Transparency Sheet Ice Cream Art

DIY transparency pop art For some weird reason I've always been drawn to those plastic, colored transparency sheets that you find at craft stores. There's just something so fun about layering the sheets of color on top of each other to see what new colors they make when they overlap. I wanted to think of an idea for wall art using the transparencies, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that an ice cream cone with lots of colored scoops would be the perfect way to display the best qualities of the transparencies (and look super tasty too!).Transparency Sheet Ice Cream Art abeautifulmess.comSupplies:

colored transparency sheets (you can also use plastic plastic page protectors)
-large photo paper
-spray adhesive
-frame (we used a 11" x 17" size frame)
downloadable ice cream print (right click and download linked file)

Step One: Lay out the transparencies you want to use and determine which are your favorite overlapping color combinations (this will be the order of your ice cream scoops).

Step Two: Download the ice cream print and print onto paper that is at least 11" x 17"(I used this font for the phrase) and trim to the correct size. You can always draw your own cone and phrase onto the paper if you want to change it up or use a different font or phrase. Go nuts!

Step Three: Draw your ice cream scoops onto the transparencies and cut out your shape just inside of your marker lines. If you want a richer/brighter color, you can cut two of the same color and layer them on top of each other. 

Step Four: Starting with the bottom scoop, lightly spray the back of each scoop with the spray adhesive and lay in place. Repeat with each scoop until your cone is complete, and place your finished art in its frame.  Transparency Sheet Ice Cream Art  Transparency Sheet Ice Cream Art    So cute, right? I love the pop of color it brings, and it has such a cheerful summer disposition (and it looks perfect next to my sheep postcard from Gingiber). I'm so glad I finally made something with my precious transparency sheets, and I can't wait to brainstorm a few more color-filled ideas for them. xo. Laura

Credits// Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with Stella from the Signature Collection.

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