Progress Report: Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom progress reportHey, friends! As promised, I’m here to start sharing our progress reports. First up, the master bathroom. This room has come a LONG WAY in the past month. It’s about 60-70% done now. It’s functional, but not decorated yet. So it felt like a good moment to pause and share our progress!

Before I begin, here’s a little refresher on how the bathroom looked before

Before Before And here’s how it’s looking today…

Master Bathroom progress report Master Bathroom progress report We LOVE the way the herringbone floors turned out. I shared a little more about that process here. It turned out beautiful and feels very fresh and clean.

Master Bathroom progress report We decided to try something fun for the shower floor and did a stripe pattern with penny tile. I LOVE it. It’s a very small area, but it makes a big statement.

Master Bathroom progress report Inside the shower I am SO excited we added this little built in shelf. We used a piece of the marble backsplash that came with our vanity to make those little shelves.

Master Bathroom progress report When you look closely, you can see I still have some painting to do. I chose not to use the tile corner transition pieces. I think it looks more modern and clean this way, especially with the pattern I chose. So I just have to go through and paint all these unfinished edges with bright white oil-based paint.

Master Bathroom progress report For the walls in the bath/shower/toilet part of the room and also behind the vanity, we chose to do a crosshatch pattern with white subway tile.

You can also see our pretty brass faucet here. I had it metal plated and it was about half the price of what it costs retail. I’ll share more about that whole process in another post soon!

Ugh—you can also see that I missed that silver piece. I missed a couple other drain covers you can’t see too. Just adding that to my never-ending to-do list. No biggie.

Master Bathroom progress report Master Bathroom progress report For above the tub, I picked this Schoolhouse Electric chandelier. I love how it fits the space and creates balance.

Master Bathroom progress report For the vanity, I looked all over at a lot of different options and in the end went with this vanity from Amazon (I love that it’s simple, white and real marble) and decided to replace the hardware with these beauties from Rejuvenation. The mirrors are from CB2. I have to say, they look about a million times nicer in person than they do on their website. I love them and they were a really good deal. The sconces are from Cedar & Moss. Love them. You can’t really see here, but there are three of them.

Still need to replace the silver knobs that came with the vanity and add some kind of baskets or containers to that bottom shelf. Oh yes, and I’m hunting for a rug to go in front of this vanity and another one for in front of the bathtub.

Master Bathroom progress report Master Bathroom progress report Master Bathroom progress report A few details!

Master Bathroom progress report AR5A1219My current mood is DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY. Like, SO happy.

I know I still have a lot of decorating to do, BUT we have a working toilet, shower, tub and sinks, and we can FINALLY move our clothes into a real closet. So I’m just gonna celebrate these milestones for a bit. :)) Thanks for reading! xx- Elsie

Credits // Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • For sure i would have gone with a thin gold strip to finish the edges on the insets to continue the theme. Not a full corner edge, just the strip to give it just another whisper of gold accent. I think satin gold looks great as an accent color. Plus it’s soft enough to feel luxurious without blasting out “I’m gold!!!”

  • My question is how you managed to space out standard subway tile in a double crosshatch pattern and keep the grout lines straight. How large is your grout line? 1/16”? I have been trying to layout this same pattern and the only way I’m able to get the pattern to work is with no grout line at all. Any spacing changes the perfectly 6×6 pattern to 6×6 1/16” or what ever spacer is inserted. I’d be awfully thankful to know your secret.

  • Hi,
    Love the master bath floor. What size tiles are the floors and what marble?

  • Well, I am so impressed with your master bathroom- it is just so bright and shining. The mirrors are also great! Me and my wife are about to renovate our bathroom in a few months and we would like to achieve similar effect. We are going to start with some painting jobs. The problem is we don’t have much access of sunlight but hopefully it will still go well.


  • It looks absolutely gorgeous! And so clean! I lvoe that!

  • Hi! Loving this space (and all things ABM!), but just wanted to share some diy warning about white oil paint. We painted both our kitchen and bathroom with bright white oil paint and they both turned ugly creamy yellow. Apparently white oil paint always turns yellow, but no one warned us! It’s our biggest diy tragedy!

  • The bathroom is coming together beautifully! For your next project, I highly recommend checking out Schluter System’s metal profile trim pieces. They are great for transitions like in the shower niche instead of a dated bullnose piece. Oh, and where $1,400 may be out of many people’s budget (mine included)….that cost of a solid wood vanity with marble counters and porcelain sinks is actually quite reasonable so I’d say inexpensive is a fair word to use. 😉 You could easily spend over a grand on just the countertop fabrication of marble.

  • It looks amazing – very light and bright! Can’t wait to see it completely finished.

    Erin |

  • The floor is beautiful and I love the hardware you chose for the vanity! So fun seeing you girls revamp your homes!!

  • Hi Elsie

    The updates look great – the brushed brass looks super chic with the marble! When my husband and I restored our 1890s rowhome, we also ended up getting a marble vanity (ours is from Pottery Barn) and had to switch out the hardware. I had really good luck at Van Dyke’s Restorers ( They’ve got a good selection at reasonable prices (which I found is super rare in brass). Thought I’d share, in case you’re still hunting. 🙂

  • I just love the bathtub and the clean look of the bathroom. Beautiful transformation!

  • I love that you’re doing progress reports!! I love to see how all the new houses are coming along, and I’m looking forward to more posts- like what you did with the brass plating? Feeling curious and dreaming about the day I reno my own house 🙂

  • Yay! It’s so pretty! Question about the vanity: I’m kind of splashy when I’m at the sink, is that just me? 🙂 Does water drip down the back since it’s not caulked to the wall?

  • Hey Les,
    It was definitely more of a visual decision than a functional one. We could have tiled half the wall around the tub instead, but I really LOVE the look of floor to ceiling tile and since it’s such small space I wanted to keep it as seamless and simple as possible.

    Same thing in my kitchen! The backsplash tile behind the stove is likely the only tile that will ever get splashed on, but I love the look of going all the way to the ceiling. It’s so pretty!

    xx- Elsie

  • how come you decided to go with an all tile restroom vs just putting tile in the shower areas and then leave the plain walls everywhere else?
    im asking because i noticed thats how my boyfriends bathroom is and ours is just tiled in the shower area and a little bit above our sink?
    is it cleaner>
    i eventually want to be able to redo our restroom but this would be game changer if theres a life changing good reason (other than cause DUH les! it looks freaking gorgeous!!!!)

    cant wait to see the rest of the progress and the future updates!! (:

  • Hi Deb,
    Ok I just removed the word “inexpensive”. Like I said already, I do worry about being perceived in the wrong way and I’m sorry that happened here.

    I would NEVER dangle my splurges. I feel like this comment was a little harsh.

    After almost 10 years of blogging I am still constantly learning how best to communicate with my readers, who I love dearly. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes on a regular basis, but I hope you can see that I care so much about what I do for a living and that I am doing my best. :))

    Merry Christmas! Elsie

  • As a successful 36 year old woman, I must admit that I was dismayed as well. It being a relatively reasonable price for a large marble vanity in no way makes it inexpensive. For many women, age 20 or age 80, that type of expenditure will never be imaginable, let alone negligible. I certainly do not dangle my splurges in front of my younger or less financially-flexible friends, and then tout the purchase as low-cost to boot. I hope you do remain committed to sensitivity toward those whose support enables your success.

    That said, many of your choices are lovely, and I look forward to watching your entire home come together in the future. Best wishes.

  • Beautiful, beautiful DIY reno!! I love all of the textures used… I wish I was this creative.

  • Yay, I love to see some progress! I am definitely in love with that tile floor, and the bathtub is stunning. I love it!

  • wow! what an amazing (so far) transformation!! you’re are so so talented!! You go, girl!!!

  • This bathroom is looking amazing! It’s going to be incredible when you’re done!


  • merry christmas!!!!and i love the hue of the marble…i love the fact that everything about what u guys do is so bright and playful and colourful!….:)happy life!

  • On the inside of the “bathroom” part (shower, tub, toilet) it goes floor to ceiling. And then besides that it’s just behind the vanity on that one wall to the ceiling.

    You don’t have to go all the way to the ceiling, I just really like that look!
    xx- Elsie

  • OMG- yes. I really really hate that it EVER seems like our life ISN’T human or imperfect. We’re definitely living through a lot of awkward phases. :))) Thanks for reading!
    xx- Elsie

  • Sorry!! I guess I just use the wrong word. I didn’t mean to say it’s “cheap”, but definitely a good deal compared to a lot of other marble countertop vanities I saw while shopping! It’s definitely relative. I’ll be even more careful with my choice of words in the future.

    xxoo!! Els

  • I was surprised too! Lol. I’m 34, a mother of 2, and a homeowner and I was expecting a $400 vanity. Maybe the better word to use is “reasonable” not “inexpensive”?

    That said-the bathroom is just gorgeous! Love it. Great work!

  • What a beautiful remodeling! I love your’e bathroom so much!

  • What walls did you tile and how far up? I have a small master bath with only a toilet small vanity and free standing tub and not sure how to takckle it

  • 1) LOVE
    2) that first photo with the baseboard trim that meets nothing and the general idea that you are *human* and live life ‘in progress’ like the rest of us is so cheering. I am so thankful you are willing to share and all the vulnerability that comes with it. You’re an inspiration! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  • Not a joke. It’s just relative. It’s one of the least expensive ones I could find in the style/size I was looking for.

    I never want to come off the wrong way and I do worry about it a lot. :)) I realize a lot of my readers are younger that me, or renters. And I often try to write for my 25 year old self, but ultimately I am living my 33 year old life and I want to share my projects with you. I hope they are fun to read even if you’re in a different place in life.

    Merry Christmas! xx- Elsie

  • Is inexpensive vanity supposed to a joke?? You do realize that most of the women reading this blog are single women renting an apartment with two cats right?

  • Hey Angela!
    I KNOW- this room was really hard to get good “before” pics of. So it’s hard to tell what happened. But, yeah, the doorway between the bath and vanity is majorly opened up and the wall around the tub was taken out a bit (and squared up) so we could fit the clawfoot tub. I should post an earlier stage progress pic next time so you can see how much it got taken down the studs.

    xx- Elsie

  • Gorgeous, looks so bright and clean! Looks like a totally different space. I am a little confused about the layout, everything stayed the same right, you removed doors and door jambs right? Wood floor in the vanity area I am guessing? Anyway, can’t wait to see more!

  • Lovely, just lovely!!!! I can’t get over how awesome all the different tile patterns look!Also can’t even begin to imagine how great the final result will look!!

  • Wow do you guys work fast! It looks divine – especially those floors! Pretty much flawless!

  • It looks absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to see how the rest of the house will turn out!

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