10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Sunday! Here’s our little unicorn … she’s as cute as can be.

1. Nova’s incredible unicorn hat is from here. And since I know someone will ask, our bed is from here.

2. Collecting horses for our next nursery.

3. On my reading list.

4. Enjoying watching Tidying Up. It’s the perfect inspiration for this time of year!

5. Cherry blossom season in China. I would LOVE to see this for myself one day.

6. Loveeee this jumpsuit.

7. Thinking about rewatching Mad Men. Do you ever rewatch dramas?

8. Having sooo much fun shopping vintage dresses for Laura’s annual ’60s party.

9. Our favorite book for Chinese New Year. It’s so cute.

10. My floral chandelier is from West Elm.

Hope you had a great weekend! Jeremy and I just started a weekly date night on Sunday night and I spend the ENTIRE week looking forward to it. So excited! xx – Elsie

  • Definitely rewatch Mad Men! It’s so so good and easier to see some connections when you’re watching them back to back.

  • I rewatch certain dramas, but I have to wait enough time in between. Mad Men was one of my favorites for a while.

  • If you’re vintage dress shopping check out Dainty Rascal’s instagram @daintyrascalvintage she always has amazing things!

  • Woo I was thinking about rewatching MadMen too! For the drama but also for the decorations and dressing!! 😀 I don’t know if it counts as Drama but i’ve rewatched Sex and the City probably nine or ten times haha

  • I cannot recommend Simplicity Parenting more! It’s a wonderfully amazing book that I think everyone who’s around young children should read, not only parents!

  • Re: rewatching dramas. Yes – total guilty pleasure. 😛 Two of my favorites are actually Mad Men (I work in entertainment and advertising so – Peggy and Joan are kind of inspirational), and The West Wing.

  • Curious what u do for date nites? Anything special? Our date nites turn into running errands after or date nite + our kiddo = family date nite instead lol. Lately our couch + Netflix/prime = date nite!

    • Well tonight is only our second one, but so far we’re trying restaurants we haven’t been able to get to with a little kiddo. 🙂 Fun!

  • DEFINITELY re-watch Mad Men. I did last year and it was amazing how much stuff I had forgotten about or missed. It was so much better the 2nd time around!

  • “simplicity parenting” is a wonderful book. I am not a parent, but I was a nanny for many years, and am now a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, and used many of the tips from the book in my work. I also use a lot of advice from the book in my own personal life. I highl6 recommend it.

  • Great post! That jumpsuit you linked is adorable. Have a great week!
    Kate Christine/ Lifestyle Blog

  • Madmen is my go-to. I’ll totally rewatch dramas, but MM is special. I’ll throw on an episode while I’m cleaning or making dinner just to hear those voices.

    • Also rewatching Mad Men. On season 2 at the moment. One of my favorite shows.

  • Happy Sunday, Elsie! Hope you have a lovely one. Thank you for the links this week. Nova’s unicorn hat is the cutest! 😀

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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