Wasabi Bloody Mary

Wasabi Bloody MaryDo you guys like wasabi? We're pretty obsessed. I am especially excited to share this recipe, because my husband said it was the best bloody mary he's ever had. (bragging much?) I love unexpected flavor combinations!Wasabi Bloody Mary Needed: Tomato juice, sesame seeds, tabasco sauce, wasabi powder, worcestershire sauce, vodka, starfruit, lemon and lime. Optional: Green olives and starfruit for garnish.Rim LimeTo prepare the rim for this drink, mix together 1 tablespoon each of salt, sesame seeds and wasabi powder. Use the juice of half a lime to wet the rim of your glass and then dip the rim into the wasabi mixture.  

Directions: Fill half your glass with tomato juice and add one tablespoon wasabi powder (1/2 a tablespoon if spicy food scares you!) and mix well. Add ice. Next, add 1-2 shots vodka, 1 teaspoon tabasco, 1/2 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce and the juice of one half lemon. Stir with a long spoon and add a few sesame seeds to the top of your drink as garnish. Create a cute garnish stick with a few green olives and a slice of starfruit!Wasabi Bloody Mary (via A Beautiful Mess)I hope you enjoy our spicy wasabi bloody mary! xo. Elsie 

  • That looks delicious!

    One different rim that i like with bloodies [might not be acceptable for this one, however still] is to coat it with a mixture of ocean salt and broth. Delicious!

    I’m about to strive your instruction this weekend!

  • If you’re a little wasabi obsessed, may I suggest ‘Wasabi Mashed Potatoes’. An odd combination? perhaps, but definitely delicious!

  • LOOOVE this!

    I’ll be featuring it on my round up of superbowl recipes tomorrow! Yum!

  • So how’s the taste? I haven’t tasted wasabi, but with this drink…mmmm, it looks yummy..

  • That looks delicious!

    One other rim that I love with bloodies [might not be appropriate for this one, but still] is to coat it with a combination of sea salt and bouillon. Delicious!

    I’m going to try your recipe this weekend!


  • Elise & Emma!

    Your site is a “beautiful” cure for boredom. You have been an inspiration since I discovered you a few days a go

    My creative lights are shining (again) !!

    Love Hope

    Perth, Western Australia ( a life time away)

  • I’m a new reader of your blog and that was a great post! I really really REALLY love your photo wall behind the coffee machine. Is that individual photos??? That must have taken HOURS to do, let alone choose the photos. Lovely!

  • ohmygosh! that vodka is from new zealand!! im from australia but my mum and all her family live in NZ and consider it a second home!

    they have really interesting flavours very NZ specific like manuka honey and feijoa ( pretty sure you guys wouldnt have that stuff in USA?)

    sorry just geeking out over here! xx

  • emily- My personal favorite is a plain ol gin and tonic (with lime!). Check our archives page (under Recipes) we have a couple of gin cocktails there. 🙂 Good luck!

  • Random question – do you guys know any good cocktail recipes with gin? We got some for Christmas and we are newbies at the mixed drink thing and we are LOST with the gin! 🙂
    em@ couplejones.com

  • This sounds wonderful, we’ll be trying it this weekend. Thanks!

  • That looks a little deadly but amazing!

    Carina http://carstina.blogspot.co.nz/

  • I love seeing that you’re using 42below Vodka – all the way from my home here in New Zealand. Isn’t it just the best vodka?! They’ve got a great range of flavoured vodkas too which are yummy

  • Looks delicious. You have to try make a Canadian ceased. I know you’ll love it. You might not be able to find clamato in the us but I’ve heard dehydrated packs can be found online. It’s my fav cocktail.

  • This sounds so delicious. I really wish my husband would grow to love Bloody Mary’s but he just doesn’t. I however will have no problem making one of these for myself! Thanks for the new twist on an old favorite!

  • This sounds amazing! Love that you’re using 42below vodka from NZ 🙂


  • Love the starfish garnish and the straw. The sesame seed rim is pretty awesome too!


  • what a cool idea! your photos are impeccable!!! thanks for sharing another great recipe. will be great for the weekend. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  • Looks delicious! I thoroughly enjoyed your honey mustard vinagarette by the way! Mmmmmmmmmmmm


  • In Canada, we make “Caesar’s. Like a Bloody Mary, only made with Clamato Juice, which is a salty, tomatoey, clam based juice — sounds really gross, tastes AMAZING. If you ever have the chance to get your hands on some Clamato, give it a whirl, you will LOVE it! I posted a recipe for them on my blog 😉


  • Bloody Marys are my new-found favorite cocktail, and since I adore wasabi, this is definitely a must-try! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • I’ve been dying to try Oddka Wasabi vodka in a Bloody Mary! This sounds similar. The starfruit seems like a strange addition buy everything else: Yum.

  • Aaahh, I really don’t like Bloody Mary’s but this makes me want to try one again as it looks so beautiful!!

  • This looks so interesting! I’ve never tried wasabi before, but this looks too good not to try!


  • This is definitely something to try! I’m a big fan of Wasabi coated peas as a snack 🙂

  • The sesame seeds & wasabi powder around the rim of the glass is just the right touch 🙂

  • Hi, girls!
    I am reading your blog for a year and I am very interested in your ideas. So interested that I got inspired by your pony print dress (sorry, I wanted to input my comment here, but it is not possible anymore) and I created my own “heart print footwear”.
    Please have a look onto the result. I am sorry but my blog is in Spanish only.
    Keep working as you are, you have a fantastic blog!!

  • I’ve never tried wasabi! It’s a good moment to try one, thanks for sharing!;)

  • My favourite thing is the presentation – love the starfruit and olive garnish! As for the wasabi… well I’m not big on it. In this case I think I’ll look but not touch 🙂

  • love this recipe so much i am really going to have to try to make this!

    xx rae

  • That’s what I’m talking about! 😉 My most favorite drink ever! Looks extra yummy with the touch of wasabi!

  • YUM! I am having a huge bloody mary moment. I sometimes do bourbon bloody’s when I’m switching it up from vodka (just a thought). I have a thirsty thursday series on my blog. Up this week: Martina Fey Champagmy Poehler. Hope you swing by for a visit.


  • I have tried so many bloody mary’s and haven’t liked any do far. And considering the ingredients, there’s no reason I wouldn’t like it. I might try this one tho, I can’t give up.


  • This looks like a great spin on an already awesome drink, I LOVE the garnish so cute!



  • This sounds great! The combination of star fruit and wasabi sounds lovely.

    Side note to #2 commenter Hannah- I live in Iowa & have wasabi from an Asian grocery here in town in my cupboard right now. I also enjoyed sushi (not the best ever but decent Sushi nonetheless) last week. Please be mindful that statements like that perpetuate an old stereotype about the Midwest that is simply untrue. 🙂

  • Ooh this looks delicious! I love a spicy bloody mary. I’ll definitely have to try this!


  • I am very partial to a siracha Bloody Mary so this seems a very good step up! Thank you

  • Cutest. Garnish. Ever. The starfruit with the olives looks amazing! I’ll have to give this recipe a try in a few months after… you know. I have a baby.

    ♥ Talia Christine

  • Bloody Marys are on my bucket list for 2013. I have recently started experimenting with more classic cocktails instead of the easier, sweet ones. This is definitely something to try! I’m a big fan of Wasabi coated peas as a snack 🙂

    – Kate

  • I’ve seen you say “four parts” something, but then there is not any parts of anything after that, so I’m not sure what the ratio is. How much is “four parts” in this recipe? It looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it!

  • wowza…this looks amazing. Everything about this is perfect. Pinning immediately.

  • I loooooove wasabi. I have never had a Bloody Mary but it is on my 2013 goal list to try one! I am sure going to miss it when I move back to Iowa and there is no sushi or wasabi to be found 🙁

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