10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello, friends! Happy Sunday. I’m so excited because I’ve been working really hard on new inspiration for our ABM Instagram. I’m having SO much fun with it. If you’ve followed a long time, be sure to hop over and like and comment on a few photos so that our new photos will show up for you (it’s an algorithm hack).

My dress is from Thief & Bandit and Nova’s romper is from their kid’s shop.

Here are 10 things I am currently loving and/or excited about …

1. Is admitting you have a basket bag problem the first step to recovery?

2. I’m rewatching The Handmaid’s Tale with Jeremy, who didn’t watch it the first time I did and he decided he wanted to catch up before season two. I’m so into it. Also Silicon Valley is back on … which is my favorite comedy (out of what is currently airing). Besides that we mainly just watch Last Week Tonight and reruns of The Office. Do you have any television recommendations?

3. Did you see Arlo’s birthday party???

4. Gonna try these 36 hour cookies this week!

5. I just got Nova this jacket for half price.

6. I want to make these for Nova. She loves watermelon.

7. Loved reading Joy’s tips for shopping at the Rosebowl Flea.

8. Your face is like sunshine.

9. I’m sure I’ve linked this before, but Jeremy and I were just laughing about it. SO GOOD.

10. Support my friends’ Kickstarter for a really cute children’s book!

P.S. I blogged Nova’s first trip to Palm Springs here.

I hope your weekend is wonderful … xx! Elsie

  • Round ups are always my favourite things to read and your Sunday posts are some of my favourites! I’m currently iced in my house from a freezing rain storm so this is the perfect read. Thanks for sharing!

    Felicity | http://oliverandmoose.com

  • I just started a basket bag binge, they are just so cute!!!!

    And if you want a good comedy series, try Schitt’s Creek on Netflix! It has Eugene Levy in it

  • Where is your sweater from? It’s still sweater weather in Canada 🙁

  • I love the idea of your friend’s book series on kickstarter. But I’m confused (ok, let’s be honest: annoyed!)… the first dream/goal they list is “show kids the beauty + diversity of this world,” and yet 100% of the children/families on the KS page, in the KS video, and on This Little Street’s fb/insta/website are fair-skinned? I raised this in a facebook message to them and I am looking forward to their response. I am not trying to be overly critical; I simply believe that representation of diverse families truly matters in our current day and age, especially in light of the stated goals of their particular project. Peace and love – Jen

  • If you don’t mind watching with subtitles – I really enjoyed “A Very Secret Service” on Netflix. It’s a French comedy about spies in the 1960s (read: Cold War). It’s really funny, and the costumes are so mod and wonderful. I had to look up historical context to understand some of the jokes, but hey, learning is great.

  • On TV Recs, my husband and I just watched DARK (its german, kinda sc-fi..real good!) We also LOVE Baskets (Zach Galifianakis and Louie Anderson omg so good!) and we LOVE Masterchef JR – the kids are so cute!

  • Those chocolate chip cookies are the best! They are intense so I only make them for Christmas as my office Christmas gift (last year I made 7 batches O_O). They’re always a big hit. I got them through Kate Miss’ blog as well 6 years ago but I don’t make them as large as she did though and get around 42 per batch so you can actually dunk them in a normal cup of milk. And I skip the sprinkle of salt at the end because the first year I made them my family was like – “Uh, don’t do that again” haha

    Also! This last year I put each batch in a gallon ziploc bag and flattened it out so they would stack in the fridge/freezer. Then when it was time to make them, I cut the bag off and cut them into squares like those Nestle cookies you can by at the grocery store. So much easier than scooping individually and waiting for the dough to fully thaw and then get too sticky. I do roll them into balls after I cut them and stack them on a baking sheet to hang out in between bakes. I only cook 6 at a time because I’ve found if I cook more they just don’t come out as well/good looking.

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