Marigold’s Nursery Tour

Well, it’s been a month since we were matched with our little lady, and to be honest, it’s still sinking in that in a few short months we’ll be parents to a 1-year-old girl! This room is a combination of what we have loved and used in Nova’s nursery, a few hand-me-downs, and a couple new pieces. The result is pretty simple and, most importantly, a room I cannot wait to live a new chapter of our lives in!  For several months, I checked vintage shops, flea markets and Craigslist for a vintage dresser. I didn’t end up finding one because the size we needed was pretty small, and maybe just a little too specific. So I ordered this dresser (similar here) and painted it (the color is Privilege Green by Sherwin Williams) and I added wicker knobs, which I found on eBay.

Collin did the shiplap on two walls, which made the room feel instantly cozy! I absolutely love it!

The hanging chair is from our first home—this is the third room we’ve used it in and it’s still going strong.

The floral fabric is from our collection and I was so excited to see how authentically vintage it looks. I hand-painted all the shapes myself and our designer Mara worked her magic on them. Hopefully I can squeeze in a few more fabric projects for Marigold before our wait to travel is over.

The first gift we received for Marigold was this amazing weaving from Rachel. The tiered basket is from Xinh and Co (one of my favorite Nashville brands!).

Just like when we were waiting for Nova, I sometimes just wander into this room and look at the tiny shoes and clothes and dream about holding our daughter. I know it will come soon and I’m truly not an emotional wreck (like I was last time), but it’s still not easy to wait months to meet a child you’ve already given your heart to.

The little dolls are from Blabla kids and the greatest fluffy throw ever is from CB2.

I found these wicker butterflies on eBay and I thought they’d be the perfect way to carry on the theme since I used wicker animals in Nova’s nursery and the kiddo bathroom as well.

Moving along, we used stick on wallpaper from Chasing Paper. And I was happy we were able to use Nova’s crib (that she never slept in even one time) for little sister’s room.

I did my best to do this Honestly WTF DIY. The morning of this shoot I was going everywhere trying to find a cat brush (it’s a part of the DIY, haha) and I never did find one. I may try later, but also I may just leave it like this forever. It was fun to make!

These little cuties are from Cuddle + Kind.

I was having a tough time keeping these shelves tidy, so I added all the baskets and it’s been great ever since. There is a basket for almost every kind of toy (Legos, blocks, dolls, musical toys, etc.). I got these from Xinh and Co as well.

So happy!

Here’s how we built out the closet. It wasn’t expensive and it makes a HUGE difference in the usefulness of a standard closet for storing children’s clothes. My absolute favorite part of the entire room is this chandelier from Lucent Lightshop. It looks like a daisy from below and is just so incredible!

I knew this space needed a soft, cozy rug. It’s SO soft! The adorable swan stuffed animal is from here.

Thanks so much for reading! I am so excited to bring our little bundle home. Thank you for your endless love and support! xx. Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Amber Ulmer. Project Assistant: Collin DuPree. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • This is a beautiful room!! And the way you handled the closet space is PERFECT. Do you remember where you got the dresser itself? My little girl found this and has been BEGGING me for a matching closet. Her heart is set on a dresser just like Marigold’s

  • Hello! What color did you use for the walls? It compliments Privilege Green so well!

  • I’ve learned so much from your interior design posts – most importantly, how fun it is to take risks and adapt a piece to suit your needs! Do you have any tips on painting furniture? Everytime I paint anything I end up with a streaky final product, and your finish on the dresser looks amazing. Thanks!

  • So beautiful! I want to change my daughter’s room too and have already bought all cute and stylish furniture that we need 🙂
    Also I want to buy a good humidifier, cause she has a season allergy and problems with sleep. I believe, that the right humidifier will help. Hope, she will be happy 🙂
    Thank you for some cool ideas!

  • This room is gorgeous Marigold is going to love it!!! I recently found your blog via the parents magazine article and I am so inspired by everything. Have you already posted about how you created this phenomenal closet storage system? It is so perfect and exactly what I would want to do—as long as it isn’t too expensive. I am all about maximizing storage space on a budget. 谢谢

  • Hello 🙂 Super dreamy room. I love it! Do you mind telling me what size baskets you purchased from Xinh and Co ? I’m looking for something exactly like this for the little girl I nanny. The family has hired me to design her room. Thanks!

  • i looooove that dresser – color, knobs, everything. so, so happy for you and your family!!

  • So cute! Can I ask where you found the colors for the DIY wall hanging? I’d love to find similar colors for a project I’m working on. Thanks!

  • Everything is so cute!! I absolutely love the swinging chair!


  • Hello! I love her room! Where did you get the changing table topper for the dresser?

    Thank you! xoxo

    • Collin built it since the one we had for Nova’s room was too large for this small dresser. 🙂

  • So adorable. I’m so happy for you guys and can’t wait to meet your new little one.

  • Ah! Just so adorable. I really love the closet too.. trying to make a standard closet space functional for small children things is always so hard! 🙂

  • Love what you’ve done, Elsie!
    Just curious, is the white jute rug the same as in Jeremy’s studio? (but smaller)

    • Yes, it is. We have it in our bedroom also. We really love it (three of them in our home total!) xx

  • That dresser! I am dying over it.
    Such a beautiful room with such a peaceful feel to it.
    So excited for you guys!

  • Elsie it’s absolutely darling! Any tips for securely hanging one of those hanging chairs?

    • Have it done professionally (or by someone who understands how to find studs in the ceiling) then test it with adult weight before letting the kiddos play. 🙂

  • the room is beautiful. and suits her name perfectly. i love the dresser. how did u build the little top lip to house the changing pad?

    • Collin built the box to fit our smaller dresser and I bought foam cushions to fill it from the craft store. 🙂

  • Hi there! Love this room very much. Just curious… wasn’t this once Nova’s playroom? Where has the playroom moved to? Will we get to see? Thanks!!

    • Yes, we moved some of those things (mainly all the art stuff) to our guest room. I’ll share an update soon. 🙂

  • Agghhhh the waiting must be so hard! I can’t even imagine what it’s like knowing your baby is across the world waiting for you but not being able to go immediately to take her in your arms. This nursery is perfect in every way and I’m so glad you have this to help make the wait a little easier.

  • Hi! I’m curious, did this use to be Nova’s playroom? Are you moving the playroom elsewhere, or have you decided not to have one?

    • Hi Maria,
      Yes! We needed to rearrange some rooms to designate a room for Marigold, but that was always our plan. We ended up adding a lot of the art and playroom stuff to one of our guest rooms. I’ll be sharing an update of how we changed that up soon! xx

  • Marigold is going to love her new room! You’ve done it so well, everything is so whimsical, so beautiful! Especially love the wallpaper! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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