10 Things I Love Sunday

Happy Father’s Day! Todd has to work a bit today since his client/our buddy/Lola’s favorite human Ellie Schmidly is in town to work together, but I have a few plans up my sleeve to make sure he still feels as special as he should …

1. Such a cute gift for a new dad.

2. Finally got my garden planted a few weeks ago (super late on that this year, but better late than never!). I basically planted all the things I enjoyed last year that did well and didn’t have many bug issues to make things easier, and I planted some green beans and sugar snap peas from seeds this year (last year, I did all baby plants) and that was fun to learn to soak the seeds and watch every day for little sprouts. Can’t wait to see them all big and tall and get some garden goodies every day!

3. Got this swimsuit this week and while the back is a bit “cheekier” than I would normally do, I really like it.

4. Started binging Good Girls last week and Todd and I loved it! It’s got just the right amount of suspense, drama, and humor and it’s totally one of those shows where you are just waiting all day for kiddo bedtime so you can see what happens next. I also haven’t seen Christina Hendricks in anything since Mad Men, so it’s fun to see her again.

5. OMG, THIS!!

6. Got this for Lola this week as a present—she’s so into little cars lately and these are soooo sweet. They also have bigger options, so I got this cutie as well and we’ve been making cardboard ramps for them at the house, which she loves.

7. Coziest looking pj/lounge set ever.

8. Probably the best $30 I’ve spent this summer! It’s a hot weather must have …

9. As we inch closer to getting our outdoor patio projects complete, I got a set of these for Todd and I so we can rosé the night away on the patio once it’s all together.

10. Yard game of my dreams.

Hope you are having the best day celebrating some great dads in your life. Now that we have a kid, it’s forever a two-way tie for Best Dad in History between my own dad and Todd, so I feel pretty blessed over here … xo. Laura

  • I love the snow cone machine! Such a great idea that adults and kids can appreciate. Do you think you will be sharing recipes that involve healthier alternatives to regular sugar syrup?

  • I’ve been really tempted by the Candylab cars. I may get one to put away for my son’s birthday.

    • They really are so sweet! If you want to put them down ramps, the mini ones work the best, the others have rubber wheels that stick out a bit so they can get stuck on the sides of ramps as they go down 🙂


  • Love all the links, thanks for sharing!!


  • Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy your day with the family! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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