10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello there. I hope your weekend has been relaxing. After a crazy month, I finally forced myself to zone out and clean for a day (my best unwinding activity) and it helped SO much. Here are 10 things I am loving …

1. Our Oui Fresh beauty box is now live!!! We’ve been working on this all year, so it’s pretty exciting to see it come to life (more on this tomorrow).

2. I just ordered this print for my bnb house.

3. This kitchen reveal is just stunning. That tile … OMG.

4. Almost a month in and I am still going strong on my capsule wardrobe commitment. It’s definitely a positive thing for me. I haven’t bought any new clothes (it’s only been a month, but it’s September and lots of cute things are coming out, so I’m still giving myself a gold star) and I’ve been pretty happy with what I am wearing and getting dressed WAY faster with fewer options. So far I haven’t worn my cropped sweater at all, which is kind of bumming me out, but I have gotten a TON of wear out of my striped long sleeve tees, demin skirt and embroidered dress. It’s not really chilly enough to wear too many warm clothes yet, so I’ll do a better recap later in the season—maybe November.

5. Haha—so I really am committed to not shopping, BUT if I was going to buy something, it would be this bag … it’s pure magic!

6. Mandi’s home renovations are my favorite blog/instagram thing to follow right now. She’s sharing some projects here as well … like this one that blew my mind. Her IG stories are so satisfying to watch.

7.  My current favorite essential oil diffuser blend is four drops grapefruit, two drops fir needle and two drops rose geranium. I love this budget friendly diffuser too (I got one for Nova’s bedroom and our bedroom … the top looks like glass, but it’s actually plastic!)

8. Have you seen Super Marché?

9. We already restocked our HOCUS POCUS shirts! They’re a bestseller again this year. Yay!

10. OBSESSED with this halloween costume idea and this one and this one too!

And most importantly … Ways to give to Mexico City’s earthquake relief. 

xx. Elsie

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