Sister Style: Frocktober

Smoke Bombs and Dresses Smoke Bombs and Dresses   Smoke Bombs and Dresses      Smoke Bombs and Dresses In high school we spent some of our years (me more than Emma) at a private school where our dress code was to wear long dresses (past our knees) every day except for Fridays. We've always loved dresses! And because we're freaks and not normal people, we loved this restriction and got super creative with our dresses and skirts. We had to be creative in order to make dressing fun. It was that or wear a long denim skirt to school every day. The horror. Haha! 

Also, sidenote: I sure am glad we're "allowed" to wear shorter dresses and skirts these days. Makes for more fun tights selections. 

Smoke Bombs and Dresses  Smoke Bombs and Dresses    Smoke Bombs and Dresses        Smoke Bombs and Dresses         To this day, I regret cleaning out a lot of my old high school staples (hoarder tendencies, I know…) and wish I could have back my purple crushed velvet maxi skirt and my 1950s butterfly dress. At least I saved my Mary Jane Dr. Martens (with added glitter- ha!). 

Smoke Bombs and Dresses             Smoke Bombs and Dresses           Smoke Bombs and Dresses                Now I have a pretty awesome stash of memory clothing from my twenties. I fully expect that my love for weirdo clothing will skip a generation, but someday someone will appreciate it. I just know it. 

I love the memories that clothes can create. I think about it often when I see my grandma's glittery 1950s Lucite reading glasses sitting on my bedroom table. 

Smoke Bombs and Dresses                 Smoke Bombs and Dresses            When I look back through the archives of this blog, I'm both horrified and extremely sentimental about all the things I've worn throughout the years. So many extremes, so many changes, so much fun. I love it! I regret absolutely nothing (not even owning three pairs of crocs- don't ask). 

I think when I was younger, I would have assumed that by the time I entered my thirties I'd be done with experimenting and settled into a normal (boring?) style. Young Elsie was such a dumb-dumb because that's not the case at all. 

I mean, don't get me wrong– I LOVE "boring" clothes. But I also feel like it's still exciting to try something new each and every season. And I'm beginning to see that's a feeling that will be with me my whole life. And I love that. 

Smoke Bombs and Dresses               We worked with one our oldest, dearest partners and supporters Ruche and their newest collection on this Sister Style. 

Emma is wearing: Dress, Boots, Hat

Elsie is wearing: Dress, Ring, Clutch, Shoes

Cheers to new dresses, old dresses and trying new styles every season! Happy Frocktober. xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. 


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