10 Things I Love Sunday

It’s still almost 100° here in Nashville this week (????) but it’s halfway through September, so I figured it was about time to add some fall vibes to the decor around here. It’s been a long time (like 20 years?) since I was into adding browns into my color scheme, but since I’m into it lately I guess it’s time for those camel-colored tones to shine! Here’s what else I’m loving lately …

1. This print for our upcoming playroom!

2. Coziest (and cutest) sweatsuit for fall.

3. I keep this lip balm in my nightstand as the last thing I do before getting into bed and it’s still my favorite lip balm I’ve ever used. I actually saw someone else get this lip balm as a gift and I was weirdly so excited for them, as I felt they didn’t realize how good their lips were going to have it now. I’m obsessed.

4. Should I incorporate these into a cute fall mantel decoration? Or maybe this and this together?

5. If you have kids with long hair that you want to keep out of their face, I realized that it’s so much easier to use these than the tiny clear rubber bands. The velvet helps it stay in fine toddler hair and if you use a color that matches their hair shade it will blend in, but it make their little messy bun/topknot look a little more full. I just had one but I bought a multi-pack so I can always have one nearby now!

6. I have a more dainty version in a cursive, but I’d like to get one of these name necklaces with Lola’s name for when the fancier looking one looks, well, a little too fancy for a super casual outfit.

7. My hairstylist told me this is amazing for getting a slick backed ponytail look and I’m dying to try it—it’s definitely expensive but I love that style and have a million baby hairs in three different lengths around my face (thanks to my postpartum journey). So a regular dry ponytail without the front slicked back is a bit of a fuzzy disaster at the moment …

8. Dream pillow! This one has a similar feel and I got two of the yellow to add some more fall tones to the house.

9. Love the artwork from this illustrator.

10. I always like to have a mini deodorant in my purse, so I got this non-toxic deodorant and it’s the perfect size!

I do love myself some summer but I think I’ll finally be OK with some fall temperatures around here sometime soon … hope it’s cooling off where you live! xo. Laura

  • This is a great budget product for slicking back baby hairs, and it actually holds all day! It comes in an easy to use mascara-type tube too. Highly recommend!


  • So many fun & interesting things here. I’m curious if you’ve ever used battery-operated lights (like the ones for your mantel decor)? I see cute ones around & I wonder if they last very long. It seems like the batteries would wear out quickly. All three of those garlands are nice, tho

    • If they are LED, they will dim within a couple days with 24h use, but not go out for months in my experience. I used two types from Ikea during hurricane Sandy, probably 10 total strings, half plain and half snowflake-shaped, and at the end of the week with no power, they were dim, but still on. I have 3 of those same strings integrated into a wreath that I’ve used for the last 2 years and literally MONTHS after fresh batteries and me forgetting to take it down well into spring, they still glow very faintly. Compare that to traditional plug in string lights from dollar tree that get very hot and burn out within 48 hours of continuous use. To me, it’s worth it to both try to remember to turn them off and worth it to swap batteries out once or twice per season if they really look great.

  • Will you show us your fall decor? Would love to see how you decorate your home for Halloween! 🙂 Have a great Sunday! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • So far this is all the fall I have but I’ll add more Halloween soon!

      Laura 🙂

  • I use my husbands layrite to hold back my baby hairs. Works perfectly, you only need a small amount and your hair still feels soft. Cheaper too!

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