10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi there. I hope your weekend has been lovely and sunny. I am deep in another nesting spree and it feels SO good. Here are 10 things that I am loving right now!

1. I am not proud to admit this, but I have never enjoyed learning foreign languages. I know it’s awful, but it’s never been something I had any desire to do and it definitely does not come naturally to me. That said, my friend Ashley posted about this app called Hello Chinese and I tried it (after failing miserably at staying interested in Duolingo). You guys, it’s FUN! I am obsessed with it and it feels like a game to me. It claims that if you do it for 10 minutes a day for three months you can be fluent. Honestly, I would be happy with ANY level of fluency for our trip to China and I am so excited to have found something fun. Jeremy is doing it too. I’ll report back before our trip and let you know our progress.

Bonus points: Kids can play it too!

2. Here’s my most recent cookbook I picked up. So inspiring, and gorgeous too. Perfect for summertime!

3. Kelly’s new room tours are so incredible!! Obviously, this is my favorite!

4. I just bought these mustard sneakers and have been wearing them everywhere. Scored some cool points with my husband.

5. I’ve been working on our kiddo bathroom and I was wondering if you all have any links for cute bath toys or kids bathroom stuff you love? It’s so fun—I can’t wait to share!

6. Cantaloupe Margaritas sound SO good!

7. I’m working on an ALL pink gallery wall and I just ordered this print and this print … so excited!

8. My friend, Ashley G, just designed a BEAUTIFUL collection of planners at Target. I am currently using this one.

9. I LOVE these photos of LaTonya and her kiddos. So beautiful!

10. We just watched the episode of The Office where Michael leaves and I cried for, like, 20 minutes. I don’t think I had ever gotten that far. We usually only watch seasons one or two until Jim and Pam’s wedding and then start over again. Haha—finally going to go to the end!

PS: The books pictured above are Allegra Hicks: An Eye For Design and Avedon Fashion 1944-2000. The pink woven bowl is from here.

If you haven’t read our 10 Year Of Blogging Recap Post, it’s a special one! xx!

  • Thanks for the app recommendation! My children are learning Mandarin through preschool and local classes and we’ll be going to China in the Spring. Maybe I can learn a couple words by then!

  • Thank you so much for including me in this link round up, Elsie. I am so excited to see you bloom as a mother, it will be so amazing!


  • I’m from Canada but moved to Beijing 5 years ago and am now married to a Chinese man and just had a baby girl in May. I can speak and understand enough Chinese to get by here, but am always embarrassed that I don’t know more, especially since half of my family is Chinese now! I’m excited to check out the app; thank you for the recommendation!

  • Best of luck on your upcoming trip to China! Must be exciting and overwhelming for you at the same time :D. By the way, I liked that pink agate wallpapered room. Cool idea!

  • I am glad to hear that you are finding that Chinese language app helpful.
    I feel like, even if you only master a few words and phrases, it will be comforting and helpful for your daughter.

    Good luck with it! (I have always found learning languages very challenging, too, so I can relate to what you wrote!)

  • I am glad to hear that you are finding that Chinese language app helpful.
    I feel like, even if you only master a few words and phrases, it will be comforting and helpful for your daughter.

    Good luck with it! (I have always found learning languages very challenging, too, so I can relate to what you wrote!)

    • Thank you! I’ve been doing it almost a week now and it’s a REALLY good app!

  • I cry during that episode every single time! I think it’s impossible not to! We just started watching it over again and it’s so embarrassing/cringe-worthy but I love it!

    I also cry during the last episode of Friends and I think I’ve seen it probably 20 times. It cannot be helped.

  • My friend has these cool bath books for her baby–they change color when you get them wet! Here’s a link to one, and it should have the other one in the it in the Customers Also Bought section


  • I am so very on board with those cantaloupe margaritas! I started making my own shakin marg’s at home this summer and it’s been life changing!

  • Listen…do not go to the end of the office. I cried and cried and cried. Lol. I can’t watch the series again due to that. I always feel so sad!

  • Elsie,

    Thank you SO much for including me on here! What a wonderful surprise!

    Sending so many hugs your way xoxoxo!

  • That’s so interesting, I never thought that so many people tried Duolingo! I’ve been refreshing my French for our upcoming trip for some time now, I think it’s quite fun!

  • Good luck with your upcoming trip to China!!! I used to live there and Chinese is a wonderful language and the parts of the country I’ve visited are beautiful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out 🙂

    Also, it has been really touching reading your posts about adoption; thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  • I’ve had a watermelon margarita, so I can imagine how delicious a cantaloupe could be! Maybe a little less sweet?

    Nicolette | http://www.nicolette.co

  • MMMM cantaloupes.. my favourite fruit! Cantaloupe margaritas… sign me up!
    Learning a new language is always lesson so good on you for sticking to it and learning Chinese!!


  • Cantaloupe margaritas?! Such a fun twist on this beloved fruit. Yum!

  • I’m so excited for your baby preparation & travels, this is such a special time getting ready for your new little one. We’ve had our daughter home from India now for a little over nine months, and these have been some of the hardest and most incredible times of our lives. Surround yourselves with other adoptive families and reach out whenever you need a good laugh, encouragement and advice, it’s been a lifesaver for me having others who have shared the journey!



  • I would love to see those mustard sneakers on you! They are so cute but I’m not sure I’m cool enough to wear them.

  • Those mustard sneakers are gorgeous! I absolutely love mustard; I think it really suits my skin tone. I have a mustard dress that I love and I’ve just ordered some mustard shoes myself! 😀
    Hannah | Whoops It’s Hannah

  • thanks for sharing these with us! the new cookbook sounds like a great addition to your cookbook library =o)


  • I’ve never really had that much interest in learning Chinese, but I love learning languages and trying out new apps so I have just downloaded HelloChinese!

    Good luck to you learning it!

  • Awesome! I love the 10 things I love posts! Also, Elsie, when are you flying to China to pick up the little girl?

    • Hi Paulina,
      We won’t know when we are going to China until after we are matched (which we are currently waiting for that). xx!

  • Loved your links, Elsie! Glad you’re enjoying your Sunday Funday.

  • Chinese is the hardest language to learn, because there aren’t any rules for the characters. You just have to LEARN and MEMORISE them all. I myself can’t even comprehend it, even though I’m Chinese (born and raised in Hong Kong, lol!). But it’s great you’re even attempting to learn it – seriously, good luck!!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • We found this to be super helpful with little hands:


    We also used a hanging organizer similar to this one for sorting all the hair bows and ribbons and rubber bands:


    Not the most exciting things, but definitely save our sanity every day!

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