that not considered “laser print” thanks so much!

  • I am having a hard time getting all the paper removed…any tips?!

  • is it printed out on paper with a laser printer, or some kind of actual photo print?

  • I can not wait to try this! I have so many photos and canvases that I can use! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi,

    What a great idea! Has it have to be a laser print copy for the photo image? Any special reasons? Will inkjet copies work?


  • Love this idea….attempted it, but failed ๐Ÿ™ Not sure that I used the correct type of photo. When you say laser, is this supposed to be like a photocopied image? I actually printed out a photo from the store on photo paper and only half of my image transferred? I let it dry overnight and sprayed the water as well…..?? Any suggestions? Thanks


  • Hi! I think this is such a great idea. When you say “laser copy” do you mean a print that is printed out on a piece of photo paper or on a piece of normal copy paper?

    Can’t wait to try this!

  • You said “gel medium”…I’m guessing mod podge wouldn’t work?

  • What if I totally messed up the picture?.. Can I reuse the canvas? Can the image be removed?

  • this didn’t work for me. I’m bummed. I want to try it again though. I worked with a water bottle but couldn’t seem to get all the paper off. It left behind so much residue and I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it all. what did you use? your finger, nails?

  • This is one of the best websites/blogs I’ve ever seen. Martha Stewart eat your heart out! LOVE IT. -thanks!


  • can i use elmers glue instead? i dont have any modpodge or Liquidex in my country..

  • I have wanted something for a gift for my parents that they don’t have, they are 81, healthy. on the go, and if they want it they buy it. I am going to try to do this with a picture of us three kids. they will love it. thanks., you are so talented!

  • What is a laser copy of a photo? Does that mean simply printed out on paper? or on photo paper?

  • wow!thanx so much for sharing this! definetly i’m gonna try it out.

  • Hey I love this idea and can’t wait to have a go for myself. I’m trying to work out what the gel medium is and where I can get some, is it like gesso? xx

  • Do I have to use a paper copy or will it work from a picture?? sorry for confusion….

  • Is there any chance these will withstand rain? Or does anybody have any ideas of something to put over top of it so that it can get wet?

  • Love this idea and I have a question: by ‘laser copy’ do you mean a photocopy of a photograph? I just did my 1st trial one and just printed a photo on my printer at home but the details seem to get lost and the colour isn’t as bright. Also, is all the paper supposed to rub off?? Thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I just LOVE IT!

    I can’t wait to make my BUNCH of new project!!! thanks so much for the sharing!!!!!

  • Elsie – I can’t seem to find liquitex anywhere around town. Do you think mod podge would work or would I be better off ordering liquitex online?

  • Do you know of anyway to transfer a photo onto wood?
    And what is a laser copy? Ha. I’m so lost, but I’d love to do this for a gift for my dad!

  • I just made this today and it took me forever at least 2 or more hrs and I couldn’t get all the paper off, as well the canvas was starting to show through. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I Love this idea and would like to make more of these.

    Thanks Georgette

  • IT LOOKS SO GOOD IN MY OFFICE!!!!Everyone has been going nuts over it. And they all want your info. And then I tell everyone- just kniddig she is leaving for two months Miss you.This whole work thing blows.

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  • I am in South Africa, what is the gel you use for the canvas transfer, is it modge podge? Thanks

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  • If I photocopy lettering to add to my picture will my letters come out backwards?

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  • This is amazing! I just stumbled on this site today,and I just loooove it! This may seem like a stupid question, but I noticed the imaged needs to be a laser copy. Does this mean photos printed from an inkjet printer will not work?

  • I got married recently and my wedding invites were little canvases! My husband and I designed our invites and the wording for it, inverted the image (mirror image), printed it on paper and then transferred it to the little canvases with modge podge. It looked awesome and everyone loved it…oh, they still do, cause its not like any other invite that just end up in some drawer… ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved making them!!

  • Ib4d love for you to come to Chile but you give me a pretty good resoan to go to Buenos Aires. Anyway, if you can PLEASE COME TO CHILE! Ib4d get to see you twice I love you so much!!

  • >I cannot wait (as you know) to find out what the sex of this baby is. Ooooh, I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait. btw- do you have names pkecid out? I haven’t heard anything about that, and I keep forgetting to ask!

  • I tried one last night but the picture was printed on regular white paper. Did you use photo paper? I cannot get all of the tiny pills of paper to come off no matter what I do – wondering if the paper type makes a difference. Thanks!

  • Does the photo need to be on photo paper? I have a photo on a digital camera i want to use and don’t know if i should get it laser copied onto photo paper or just regular paper.Thanks!

  • I love this project! I am having trouble with the paper though. Every time I think I have it all off, it starts to film up again. Then when I wet it, it looks perfect. Did this happen to you? How do I fix it?