10 Things I Love Sunday

For the past few months as our adoption approached, I have been channeling my energy in the strangest of ways— obsessing over houses! I have been on Zillow more the past few months than the entire rest of my life combined. And it’s not just Nashville searches (although it mostly is) but sometimes I even search in other cities… it’s just a huge stress relief for me at the end of a long day, like a little imaginary treasure hunt.

Anyway! Since I’ve been so house obsessed I thought it would be fun to do a home themed 10 Things this week. Here we go-

1. A couple Etsy finds- someone needs to buy this door mat. Inspired to swap to reusable produce bags at the grocery store (currently I swat Jeremy’s hand if he tries to reach for a plastic bag– haha) and I have a serious crush on these sliding vintage doors.

2. I get so many questions about “Nova’s easel” (it’s mine– lol, but she’s kind of taken it over and I accept that. Here’s a similar one— it’s nothing fancy! I’ve had mine over ten years and it’s painted white (it didn’t come that way.)

3. I’m very into wood bead chandeliers right now. Here’s the one we used at my bnb as well.

4. Saw some great deals on mugs. Love these and these.

5. We always use these makeup washcloths in our bnbs, but I just realized (when folding my laundry and all my wash cloths look bad) that I should get some for my home as well.

6. Anyone else totally obsessed with Amber Fillerup’s new kitchen? It’s so good! I don’t know anything for sure about my next kitchen except that I want a butcher block island so much!

7. This coffee table is so good.

8. I was just peeping through our Amazon account and saw that Emma ordered these chairs for our holiday house. I definitely approve!!!!

Also this six foot faux fiddle.

9. I loved Claire Thomas’ vintage kitchen tour (you have to watch her IGTV too) and the stories behind what she kept and what she added, and I loved hearing about the previous owners— they seem fabulous.

10. By the way, my brass lights above are from my favorite— Lucent Lightshop.

Now a question for YOU! I really want to do a home decor product line or some type, but I am torn in so many different directions (basically I want to do it all… and I really mean ALL). What would you MOST like to see from us?? xx- Elsie

ps. See my entire home tour here. Happy Sunday!

  • I’d love to see your lighting designs! Tons of pillows and textile places already out there.

  • Hi! I think you guys would make the most amazing gender neutral home items for kids. Items that grow with your kid and are beautiful and functional.

    I have also noticed that the links sometimes just go straight to Google and it’s when I’m reading in Bloglovin. They work fine when I open the post in my web browser though. ????

  • I would love to see you do a paint color collaboration. I second (or third, or seventh) a textiles line and a lighting line! I really would like some better options of floor lamps in my life.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  • I love how you have included reusable produce bags, we’ve just had a ban on single use shopping bags in NZ but there is still plastic produce bags at all the supermarkets. We love using the mesh bags as we can wash our veges and fruit in the bag, let them dry then stick them where ever we store them. Makes things much easier, and helps reduce our waste.

  • Shower curtains & towels! I’ve had a hard time finding good patterned ones that aren’t a million dollars

    • Hi! I love natural cleaning too. I wouldn’t be against a collab in that category maybe! 🙂

  • Not sure if this is along the lines of home products you’re thinking of doing- but I personally would like a bigger selection of natural cleaning products!

  • Hi,
    I really look forward for your home collection.
    I agree with the light comment .
    Something that have a vintage vibe for kids is hard to find and would like toi see from you..
    Have a good trip with your family!

    • Lighting is one of the top things I would love to design! I have a whole notebook full of ideas!

  • Hi! Any idea why all of the links go to google.com on most of these post? (unless it’s an amazon link) What am I doing wrong?? ♥️

  • I would LOVE to see a line of fun light fixtures from ABM. Kids room lights, fun chandeliers, and bathroom sconces… I feel like you all could bring something so fresh and fun to a lighting line.

  • Totally agree with the textiles suggestion. It’s oddly difficult to find machine washable, zippered pillow covers at any price point. I could totally see you guys curating the perfect mix and match pillow collections!

    • Yes!!! So true. How do so many people buy non-washable throw pillows? We have a large dog and everything must washable in our home! I would love to see this and other textiles from you guys.

      • I get that! I have dogs and I buy a lot of pillows from Target that can’t be washed and it’s SO annoying.

  • I would love to see something more budget based, I love seeing real homes with all their personal stuff and how they make it stylish yet personal. Sometimes interiors looks so similar, not a lot of personality I’m not tying to sound crtitial. I love y’alls style. Maybe Thrift store trips with practical things to pick up that people might typically overlook? Just ideas I always love seeing. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi! I would love to see bedding, throw pillows and blankets and/or kitchen mugs, plates, etc. Things that can easily play up a space without a whole redo, and also good for renters and small apartments. P.S. love ABM and have been reading for 8 years 🙂

  • I would love to see a line of pillows, blankets/throws, rugs from you and the ABM team. I love vintage and Pendelton-inspired design, but can find the price point challenging. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Loved this theme! Thanks for sharing all the lovely links! That coffee table is to die for.


  • I love your home posts, so thank you for these fun links! Can’t wait to sit down and read all of them. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I like the idea of a home line unfolding based on your experiences making memories and traditions with your family. Giving children access to beauty regardless of their ages, etc. Maybe a holiday line. Things that my toddler and I can both admire and use.

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