10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi, friends. I’m here to share 10 things I am loving right now! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

1. I cried so much. Beautiful story!

2. These cactus vases are too cute.

3. After ten years of upgrading to bigger and bigger cameras, I switched to a smaller camera. I will be sharing a full review soon. Loving it so far!

4. The cutest flair pin I need for my collection.

5. Currently reading this book. I love Hello Glow blog too.

6. My favorite shop for vintage Moroccan rugs.

7. Looking for a cute baby gift? I love these personalized puzzles.

8. Still obsessed with these pastel highlighter pens. So pretty!

9. I want to try this cocktail recipe. Looks interesting!

10. I am really looking forward to going to the Integratron on our next trip to Palm Springs (which is a work/fun trip coming up soon). It’s something I’ve always wanted to try! Anyone else have any Palm Springs/Joshua Tree recommendations you think Jeremy and I would enjoy together?

I am in the process of setting new goals for summer. Very excited for this coming season! What are you looking forward to?

xx -Elsie

  • I just got the Fujifilm X-T2 as well and so far I love it. Would love you to do a post about lenses you are using with it during your review!

  • Hi Elsie – Im wondering if you are familiar with Rancho V, its like an airbnb property near Pioneer Town / Joshua Tree? My daughter and I were there a couple of weekends ago looking for that Door to Instagram – haha. They have a recording studio/rehearsal space and is set up for Creatives. Can I be so bold as to say that if you do someday rent the retreat can we come by and get a photo with that door? LOL my daughter is obsessed! Here’s the link http://www.esca.pe Enjoy your trip.

  • La Copine Kitchen is fantastic 🙂 and of course Pappy and Harriets.

  • Those cactus vases are adorable. As a passional cactus lover with over 10 cactis I am a little obsessed with anything to do with them. Guilty pleasure!


  • Headed to Palm Springs with my husband next week for our 1 year anniversary! Checking out the comments for recommendations!

  • I’m looking forward to my one-year anniversary trip with my husband to Northern California later this month (I can’t believe it – time passes so fast!). I’ve also got a girls’ trip to South Carolina planned, and several out-of-state weddings to go to… so definitely looking forward to all the travel coming up!

    I’m also looking forward to a bloggers’ meet-up in July in my city. Love making new connections and meeting new people.

    Also, THOSE RUGS FROM COCO CARPETS…. 😀 Holy moly they’re gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that!

  • Hi Elsie! I am loving this series and am so happy it has made a new appearance on the blog. I also love the daily finds you are posting on Instagram! So adorable! You clearly have a great eye, but do you ever consider reader suggestions? I happen to work for an apparel company called Mitscoots Outfitters whose mission is to outfit + employ the homeless. For every product you buy we give a product away, and we employ the transitioning homeless to help package things up. I feel like you and ABM readers would love something like https://www.mitscoots.com/collections/womens-socks/products/womens-watermelon-polkadot-socks or https://www.mitscoots.com/collections/womens-t-shirts/products/ash-vintage-t-shirt-womens. I hope I am not being too forward, but I love sharing what we do and thought the mission and products just may catch your eye. 🙂

  • Albeit they aren’t quite as adorable, they do have similar cacti vases at TJ Maxx right now. i’m also in Nashville and have been to a few around the city and see they are still in stock

  • Thanks so much for the shout out, Elsie! Wow, day made! I’m in Nashville too and your blog is one of my very favorites – especially love seeing the glimpses of my hometown 🙂

  • We went to La Copine for brunch out near Joshua Tree. It was pretty fantastic!

  • The sound bath at Integretron is an amazing experience! When you go, check out Papi and Harriet’s a famous smoke house and there is a little old movie set behind it that’s fun to explore. People sell little things they’ve made in the old homes.

  • I love the list! I love the baby gift! I wish someone got us something like that for our baby shower, we got a whole lot of useless things, like formula and pacifiers.


  • Hi Elsie! I am an American gal living in Chengdu, China, and am here if you have any questions about the culture, customs, etc. I have been a loyal ABM reader for years and would love to help you in any way I can. 🙂

  • omg i’ve been looking for presents for my pregnant sister! i looove the puzzle…definitely adding it to my shopping list!!

  • Crystal singing bowls are so relaxing. I had a crazy experience during a chakra meditation when I went on a yoga retreat; all of the chakra spots on my body did respond to the tones from the bowls, it was amazing and like nothing else I’ve experienced. You’ll love it.

  • If you don’t already have a place to stay booked in Joshua Tree or Palm Springs, I would totally recommend Lazy Sky Retreat in Yucca Valley and Arrive in Palm Springs! Went recently and LOVED both!

  • Those cactus vases are perfect for the summer!

    xo, Sofia

  • I love this list. I just wish there were pictures of them with each number.

  • Love your list! Getting new highlighters and pens makes me way too happy 🙂

  • Love this list, got a lot of fun Sunday reading done from it! My goals are the summer are to find a new workout to switch things up!

  • Beautiful list. Never thought of putting it together this way.
    Have a nice Sunday.
    Live, Esther

  • Great list! there is only 1 thing I love about SundayL SLEEPING <3

  • I REALLY want to get a smaller camera too…although that one is a bit out of my price range. Got any recommendations in the $400-700 range?

  • I’m crushing on these cactus vases!
    Recently vacationed in Palm Springs and wrote three days of blog posts on how much fun we had…lots of ideas! www.windlasse.com

  • I am looking forward to warmer weather, laying out at the pool, having more time to explore newer restaurants and spaces, blogging more and having more time to hang out with friends and craft! And my 50’s cocktail beginning of summer party…. so excited!

    The Beautiful Journey- daveanderinblog.wordpress.com

  • The cactus vases are my favourites too! I can’t get enough of cacti and succulents, they really spice up a room!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I’m always looking for cute and unique baby gifts! Those puzzles are perfect!

  • great list =o) I am looking forward to warmer weather and spending as much time outdoors as possible =o)


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