On the Hunt for Wallpaper Alternatives!

Lulu Frost studio via Domino MagazineLulu Frost studio via Domino Magazine

I’m sure I’ve mentioned by now, but my home renovations went a little (read—WAY) over budget (insert all the emojis here, especially the crying one). I’m embracing it as a life lesson because what else can I do?

On the bright side, this budgetary meltdown has brought on a lot of DIY inspiration! I’m not sad about this at all.

Right now I’m working on our entryway. I originally planned to wallpaper it. And I’d still love to do that in the future. Wallpaper is my favorite trend that is coming back in a BIG way. I would honestly wallpaper every square inch of our home if I could. Haha! But wallpaper can be very pricy when you factor together all the rolls you need as well as the installation (and I haven’t even found a wallpaper person in Nashville yet).

For all these reasons, I am on the hunt for DIY alternatives that have a wallpaper look. I want to do something that can pass as wallpaper but doesn’t necessarily have that “DIY” look. I’m also open to options that don’t look like wallpaper, but still add some pattern or texture to the space.

Here are a few options I’m considering, as well as inspiration!

Awesome graphic patternLove this graphic wallpaper via MyDomaine.

This image (as well as the opening image) inspire me because I think I could achieve this look with paint. I am leaning toward a busy, neutral pattern for the entryway. A lot of the wallpapers I love (like florals for example) are not something I could personally achieve with paint. These graphic patterns feel more do-able to me. So that’s one option I am considering.

Fabric with starchRemovable fabric as wallpaper via Apartment Therapy

Did you know you can use starch to adhere fabric to a wall and it’s removable? We did something similar in some built-in shelves in my last home using rubber cement. After a year (or so—I’m not sure), it removed perfectly with zero residue when we were getting the house ready to move. This appeals to me because I could do hand dyed or watercolor-style fabric. I do think it would be a LOT of time to do our (fairly large) entryway though. So I might save that idea for a smaller space, like one of our bathrooms that’s mostly tile or a single statement wall somewhere. 

Add molding?Love this molding via Decor Pad

Another option is adding molding and painting it one or two colors. I was really inspired by Laura’s closet doors. (They’re even better in person, you guys!!) Adding molding would be fun because it adds a lot of texture and can look really luxe, but it’s also simple and not super busy like some of my other ideas. Hmmm…. 

The downside here is that I think I do eventually want to wallpaper the entryway, and this option is WAY more of a commitment than some of the others. It’s not really something I’d want to do as a temporary or phase one solution. If we go this route, we’ll most likely keep it forever. 

Shiplap panelingShiplap paneling via Brandi Nell.  

The last option we’re considering is shiplap paneling. We’ve already done some of this in Jeremy’s studio, which has a slightly more rustic vibe than the rest of our home. I was also considering this for our laundry room. The thing I LOVE about shiplap is that it adds a lot of texture and you can cover over things you don’t like (ugly paneling, heavy texture or in my case—unwanted, existing wallpaper) without having to “fix them” the legit way (removing wallpaper isn’t exactly on the top of my dream DIY project list, you guys). 

The thing I’m not crazy about with shiplap is that it can look kind of country, which is awesome, but not what I’m going for in this space. But I’ve seen it styled really modern. So I’m not too afraid! 

Well, those are my options for now: a painted pattern, fabric as wallpaper, adding molding or DIY shiplap paneling. So much to consider! What would you choose? If you want to know what my entryway looks like as of now, check out my empty house tour

I’m really excited to get to work on this space! It’s the first thing you see when you come into the house, so I feel like it’s the perfect place to start. I’ll share more details as we move forward! 

Thanks for reading, and I really would love to hear your advice or any ideas you have. xx- Elsie 

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